Jonathan Kraft says Pats have underdog mentality

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Monday’s three-hour NBC SportsTalk extravaganza included a visit from Patriots president Jonathan Kraft.

He touched on a variety of topics, including his reaction to the final moments of the AFC title game, the importance of family-owned NFL franchises, and the current mindset of the 2011 Patriots.

Though the Pats are favored, Kraft said the team has the mindset of an underdog.  And for good reason, despite having an accomplished coach and quarterback, these Patriots are young.  And they’re hungry.

The full show will be re-aired beginning at 10:00 p.m. ET (or thereabouts), with additional re-airs in the morning.  And we’ll be back Tuesday at 4:00 p.m. ET for another live, three-hour show.

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22 responses to “Jonathan Kraft says Pats have underdog mentality

  1. This is obviously true. Ask any Giants fan on these comments how bad they think they are just going to walk over the Patriots. Funny things happen in Super Bowls Giants fans. See 4 years ago.

  2. Aren’t the Giants WRs openly chortling about getting to play opposite Julian Edelman (7th round pick, former college QB converted to KR/PR/WR and now starting DB)?

    Aren’t the majority of Patriots haters pointing out the same thing? Or noting how few opponents had winning records – or had an elite QB?

    Now you guys are all backtracking and saying the Patriots are delusional for adopting an underdog mindset??

    Now who’s delusional?

  3. “Though the Pats are favored, Kraft said the team has the mindset of an underdog.”

    What time quadrant is this fool from?

    Has he listened to his QB speak lately?

  4. @ Doe22US: They’ll likely start evening out, because the Giants just arrived in Indianapolis today. That’s why you’ve been seeing so many stories.

  5. You mean the: When Holly is in trouble I am not slow, it’s hip hip hip and away I go. That mentality?

    Because I’m not sure that’s gonna help stop that Giants pass rush.

  6. Forget what the owner says. What we want to know is the person standing just to the side of him: male or female?

  7. 1historian says:
    Jan 31, 2012 5:47 AM
    Giants have beaten the Pats the last 2 times they played.

    3 straight?


    You were saying they wouldn’t beat them in November. Without two major offensive weapons, no less. Shut up.

  8. The Patriots usually don’t win big playoff games when they are the favorite.

    They are the favorite in the Super Bowl, not the Giants. It’s a ruse by the Krafts to attempt to garner “house money” and take pressure off of their players.

    In my opinion, it signals weakness from the Patriots.

    Troy Polamalu once stated (about being a favorite) “We don’t care what anyone thinks”.

    Nothing to see here, folks. Patriots win this one going away.

  9. pacificnw7722 says: Has he listened to his QB speak lately?

    Yes – that sure was a brash “prediction.”

    Never has there been a bolder statement made.

    Imagine the controversy Broadway Joe would have endured had he said “Hopefully we’ll win the Super Bowl.”

  10. mitchitized says: Forget what the owner says. What we want to know is the person standing just to the side of him: male or female?

    That’s Shalise Manza Young – one of the best sports reporters out there, period (as opposed to one of the best women sports reporters.)

    She’s earned the respect of players and fans alike working her way up from the Providence Journal to the Boston Globe and New England Sports Network TV.

    She got the job through smarts and savvy, not her looks. She asks tough, insightful questions and you’ll probably be seeing her on a national stage soon.

  11. They ARE underdogs. Vegas may have them giving a few, but that means squat. Everyone else is picking the Giants.

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