Report: Redskins interested in Peyton Manning if he’s healthy


Titans fans have already started a pitch for Peyton Manning, now comes a report that the Redskins are also interested in the quarterback who remains a member of the Colts despite the open discussion of his future with other teams.

Mike Jones of the Washington Post reports that “a person with knowledge of the situation” told him that the Redskins would be interested in Manning if he’s healthy and available for next season. Jones doesn’t reveal his source and we assume that it is someone involved with the organization, but, honestly, it could really be just about anyone who saw the Redskins quarterbacks play a game last season.

Jones spoke to a league official that acknowledged how many variables there are with the Manning situation.

“No. 1, is he going to be released? No. 2, is he going to be healthy? No. 3, at the end of the day, is he willing to come back and play in the NFL. We don’t know those questions. I think everybody would want Peyton Manning, if he was healthy. You’d be crazy not to want Peyton Manning if he was healthy. Nobody knows now if he’s going to be cleared to play. And if he is cleared to play, wouldn’t the Colts either want him, or [pick up his option] and then try to trade him?”

Just about everything you need to know about the Manning situation is covered in that quote. No one knows anything about Manning’s status right now which means any discussion about his plans for 2012 is just throwing stuff against the wall. The Redskins make plenty of sense as a team interested in Manning’s services, as do a handful of other teams, but they can’t really put all or any of their eggs in that basket without a clearer picture of what the future holds for Manning.

25 responses to “Report: Redskins interested in Peyton Manning if he’s healthy

  1. It’s a great fit. Washington played themselves out of the Luck/Griffin Sweepstakes. Cleveland looks poised to take Griffin. And with Barkley and Jones going back to school, the Skins are looking at another year of Sexy Rexy. Or they could go after Matt Flynn. Hmm… Peyton Manning… Matt Flynn… Rex Grossman??? Real tough choice.

  2. Nobody will pay more for a broken down player than Dan Snyder, so I believe it’s case closed.

  3. I know you guys report rumors and that is fine. However, you need to really think about some things before you say them.

    I mean, really – The Redskins make plenty or sense?

    Yeah because, they have a great offensive line that could protect the new frail Peyton. Healthy or not, he is coming off a really serious neck injury.

    Not to mention the fact, that we have seen how little Shanny deals with veterans, he tells them his way or the highway. Exhibit A – Donovan Mcnabb.

    Now I am not trying to compare McNabb and Peyton, however they both were vets. Peyton is much more demanding and has shown that he is better when allowed to run the offense how he sees fit, not how some OC with an ego does.

    Peyton vs Kyle = doesn’t make any sense.

  4. There should be 25 teams in the league interested in Peyton Manning.

    Please don’t post a story every time there are murmurs that a team may be interested in Peyton.


  5. I love the Washington Post. They are the king of posting “scoops” without naming sources. Especially at a time when the situation couldn’t be any more obvious. Of course they’d be interested. Who wouldn’t be interested in Peyton. Dumbest article ever!

  6. I really like alex smith but almost find it unfortunate that the niners made it to the NFC championship game. I thought manning would have been a perfect fit there but that seems like less of a possibility now. as long as he doesn’t go to the jets I don’t really care that much. titans would be a good decision, so would the dolphins, cardinals and about 20 other teams. another positive is that Reggie Wayne is a free agent and I have to think that any club that lands Payton has a good chance of landing Wayne as well.

  7. Cannot think that Manning would want to come under the tutelage of KYLE , the OC, SHANAHAN. That definitely could set back his career for sure! Also, doubt if he would want to compete in the same division as his little brother.

  8. Cooper Manning would be less expensive….and probably no worse than what Snyder’s got under Center.

  9. The Colts would be crazy to release Manning if he is even remotely healthy. Okay, so he is due a $28m bonus in March. Big deal. They could easily finangle at deal worth at least 3 first round picks for Manning if he is healthy, maybe more (3 plus a veteran QB maybe). Sure the team next year would be terrible because of lack of cap room, but let’s face it they will be bad next year regardless. If they get a blockbuster package of picks for Manning they could set the francise up for the next 10 years, anchored by Luck/Griffin and fuelled by a barrage of other bluechip stars over the next few drafts.

  10. This is all such bull and reminds me of the Farve saga. Try to find out if the man is healed or has a doctors clearance to take contact. The guy is looking more like a prima dona than the dive wide receivers in the league.

  11. I shudder to think what Dan Snyder would pay for Peyton… both in cash & draft picks…

    Certainly make Redskins/Giants games VERY interesting…

  12. Not going to happen, They don’t want the brothers playing each other twice a year and being the reason they miss the playoffs. I see Manning staying in the AFC.

  13. If you’re not the Packers, Patriots, or Saints, you’re interested in Peyton Manning.

  14. As a life-long Redskins fan, I am completely convinced that he’ll re-injure his neck while signing the contract with us.

  15. Who wouldn’t want to work with Kyle Shanahan? This guy is a great offensive coordinator. Look what he’s done for the careers of Rexx Grossman and John Beck.

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