The New York tabloids didn’t disappoint Monday

Last night, when we wrote about the first Super Bowl non-story story of the week, we eagerly looked forward to what the New York tabloids would do with Tom Brady’s innocuous comments at the Patriots pep rally Sunday.

We were not disappointed.

The New York Post put “Tom talks trash” on the front cover and “Tom’s Taunt” on the back cover.  The New York Daily News got more creative: “Party of Jive” with the sub-heading “Hey Giants, Brady already talking about victory bash.”

We’ve already gone over how silly this is. Brady said that he “hopefully” would see more Patriots fans in a week when they return home and that they’ll try their best to win. And this was at a pep rally.

Brady’s comments couldn’t have been less inflammatory, but there are stories to stretch. We suspect this particular story won’t have legs. We hope.

101 responses to “The New York tabloids didn’t disappoint Monday

  1. This is the NY Media’s JOB! They want to sell papers to keep readership up and keep their jobs. They are going to take any non-story this week and absolutely blow it out of proportion. Truth be damned!

    I’m a Giants fan, and it’s no wonder people hate the Giants and the NY media. I’m already sick of the NY papers.

  2. we also know behind the scenes little Bill is telling his players “the Giants can suck my d!ck” and the locker room is eating it up

  3. The New York Post should know what trash is as it has always been the National Enquirer of NY media as they also own the other trash paper in Boston, the Boston Herald.

  4. We the people don’t care what appears on the front page or back cover of one city’s tabloids.

    The other 49 states

  5. Tom gets it once per year from the NY media losers.


    The appreciation for Eli Manning isn’t nearly enough of what it should be!

  6. I think Tom Terrific is an arrogant SOB, however, to when you are as good at your job as he is, there will be some ‘arrogance’ (having been in the company of some CEO’s of major companies, I can vouch for that). That said, what Brady said was as far from ‘planning’ a victory party as you can get… Just another case of the media blowing everything out of proportion. Give it a rest, that wasn’t Joe Willy heading up that pep rally….

    For the record, I hope the G-Men kill the pasties…

  7. It’s not even going to be a game. Expect one of the more lopsided SB victories in recent memory with the game being out of hand before halftime. Eli doesn’t best Tom Brady twice…not even close.

  8. When I heard him say it, I thought he was calling out the fans since he was disappointed by the amount that showed up for the pep rally.

  9. Interesting. Didn’t the NY Daily News publish a front page heading stating (directly quoting):

    “Start making plans for a parade because…

    Again, this is a direct quote.

  10. Reading the posts here and listening to WFAN is going to be fun this week.

    I wonder how many people will use the phrases “Belicheat”, “Tom Fraidy” and “Tom Chokelin” and think they’re being really clever.

  11. Whatever the GMEN need to get motivated… Yet another underdog game for the Giants with no respect on their accomplishments. It will be a tight game and the giants will win 24 – 20. Go Giants baby!

  12. In the same paper, Victor Cruz is quoted as saying:

    “We are definitely coming back with a ‘W,’ ” he said to wild cheers.

    Brady said “hopefully” and it’s trash talk? So what’s Cruz doing then?

    The NY tabloids are the shining example of how journalism has gone to hell in a bucket.

  13. So Pathetic – what was he supposed to say to his fans – hey thanks for coming, for supporting us all season long, we are going to Indy and we hope we lose, so thanks again. Super Bowl week is always long, with NY involved it is long and painful!

  14. It’s New York. What do you expect. They have a fixation with Boston. Sort of like the smaller kid that keeps beating up the bigger kid….

  15. I dunno, I have the article right in front of me, and Tom seems like he feels his team has no chance. Quoth Brady:

    “We’re going down…next weekend. I’m certain…I’m done. I’ll be terrorrized…”

  16. NY is the epicenter of irresponsible journalism. They will run with this like they did when they took the “We’re only going to score 17 points?” comment out of context.

  17. NY media seems desperate to be the disrespected underdog.
    Players have not gone along with the script.
    So they make it up.

    Pats will be practicing today while Giants are chatting,
    playing with themselves.

  18. They’re just trying to sell their smarmy newspapers. It’s the same lowest common denominator “cutesy” headlines every single day, just different subjects.

  19. I have this feeling that NE will walk away with a victory Superbowl Sunday.

    In no way do I want this to happen, NE is my most hated team being a true follower of the Buffalo Bills in all. The thing is, I do believe the Giants can slow down Brady and his high powered over used TE based offense. They can probably keep them under 30pts. I however do not believe in Eli Manning and his overrated group of receivers. Therefore, unfortunately, the score will be Patriots 24, Giants 14.

    This has to be the least exciting Superbowl match up we’ve seen in years.

  20. I sense a lot of Karma swinging toward the Pat’s

    The Giant’s talk……..The Giant’s fans talk………
    The Giant’s media talks (or totally misrepresents what was said).

    I’ve always thought Jets were loudmouths and the Giants were the classy team. Turns out its a New York thing. Looks like the whole city is full of big mouth idiots.

  21. Huh…a news organization that takes quotes out of context, creating misleading headlines to attract readers to their material? Somehow seems all too close to home here….

  22. That is some pretty funny stuff. The Giants have been the only ones talking all week and now they are trying to somehow create fake bulletin board material.

  23. .

    ESPN will have a special two hour “outside the lines” to disect the comments tonight starting at 8 eastern .


  24. Yeah, because PFT would never take anything out of context or create a story out of thin air to create a buzz………..

  25. It must be really weird to live in New York where all molehills turn into mountains instantly to say nothing about embellishing what someone says. Throw in Rex Ryan for comic relief and what else could you possibly want?

  26. If you don’t want this story to have legs, why are you writing about it? Don’t be disingenuous, Rosenthal, just because you get to party in Indy while the rest of us have to work. 🙂

  27. Mediots desperate for content, that’s all this is.

    Brady said “hopefully we’ll have a bigger party next weekend”. What do the writers not understand about the word “hopefully”?

  28. Actually, he said he hoped to see more people at their party next week.

    But why would we let silly facts get in the way of Rosenthal patting himself on the back.

  29. It’s the same rag that declared before opening day: “Sorry Giants, this town belongs to the Jets now”

  30. As I wrote yesterday, PFT is in no place to criticize for headlines that are misleading. Their job is to sell the newspaper, much like yours is to generate hits. It really isn’t that big a deal, and happens in more places than just New York. But I do love you guys making a big deal out of it.

  31. The two-week-long overhype is the second-worst thing about the Super Bowl. The worst thing is the way the game itself becomes secondary to the commercials and halftime show. Remember that year Janet flashed some aging, saggy, faded-pop-star breast, and it was all anyone could talk about the next day, even though the game itself had been one of the most exciting in years?

  32. Even if Brady had said “The Giants are probably the best team of all time in ANY sport and I’m just hoping we can stay within five touchdowns of them” the headline would have been BRADY SAYS GIANTS ONLY BEST SPORTS TEAM AND NOT BEST ANYTHING EVER.

  33. “We have the greatest fans in America. You guys have proved that year in and year out with your support,” Brady said. “I wish I could take all you guys to Indy with us. We’re going down there, and we’re going down there for one reason. We’re going to give it our best and hopefully we have a lot more people at our party next weekend.”

    “He didn’t say he was hopeful of having a party. He said he was hopeful of having a lot more people at the party.” -New York Daily News.

    What a pathetic attempt to twist that quote into bulletin board material. Slimy journalist.

  34. Typical New York trash talking “news” papers, not worth the paper it is written on. They don’t have a story so they made one up.
    I was there yesterday and I will tell you that this quote is totally taken out of context.
    I feel bad for the Giant fans that have to read this BS.
    But the Patriots will win anyway!

  35. Tom says he expects to play well and hopes to win one for his two kids.

    NY media translation:

    “Brady says he will eat our children!!”

  36. A lot of the media try to throw as much crap on the wall to see what sticks. No shame !

  37. The NY tabloids my not have disappointed but you know what did? That abomination called the Pro Bowl. How Goodell can charge those poor Hawaiians for that drek should be criminalized.

    All those Goodell-lovers out there. If you watched any of the Pro Bowl last night, this is what real games are starting to look like and will ultimately become if you don’t start voicing your concerns.

  38. The majority of the football world is on your side Giants fans. Win this one for the sanity of football fans everywhere. Go Giants!

  39. So when the NY media inaccurately bashes the Patriots, you correct them?

    When the NY media inaccurately bases the Jets and Rex Ryan, you join in?

  40. Everyone knows the Giants are ‘truly’ favored in this. No pats fans i know (and i’m one) believes that this is a lock. The NY media (and i guess media in general, but mainly NY) needs to keep that ‘giants are underdogs and disrespected’ b.s. going…i guess this is how you do it?

    vegas made the pats favored to get cash flowing…the line will adjust – everyone who really follows the NFL (and if you’re reading this…you do) knows full well that the Giants are easily favored…they have BB/TB’s number..they have a hot QB, three quality receivers, a running game, and a much better D…..and Gronk is hurt… so Giants fans…don’t go along w/ that crap.

  41. Wow. A QB participating in the Super Bowl HOPES he wins. I guess Eli Manning hopes the Patriots win too.

    NY Media=Bunch of Idiots

  42. Where was the outcry from the NY media when JPP predicted a Giant victory over GB? Where were they when Plaxico predicted a Giant win in SB 42? Granted, they were correct in their predictions, but that is not the point.

  43. captainwisdom8888 says: Jan 30, 2012 10:31 AM

    It’s not even going to be a game. Expect one of the more lopsided SB victories in recent memory with the game being out of hand before halftime. Eli doesn’t best Tom Brady twice…not even close.

    Sorry, but Eli (and the Giants) have already “bested” Tom Brady (and the Pats) twice. They beat them this year, as well as 2007…remember?

  44. As a Giants fan I will say this. I really don’t see any “bulletin board” material right there. Brady didn’t say anything wrong. He’s confident but he never said that Patriots would win.

    Also, I really hope that this goes to show every other fan of other teams how the NY Media is. That is the BIGGEST MARKET in the Country. So many people are standing right there ready to make a story/article about anything. You don’t have to say things in order for them to try to “assume” what you were saying. They are assuming that Brady is guaranteeing a win when really he didn’t say anything except hopefully and that they have a goal. Pretty obvious, non-story material.

    And lastly, Brady is fortunate he doesn’t have to deal with these types of people on a consistent basis. The NY Media can really go at you with certain questions day in and day out.

  45. Whats funny is everyone taking the time to post that its PFT’s fault this story has legs(which it is), yet all of you taking the time to read it and post about it, just enables PFT the ability to continue to post meaningless, trivial nonsense.

    Also the irony is not PFT posting this article(they get paid to do it), it is the consumer(freely) calling out that it is ironic, while taking the time to read and re-read and post and whatever, all the while giving for hits and more money.

  46. Man, the Giants d-line is going to be so pumped up over this. I’m starting to think it’s going to be so dangerous for Brady out there that the Pats might be better off, in the long term, just starting Hoyer in the SB.

    You don’t want to wake up the sleeping 9-7 Giants.

  47. I will say, living in NY my whole life, there is no worse sports media in the country than here..

    Just a heads up Non-NYers.. The Post is like the US Weekly of newspapers… The Daily News is a joke, and the NY Times is more business oriented.

    For real NY sports, check out Newsday. They are the most realistic/non gossip as far as NY papers go..

    On that note, LETS GO PATS!

  48. I’m sure this week the Boston newspapers will not go with any front page/back page pictures or headlines that could even remotely considered over the top.

  49. ESPN will have a special two hour “outside the lines” to disect the comments tonight starting at 8 eastern .


    SportsCenter will be getting Tim Tebow, LeBron James, and Tiger Woods’s reactions to Brady’s comments.

  50. …and to think the NY fans booed Eli after 3 plays on MNF (no joke, ONE 3-and-out. Booed him at home on national television) and also tried to run Tom Coughlin out of town.

    NYC- The definition of fair weather fans.

    If they start 1-3 next year, they will be calling for Coughlin to be fired and Eli to be traded.

  51. Well..once again…(basicly)New York vs. Boston. One of the greatest rivalries in sports.

    We all know how THAT usually turns out!!

  52. Let them have their fun this week because next week it will be all how great the PATS are and all doom and gloom in NY

    30 PATS

    24 other guys because you never remember who lost

  53. gmen1990 says: Jan 30, 2012 10:35 AM

    Whatever the GMEN need to get motivated… Yet another underdog game for the Giants with no respect on their accomplishments. It will be a tight game and the giants will win 24 – 20. Go Giants baby!
    Two points:

    1. I wouldn’t exactly call the Giants underdogs. The majority of analysts picks I’ve seen favor the Giants. The only way you could call the Giants underdogs is if you focus solely on the ever decreasing points spread coming out of Vegas. Problem with that is, Vegas doesn’t care about actually predicting wins and loses. Vegas cares about getting people to bet their money on the game, and to do so in a way that keeps the money fairly even between the teams. That way Vegas can’t lose. They simply take their cut off the top as money changes hands between people betting on the opposite team. Why did Vegas start out with the points favoring the Pats? Simple, they were the higher seeded team, and the perception is that they have the more prolific offense. Both of those factors bring in extra money on the Pats side. The initial points spread did exactly what Vegas wanted, and brought in a whole lot of money on the Giants as people started comparing the two teams’ defenses. If you view this as your team being an underdog that gets no respect, I’d hate to see what you have to say if someone were to actually question your team’s chances of winning. Oh well, whatever gets you through the night I guess.

    2. More importantly, if anyone needs extra motivation to leave everything they have on the field during the Super Bowl, they don’t belong on the field to begin with.

  54. “Well..once again…(basicly)New York vs. Boston. One of the greatest rivalries in sports.

    We all know how THAT usually turns out!!”
    I have a short memory, so help me out if you would.

    – 2011 season: NEPatriots 2 nyjest 0
    – Celtics/Knicks 2011 playoff series: Celtics sweep in 4
    – 2004 ALCS: Red Sox come back from 3-0 deficit to beat Yankees in greatest comeback/collapse in baseball/sports history.

    To be fair, Giants have beat Pats in last 2 and Jets did miraculously stun the Patriots last season, neither side can claim dominance.

  55. I love how the Giants, and Giants fans say there this big underdog. I’m sorry but even though Vegas has them as 3 point dogs, almost everyone I talk to has them Beating the Pats. I don’t think this is anything like the last time when then Giants got lucky and beat the Pats. For the record I have no clue who will win and I think we are in for a good game. As an Eagle fan I want the Pats to win, but only because the scum bag north Jersey/NY Giants fans are just horrible, scummy, trashy people, who think the world revolves around them. I would like Brady and co to send them a reality check.

  56. flash1283 says:
    Jan 30, 2012 10:27 AM
    So a QB hopes his team wins and thats “trash talking”?

    Just like Patriots fans think Manningham is “trash talking” Edelman when everyone who watches football is thinking AND saying what he said.

  57. alan226 says:
    Jan 30, 2012 10:54 AM
    It’s New York. What do you expect. They have a fixation with Boston. Sort of like the smaller kid that keeps beating up the bigger kid….


    More like Boston area teams and fans have inferiority complexes with regards to New York…

  58. I want to know what happened to the G-Men who
    put down Rex Ryan for trash talking?What a bunch of
    hypocrites, I bet come Monday will hear talk of
    cheating and other excuses.

  59. The last time I bought one of those papers it was a mistake – I thought it was the Boston Herald (not much better but you know what I mean) and when I realized what I had done I was horrified – what to do?

    An hour or so later nature called and I suddenly realized what I had forgotten to buy at the store – toilet paper.

    Problem solved

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