Tom Coughlin thinks Colts fans will become Giants fans this week


The Giants have arrived in Indianapolis and their coach is making a bid to become the home team this weekend.

At Monday’s media session, Tom Coughlin said that he “would think Indianapolis fans will become Giants fans” for this weekend’s game. There are two reasons why things would play out that way. One is that the Patriots and Colts have had a rivalry for the last decade that has ended up in some memorable games and some painful losses for both sides. It would be natural for that antipathy for the Patriots to become a rooting interest in the Giants.

There’s also the matter of the last name of the Giants quarterback. Colts fans are pretty used to rooting for a quarterback named Manning, which should make it fairly easy for them to pull for Eli this Sunday.

I’m not in Indianapolis right now, but Rosenthal sends back word that he thinks things are playing out the way Coughlin predicted. Giants beat writers Mike Garofalo of the Newark Star-Ledger agrees with that assessment. Conference pride just isn’t what it used to be.

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  1. “There’s also the matter of the last name of the Giants quarterback. Colts fans are pretty used to rooting for a quarterback named Manning, which should make it fairly easy for them to pull for Eli this Sunday.”

    Can people from Indianapolis spell “Manning”?

  2. Makes sense and Coughlin has also asked them to pipe in extra crowd noise when the Patriots have the ball similar to what Polian has always done when the Patriots play the Colts.

  3. Who saw this irony coming? The possibility of the last Manning to play in a post season game in Indy could be Eli.
    Could be the last time Colts fans cheer for a Manning against the Pats at Lucas Oil Stadium.

  4. Colts fans will become Giants fans this week.

    But the fans don’t play the game, Tom, the Patriots do.

  5. This Super Bowl will be entertaining no matter how it turns out. Either the Patriots get into super-elite category with a win (tying the 70s Steelers with four SB victories) or Eli Manning becomes the dude who stared down Brady twice. Either outcome will be fun to watch.

  6. @tennesseeoilers

    Correction: Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but MOST [haters] will become Giants fans this weekend.

  7. I’m here in Indianapolis and I can tell you that there is zero love for the Patriots. In fact we will find it hard to host them and remain respectful. They will be overwhelmed with our kindness, but remember there is a large amount of dislike behind our smiles. 97% of Indy is rooting for the Giants and the other 3% are Boston transplants.

  8. The Giants aren’t doing themselves any favors with all the trash talk in order to win the hearts and minds of the average fan that might be at the game.

  9. The Colt fans are lucky that they are going to get to see the better Manning Brother play this weekend

  10. Im sure that the only people attending the superbowl are from the area immediately surrounding the stadium and indy. Its not like people travel from all over the country to watch the Super Bowl……. -_-

  11. Do people that attend the Superbowl really care who is playing. They are all Corporate people that are there because they were given tickets. Very few real fans can attend this game. And hopefully they will all be NY Giant’s fans.

  12. Conference pride?

    I can’t remember when I last rooted for the AFC in the Super Bowl (unless it was the Pats.) Of course, it helps that the Steelers have been there 3 times in the last few years. I didn’t pull for the Colts, either, even though I don’t hate them.

  13. Why should there be any conference pride for the fans? What sense does it make to assume fans will root for the team that beat your team’s arse to get where they are? If there ever was such a thing as conference pride it was lost when fan competitiveness was dialed up a notch.

  14. But if the Pat’s lose, will there be a 900th report with the title of, “Dynasty over?” If not there’s always, “Pat’s haven’t won the Super Bowl since Spygate.” All while just ignoring stats like double digit wins per season since getting “caught” doing what every team was doing. Or that Spygate happened in the beginning of the 07 season and they went 18-1 while being carefully watched for any cheating.

  15. 69finfan says: Jan 30, 2012 10:26 PM

    This Dolphin Fan will be rooting for the Pats. Conference and Division pride. AFC pride.

    What a load of crap. My wife is a die-hard Phins fan and spit in your general direction. Your obviously not a real Dolphins fan, and a fair weather fan of the game in general. Pathetic!q

  16. Hate both team. Don’t think there could be an any more boring Superbowl on the horizon. The only people that care about this Superbowl live in a small pocket in the Northeast.

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