Aaron Rodgers says some Pro Bowlers embarrassed themselves


Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers thinks it’s time for the players in the Pro Bowl to step up their play.

Rodgers, who started for the NFC in Sunday’s game, said he thought there were some players on the field who looked foolish with their lack of effort.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Rodgers said on his radio show on ESPN 540. “I was a little bit disappointed. I felt like some of the guys on the NFC side embarrassed themselves.”

Rodgers said that when he’s in the Pro Bowl, he tries to give a good enough effort and put on a show for the fans, and he said it surprised him to see how many Pro Bowlers didn’t seem to care.

“Overall, I was just disappointed by the lack of pride by some of the players that played in the game,” Rodgers said.

Most of the 12.5 million fans who watched the Pro Bowl probably agree with Rodgers — it was obvious that a lot of guys out there didn’t care whether they got the $50,000 winners’ share or the $25,000 losers’ share. Increasing the payout for the players on the winning team and decreasing the payout for the players on the losing team may be the way to fix that.

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  1. I like your thinking… they should tell the DLinemen you are live and encourage Lbs to Blitz.

  2. Thank You Aaron! It was a complete joke. I only watched for a short time due to the lack of effort on both the NFC and the AFC sides of the ball. Just Pitiful!

    Perhaps it should be changed to a “Winner Take All” format or make the $$$ quite different from winning and losing.

  3. Green Bay fans embarrassed themselves on this site by the way they spoke to Giants fans before that game.

    Great predictions from the “stock” owners – WHAT A JOKE.

    Eli dominated you.

  4. Make it $100K for the winners and $0 for the losers. That’s right, you lose you get NOTHING but a plane ticket home.

    I’m pretty sure it would mean something then and guys would play accordingly.

    Also, I like the game being played at the Super Bowl site the week before the game, the scene in Hawaii is so not NFL. I would also suggest making the tickets very, very affordable to ensure a sellout, with real fans who’ll cheer and get in to the game.

    See what kind of ratings you get then!

  5. I dont think that messing with the money will motivate the players. Most get fined more during the season. You would have to increase the payouts which the nfl will not do.
    have skill games i want to see who the fastest 300 pound sprinter in the league is.

  6. They should just select teams and air a Madden simulation of the game.

    It couldn’t be any worse and no one gets hurt. You could even have the players on the Super Bowl teams play!

  7. The better option is to do away with the game. As a Niner fan, I don’t want to see Patrick Willis shred his knee in an exhibition. As an NFL fan, I don’t want to see anyone get hurt.

  8. It was a complete embarrassment to say I was an NFL fan watching this game. Next year, hopefully the NFL will just give all the money involved to a charity because very few earned it on the field.

  9. I like Aaron Rodgers but would he still feel this way if the AFC defensive lineman cared enough to actually hit him in a meaningless game during a Hawaiian vacation?

  10. Lets face it… They DID!!!!
    They should allow blitzing. I would see guys on the NFC take 2 steps into a passrush and just stop and sit there. There was a point in the 1st qtr. that Rodgers had 25 seconds in the pocket…
    The Pro Bowl in its current format is Ghay!!!

  11. I agree with him 100%. It seemed like nobody wanted to tackle or anything. I know they don’t want to get hurt, but still.

  12. I was thinking the samething as I watched them lose to the Giants. AJ Hawk and Raji comes to mind, so he must be use to seeing that effort

  13. What’s 50K to a guy that makes 4-5 million bucks a year!?!?!

    Chump change…..except for T.O., who really needs a hand out!! Jeeshh…we spent over 80 Million dollars?!?!?!? He must be nuts!!!

  14. I’m a lions fan, and as such, I’m not a huge fan of rodgers. But I respect him for telling it like it is, first with mark sanchez and the GQ spread, now by stating the obvious with the pro bowl. I can respect somebody who says what he thinks, even If it may offend somebody else.

  15. Get rid of the Pro Bowl. Instead, just vote for certain players to receive the “Pro Honor” or something like that. Some sort of recognition that basically says “these guys are the cream of the crop” without asking them to risk thier season or career on some dumb exhibition game no one cares about.

  16. I think Rodgers should be concerned with the embarrassing performance the Packers displayed in their playoff loss, and not the performance of players in a meaningless game.

  17. Did you see the look on Tony Gonzales ‘ face when Eric Weddle gave him a shot near the sideline? No way Pro player’s are going to hit during an all star game!!!!

  18. I’d rather see an old timers game…we know they’d play hard, they need the money.

  19. Maybe the players’ compensation should be tied to a charity of their choice, so that each player has something more meaningful to play for. It’s (relatively) easy to dismiss $25k when you’re a big time NFL player, but I think the pride these guys would take in making a $25k or $50k donation might better motivate them. The NFL does a ton with charities, so it’s not hard to see the league footing the bill to bring representatives from the players’ charities to the game, and maybe matching the donations made on behalf of the winning teams.

    I also like the idea of just making it a flag football competition.

  20. The entire Pro Bowl event; the selection process, the effort, and the game was an embarassment. Yet it will go on again next year, because 12.5 million people will tune in for a few minutes and the media will declare it a big showing. Money talks.

  21. Yea everyone wants to see a better game until it is a pro bowler on their team that goes down.

    Get rid of the game and just go with the awards show. Instead of doing the awards show the eve of the Super Bowl do it on the Sunday before and do a skills competition that day or on Saturday. I think a accuracy and other competitions between Brees and Rodgers would be far more interesting than a fake game. We could get real competition with low risk of injury.

  22. Anyone watch far enough into this pathetic even to see that Lesean McCoy run? 1/4 speed to the hole and just stop.

    If that was Adrian Peterson, he’d of stiff armed a guy, threw another one and ran for the score. If he wasn’t hurt he should have been in there, he doesn’t care what the game is he gives 100%.

    Some of these clowns could learn a thing or two from him. Instead they are content with a free vacation, pay check and they don’t even put forth the effort to half-ass it.

    Get rid of the pro-bowl or change it up, it’s a waste as it is.

  23. This comes from a guy who CHOKED in the post season? Why not make some more Discount double choke commercials! Favre never lost a home playoff game that bad!

  24. I had no problem with the crowd. Was nice to hear the crowd booing the obvious lackadaisical efforts. I don’t recall the crowd being that vocal in past Hawai’i Pro Bowls.

  25. I stopped watching the Pro Bowl in Middle School. Maybe that is how we start fixing it, stop watching it…you think???? The game is lame, go throw the ball around with your buddies or your kids, or do something else, maybe even be productive.

    I got it…12.5 million of us watch it and then complain about it for the next week. That will fix things for sure…

  26. The NFL should take a page from the NHL on this one. The NHL does the fantasy draft, and the skills competition before the game, both of which are very entertaining. I would also be down for adjusting the payouts, but the losers still have to get something. Alot of thses guys take these checks and cover the expenses of flying family in for the game. For those of you who complain about the intensity, just shut it. This is a game that’s all about fun in the sun. Please inform me of something else that was going on this past sunday that the pro-bowl deprived you of.

  27. “Increasing the payout for the players on the winning team and decreasing the payout for the players on the losing team may be the way to fix that.”
    So sad that Pro Bowl players don’t put an efford to make the game a competitive event out of respect for the fans. They need more money to entice them to play respectful?
    Doesn’t the NFL and the players know is all about the FANS? We pay the freaking expensive tickets to the games, we buy their freaking merchandise, we pay a big amount of money for Sunday Ticket, TV networks pays them a lot of money that the sponsors themselves pay the networks a lot of money so fans can watch their commercials and go buy their products. In short, the fans pay the salaries of everyone involved in the NFL! and all for what? so one team out of 32 can win a championship and the rest of the 31 teams and its fans end up disappointed? Is hard enough to be a sports fan and at the least these greedy players, owners and NFL exects can do is show respect to the people who matter the most…..us FANS!!!!

  28. The Pro Bowl is a waste of everyone time. Want to make it mean something? How about the conference that wins the Pro Bowl gets to host the following seasons Super Bowl? So lets say the NFC wins a Pro Bowl then the city of the NFC team in the SB the following year gets to host the big event.

    And oh yea, Rodgers, the Packers play against the Giants was more embarassing than the Pro Bowl game. Just an FYI.

  29. “fissels says:
    Jan 31, 2012 5:07 PM
    Lets get rid of the ProBowl. The players don’t want to play. The fans don’t want to watch. End of story.”

    The ratings day otherwise.

  30. @stairwayto7 obviously missed the 27-7 beatdown Mike Vick put on the 12-4 Packers after the 2002 season. The Packers lost their home field mojo in that game and they have yet to fully reclaim it.

  31. say*

    I have never watched the Pro Bowl. It’s a waste of time.

    Rodgers should shut up, though. What, you expect people to go all out and risk injury in a meaningless game?

  32. A.J Green and Andy Dalton looked good though (Except for the fumble by Green) So did Geno Atkins, and to think that the Bengals got him in the 4th round. A bunch of teams missed out on him 2 drafts ago. Him along with Carlos Dunlap and Michael Johnson, and Peko look to be a dominant d-line for a long time.

  33. This year’s Pro Bowl will look like a 70’s Oak-Pitt playoff game compared to what NFL games will look like in 5 years the way Goodell is ruining the game.

  34. Make it fun and require at least one DEF player play offense at all times and vice versa. I don’t care to tune in to see Jared Allen jog to the QB and do nothing, but i would tune in to watch him play TE in an exhibition game.

  35. This would make for a more meaningful game, dump the Pro-bowl and let the #31 and #32 ranked teams play a game, winner taking the #1 pick in the draft. Winning team also get 50k / player, losers get 25k.

  36. This game needs to be revamped from head to toe or scrap the whole thing.
    Rodgers is just saying what everybody else is thinking. It is a lousy game that nobody watches.

  37. stairwayto7 you obviously didn’t watch Favre in the first ever home play-off loss or the first ever home Championship game loss in Packers history. Be curious to know who he was talking about.

  38. Rodgers is right on the money. I haven’t watched a Pro Bowl in years and this is why. It’s not real football. It’s no different than all of the college bowl games that no one watches. Just another corporate advertising money grab event.

    In an ideal situation, it would be a true all star game but that will never happen because the voting is a popularity contest and the players don’t want to risk injury in a meaningless game.

    It would be interesting to know if the guys that were dogging it at the Pro Bowl are the same ones who in the regular season claim that they play for the love of the team and the game rather than the money. Uh huh, right…

  39. stairwayto7 says:
    Jan 31, 2012 5:30 PM
    This comes from a guy who CHOKED in the post season? Why not make some more Discount double choke commercials! Favre never lost a home playoff game that bad!

    You shouldn’t throw stones if your team choked just as bad against TEBOW, might I also remind you that Rodgers played pretty good when he beat your pitiful steelers in xlv

  40. No amount of money is going to make someone want to risk their career in this stupid game. Robert Edwards rushed for 1100 yards in 98 as a rookie. Tore up his knee in an NFL beach flag football game after the season. Career over. They need to just get rid of this game.

  41. Get rid of the Pro Bowl. Hold a televised black tie dinner in New York or Los Angeles and invite only the elected pro bowlers. No substitutions. That would satisyfy the contract bonuses and no injuries.

    Show clips of the guys best efforts. All the big wigs could still have face time, all the companies could still air their commercials, add some speeches (more commercials) and I might actually watch. Otherwise, it’s a lame joke and the public is the fool.

  42. I dont know why they even bother having an actual game in the first place. If you want to legitimize the whole thing, take the fan vote out completely, let the players and coaches vote in their favorites, and give the ones who get voted in a check, and a pat on the back. In other words, make it strictly a prestigious thing, like the All Pro voting.

    No one wants to play in the game, and no fans want to watch it, so why waste millions of dollars?

  43. Loser get zero, expect a lot of players to not even accept the invite.

    The Pro Bowl is a joke, and has always been such.

    Get rid of it, no one cares.

  44. @ Cantic

    I really hope you are joking considering that the game is in Hawaii…. if your serious take a look at a map and then decide why the losers cannot take a bus home.

    I agree that the game is kind of a joke but it’s reality that these guys do not want to get hurt and football by nature is a dangerous sport.

    What they need to do is make the game a fun, 8 on 8 flag football game. Encourage the players to do laterals, trick plays, fun stuff for the fans to watch.

    In addition to that bring back the skills challenges those were always fun to watch. Shift the money over to the winners of the skills events and give smaller amounts, maybe 10K to the winner of the pro bowl.

    Make the weekend all about just having fun and just accept that it is an intense game. Just make it a fun, entertaining, football weekend. Maybe 2 flag football games, one old timers and one current players. Maybe have a celebrity flag football game on saturday with baseball players/actors etc.. people that the public would enjoy watching play.

    Basically just accept that it’s not going to be competitive but make it fun and enjoyable to watch.

  45. These players dont care about the money – even at $100,000 dollars to the winner.. Most of these cats make that in 10 minutes of game clock on game day. Eliminate the event all together. The game is a joke, the selection process is a joke. Put that bread toward charity or give it to some of those old retired guys who built the NFL from the ground up for less than what a ball boy makes today.

  46. What happen to all the fun stuff they use to do Pro Bowl week? Like the QB competition or the Kicker challenge? Or the Vet Game where old players play a “friendly” game of touch football? I mean, it use to be a fun thing to watch for the whole week.

  47. stairwayto7 says: Jan 31, 2012 5:30 PM

    This comes from a guy who CHOKED in the post season? Why not make some more Discount double choke commercials! Favre never lost a home playoff game that bad!

    Stairwell, still crying a year later? For Pete’s sake give it up. Packers beat the Steelers last year almost a year to the day. Yes, they stunk up the field in the playoff loss to the Giants. No worse than your boys getting their collective butts handed to them by Tim Tebow and Co. (and getting owned by the Ravens in the regular season).
    It’s been a year and you hate the Packers …we get it!
    Now pull your big girl panties up and quit your crying.

  48. stairwayto7 says:
    Jan 31, 2012 5:30 PM
    This comes from a guy who CHOKED in the post season? Why not make some more Discount double choke commercials! Favre never lost a home playoff game that bad!


    Yes he did and far worse. I was there. Atlanta vs Green Bay. Their first home playoff loss and it was far worse than the loss this year. They where completely destroyed in the game to where it was over at half time.

  49. I saw screw the game as well…Everyone wants it to be competitve alright… until players that do go full speed while some dont and someone gets leg hurt ACL ect ecct… then everyone will say how dumb it is to go hard.. including OWNERS who have to pay our guarantee money (if in pro bowl that amount is pretty high) .. I say just have skill competitions AFC vs NFC and can still do money as motivator as well as pride. No contact, people will still watch. The game is a joke…I think they could come up with enough things for all positions that would keep the fans intertained and the ratings wouldnt suffer.

  50. Hey all you hacks and Packer haters. When your team gets to 13 titles come back and we can talk.

  51. stevincinci says:Jan 31, 2012 5:40 PM

    A.J Green and Andy Dalton looked good though (Except for the fumble by Green) So did Geno Atkins, and to think that the Bengals got him in the 4th round.
    I think that was Roger’s point.

    Andy Dalton had a great day against a defense that barely got his uniform dirty with their hand prints. Two quarters and only 7-9.

    Someone should have sent Cam the e-mail that he would not be part of the same Pro-Bowl game that Andy Dalton was part of. The AFC defense were going to do more than simply touch him.

    I’ve seen more aggresive football in some folks backyard than how the NFC was handling Dalton.

  52. They should move the Senior Bowl into the Pro Bowl slot, and have an NFL skills competition before the Senior Bowl.

    I would rather see the future stars of the NFL playing at 100% than the current stars playing at 25%. Damn. That’s actually a good idea. Too bad no one will hear it.

  53. Didn’t Harrison get blasted for the same type speech. Get over it you should have stepped up in the playoffs Rogers, get over yourself.

  54. Honestly, is $25,000/$50,000 motivation for these guys? They already have enough money. It is a shame they don’t have pride in their play…aka product on the field. Pros should act like pros …. show up to play not goof off.

  55. This game is supposed to be for the fans. If these guys put forth half assed effort then it shows how they feel about the NFL fanbase. They dont care, all they are doing is collecting a paycheck.. Cancel the game and have an awards dinner instead. And have the awards dinner at Dennys.

  56. This game was a joke. Cam Newton showboated and the AFC rubbed his nose in it. Cam Newton did not deserve to be in the Pro Bowl – no rookie should be permitted. It was obvious he was a child in a men’s game.

    The game has to have some meaning put to it – winners get any fines levied against them returned from the past season – the loser gets $5,000 for their lack of effort.

    What is the point of defensive players being elected to the Pro Bowl when they play like girls at the game? I think defenses should be allowed to play by regular season rules and that will force the offenses to stop just throwing the ball.

    Perhaps the winning conference could have the preference on when the bye weeks are scheduled with the losing side having unusually early byes and a long ending portion of the season for next year. Either play the game for some sort of meaningful stakes or reduce the game to a flag football game.

  57. I agree with Aaron totally. These people pay for a game. And you are pro’s. thats a FULL TIME pro. Play like one at any venue for fans. No we don’t want you hurt, we just want our moneys worth

  58. Why would anyone risk injury and risk losing their contract by getting hurt in a meaningless game that no one watches? These guys have a small window inw hich to make their money. Would you risk an ACL injury in that game? Rodgers should spend the time learning how to be funny in commercials from Peyton Manning instead of fooling around with the Pro Bowl

  59. First off… they need to bring back the QB Challenge and skills competitions PERIOD… those are so fun to watch.

    Secondly… WTF are you all complaining about? It’s the Pro Bowl with big game players (not all are safe and secured in a big money contract) playing in an EXHIBITION game. While I do agree that I wish they would play harder, that arguement will go right out the window the second your favorite player blows out his knee in a pointless scrimmage.

    I would never say get rid of the Pro Bowl like many of you are, I’ll take any extra preseason/season/exhibition football game I can get. Besides it’s another great excuse to fire up the BBQ.

  60. The Pro Bowl might be the worst all star game of all the sports. For one thing the players should not be getting paid anything to play in the pro bowl. It is an honor to be selected there and get a free trip to hawaii. 2nd thing is it’s almost like any decent player can go to the pro bowl now because the two superbowl teams are not in it. Another bad idea IMO. If you are going to wanna watch the best face off. Then what’s the point if the superbowl players are not even there? Oh and to Cam Newton. Nice tackle there at the end of the game after you threw that pick. At least you could faked like you tried. You looked like a girl trying to tackle someone there.

  61. Cam Newton, he’s looking at you as a NFC QB teammate.

    I was only able to watch a bit, and it coincided with Newton coming into the game. Every throw was off by a fair margin other then his long throw to Smith (as if he was at the combine again) and look completely disinterested while his receivers were looking around wondering where this guy was throwing too.

    Stood out as the worst player on the field for that quarter.

    I get that there’s not a lot of hitting and aggression in the trenches, as far as a running game, defending the run, or blitzing, but db’s don’t like getting burned, or do receivers want to look foolish, and they were competing.

    Just looked now though, all the other QB’s had good stats for completion except Newton 9 for 27.

    As the all time rookie passing leader, you owe it to yourself to maintain your reputation, no matter the venue, to come prepared to play, even if its 3/4 speed.

    Hopefully he doesn’t assume everything in the league is going to just fall on his plate…he surprised most with his play and attitude this year, you hope this game wasn’t a sign of things to come as he enters year 2.

  62. The 2012 NFL Probowl was the most embarrassing game the league ever put on and all involved should be ashamed. the game has always been a sham but players at least played with pride if not passion. They should do away with it and have an awards show in it’s place. Then the players wouldn’t have to worry about injury and the league could use it’s network to televise a red carpet gala for it’s divas for ratings and spare football fans the misery of watching the pro bowl. Everybody wins.

  63. I’m in the minority on this, but I have to disagree with Aaron Rodgers on this one. The top goal for all these guys as football players is to either 1) win the Super Bowl, or 2) make a lot of money. You can’t do either by playing hard in the Pro Bowl. It’s a meaningless game.

    I also don’t understand why people can’t just accept that. Why does it have to be about pride or about trying? Who cares? Nobody remembers who wins the Pro Bowl.

  64. stairway07 – you are EXACTLY the reason that people can’t stand steelers and despise pitt fans even more – at least write something halfway intelligent when you post – and btw – how did YOUR team make out in the playoffs this year? and against their rival ravens this year? and the niners? stop already

    As far as the pro bowl – i don’t understand how the nfl can have an all-star game and the 2 best teams in the league can’t have any players there – how does that make sense? and how is that a real all-star game? i don’t get it – no other sport has it that way

  65. Rodgers is 100% right. It’s why I hate the Pro Bowl and won’t watch it.

    I watched one play last week – ONE – and watched an AFC DE give absolutely zero effort and I mean zero. Looked like a drill where his job was to stop moving after 1 second.

    Utterly embarrassing.

  66. I completely agree. the pro bowl is BOOOOORRRIINNNGG…

    The only way to make it interesting would be to make it mean something.

    I think it would be cool if the winning conference would host the following year’s super bowl in a stadium within their conference and have the conference representative be the designated ‘home’ team.


    Only allow free agents to play, in order to have one last chance to impress other clubs. This would take away form the whole ‘all star game’ aspect, but players would have a reason to play..

    its not like the Pro Bowl will actually change, it will remain boring as always.

  67. Haven’t watched the Pro Bowl since I was a young man. There isn’t any entertainment value in watching the guys do no more than jog most of the time. Anyway my suggestion is scrap the game and then have a series of skills competitions pitting the NFC vs AFC. Have events like 4×100 relay races, fastest man, QB accuracy competition, QB longest throw competition, and maybe a strongest man. I for one think it’d be cool to see how strong or how fast one player is compared to the next. Oh and whatever the format, the NFL makes participation mandatory.

  68. the WORST All-Star exhibition of them all. Linemen at the snap, stand up and waltz around, no hitting….
    Time to end this piece of crap
    Baseball still and always will, have the best All-Star game

  69. I gotta admit it was bad. The linemen were literally touching each other just enough to guarantee they wouldn’t make contact. I don’t expect these guys to KILL each other but you can play without totally punishing a dude. They went ultra light to the point it became insulting and I really do wish they would bring back the skills competition

  70. mikebrownistheworstownerinprosports says:Jan 31, 2012 6:25 PM

    They should move the Senior Bowl into the Pro Bowl slot, and have an NFL skills competition before the Senior Bowl.

    I would rather see the future stars of the NFL playing at 100% than the current stars playing at 25%. Damn. That’s actually a good idea. Too bad no one will hear it.

    I hear it and I like it. I think it would be a nice touch if the NFL also provided a player at each NFL position for the rookies to try to beat in the skills competition.

  71. I’m sure defensive players would be more than happy to accommodate Aaron, but they’re barely allowed to hit QBs in real games. And in fairness, I wouldn’t risk a multi-million-dollar career-ending injury for a $50,000 payout in a game that doesn’t count.

  72. Is he talking about the Pro Bowl or is he talking about his own team’s lack of effort in the playoffs? He should be an authority on poor performances by now!

  73. Maybe employ a mlb-like incentive in addition to money award for winning. IE the winning conference hosts the superbowl in the following couple of years (if possible, the following year). Or you make the awarding of the superbowl site a lottery, and the winning pro bowl conference receives extra “chances” depending on the score differential. What would this mean for players? Well, if I am larry fitzgerald, I would play hard in the probowl if it at all increased the possibility of playing the superbowl at home in arizona. Right now there are about 10 cities that could theoretically host the superbowl. In the NFC: Dallas, Arizona, New York, New Orleans, Tampa (5) AFC: Indianapolis, Miami, San Diego?, New York, Houston (5). (I know im probably missing a couple). Under this procedure, players will get a little more pressure to play hard from all sides. Their pride, wallet, coaches and front office, teammates, and the city they represent.

    Granted, this isn’t like a HUGE idea as it doesn’t even increase the odds of a “home” superbowl game very much. Also, the players representing cities that traditionally dont draw the superbowl would have less incentive to play hard. However for them, winning also assures that if their team makes it to the superbowl, they wont be playing an nfc team at “home.” Moreover, the current procedure for selecting a superbowl site is arbitrary, or at least purely based on nfl front office interests. This system would not necessarily be ruining a good thing at all. In the alternative, forcing players to play hard by solely increasing their payout isnt necessarily the best thing for the NFL’s image. Lastly, for those that say the league shouldn’t give teams a competitive advantage in the superbowl, the NFL just started doing that last year by selecting a cold weather superbowl site. This procedure would actually give the league an extra excuse for selecting big market, cold-weather cities more often without catching grief about giving a cold weather team an advantage just out of concern for the NFL’s wallet. It would also put pressure on every city to make their stadium superbowl-friendly as the NFL would have slightly less control over superbowl city selections, and more cities would have a shot. You should also consider that perhaps the extra chance of having extra local, “home” fans in the stadium at superbowls would be good business. Currently, the superbowl doesnt exactly appeal to the common nfl fan- the NFL has been getting heat for this. Given the lockout and the fact that the nfl’s image is seeming to shift in that direction, this system would be a little way to mitigate that damage while ACTUALLY increasing local fans’willingness to pay and driving up superbowl ticket revenue. Again, this isn’t thatttt big of a deal as it wouldn’t increase the chances of a home superbowl game that much at all, but at least its giving a shot in an admirable direction with clear strategic vision. (note: you could also use the results of the game to determine the conference that will host next years’ prowbowl. This would actually give the league an excuse to spread the game around NFL hotspot cities, not Hawaii)

  74. Add up all that money that they don’t appreciate and send $1 to every tv that watched an NFL game this past year. I would gladly take on Ray Lewis, Clay Matthews, Vince Wilfork or whomever in an Oklahoma drill for 1 grand let alone 25 or 50. Rodgers is right take some pride in the fact that the losers of the game are making more for one bunk “all star game” than a lot of people make in a year. They are an embarrassment. No wonder 70% of these guys are bankrupt three years out of the league. They don’t appreciate the dough, they think it is owed to them. Here is a life lesson, no one owes anyone a lifestyle, it is a privilege to be where you are at, so treat it that way.

  75. Toss the pro bowl, NO ONE cares. Bring back the QB and skill position challenges. Offer individual bonuses for win/place/show in each category. You’re welcome NFL.

  76. And just like that Aaron Rodgers goes from well liked guy to douche bag who calls other players out for not exerting themselves in a meaningless game that could get them hurt and where he is LUCKY the defenses took it easy. I wonder if he’d say the same thing if he got pile-drived by one of the DTs from the AFC. What a nozzle.

  77. You should know embarrassing, did you watch the film of your teams loss to the Giants?

    Do you really want the D lineman going all out against your O line that has little to know time to work together? Be careful what you wish for!

  78. For those who keep bringing up Rodgers and the Packers lousy playoff performance this year there’s a big difference between playing hard but not well versus not putting forth any effort.

  79. You want the players to put forth an effort in the pro bowl? Give the winners a full exemption for any and all drug tests for the next 52 weeks.

  80. Here’s my idea:

    Treat the Pro Bowl like the official season-ending celebration two weeks after the Super Bowl (so all players have the opportunity to participate).

    Eliminate the “game”, and provide several skills competitions at each position with substantial $$ on the line for charities. Possibly including a 7v7 flag game.

    Make it so that if a player CHOOSES not to participate in the Pro Bowl out of his own interest (excluding existing injury), they are not awarded the Pro Bowl “title/honors”. I don’t think you should be called a Pro Bowl player if you never actually played in the Pro Bowl.

    Personally, I love the IDEA of what the Pro Bowl SHOULD be. A game featuring two teams full of the leagues best talent of the season. Its what I hope for when I watch any game really. They just need to embody that idea, but eliminate much of the risk of needless injury.

  81. Oh hell than, lets get rid of all the All Star games. Baseball, Basketball and Hockey. Of the four, the NFL Pro Bowl is by far the worst. Newton smiling after he threw his second pick?I think many of the NFL players have an attitude problem. Wasn’t always the case.

  82. maybe if rodgers wouldnt have played like a pansy b4 the probowl, he wouldnt have been in the pro bowl and would have instead been in indy practicing for the superbowl

  83. Do a little better in the playoffs next year, Rogers, and maybe you will be preparing for the Super Bowl instead of having to worry about how people play in the Pro Bowl!

  84. I think that the NFL should take a play out of the MLB playbook. The all-star game in the MLB impacts the championship if I am correct for game 7 of the world series….

    Granted many may find my idea to be terrible but I find it to be awesome!!!

    Why not have the winning side gain home field advantage in the next Superbowl? You would have plenty of time to plan.

    I think that would give players a huge reason to play 110% effort. Granted my packers didnt make it to the super bowl but if they knew next year that home field was on the line you better bet your ass they would play hard.

  85. To be honest I believe Rodgers was talking about how nobody on the NFC oline stepped up to protect Cam, AFC def said all rules went out the door with the fake punt, trick plays, onside kicks and going for it on 4 th down, all happening in the 1st half. so the AFC def decided to come out hard in the 2nd half. Cam came in thinking it was going to be like how Brees and Rodgers playing time was, no pass rush, pretty much a 7 on 7 drill, they got after Cam, while the O line, pretty much let them in on him every snap, So Cam had to scramble for his life, even Brees had a disgusted look on his face, def was doing stunts, twist, blitzing 5-6 guys, LB blitzing, WR running half ass routes minus Steve Smith, Tony G barely jumps to catch Cam’s ball as a def was in Cam’s face, I watched the pro bowl, from the 2nd qtr to the end, NFC OLINE and Def should be ashamed of themselves.

  86. 4 seasons as a starter:
    Super Bowl Champion
    Super Bowl MVP
    League MVP in 3 days
    2nd longest winning streak in the HISTORY of NFL.
    If that is a quarterback is a chocker than your qb my friend just had a full blown heart attack!!(unless he is named Brady or Brees)

  87. How about taking MLB’s idea and the winner gets home field advantage in the following year’s Super Bowl. Two sites are selected each year for the game, one in an AFC city, the other in an NFC city…winner gets the Super Bowl?

  88. stairwayto7 says: Jan 31, 2012 5:30 PM

    This comes from a guy who CHOKED in the post season? Why not make some more Discount double choke commercials! Favre never lost a home playoff game that bad!


    January 4th, 2003. Favre throws two interceptions in a 7-27 loss to Atlanta at home.

    January 9th, 2005. Favre throws four interceptions in a 17-31 loss to Minnesota at home.

    I loved watching Brett Favre for 15 years, but he did lose in a couple of blowouts at home.

  89. Greenbaypackerbacker, The NFL would have to stop having the Super Bowl at what generally end up as a neutral site for the pro bowl winner gaining home field to matter.

  90. What does he expect? No one wants to get hurt out there. I think it’s more fun to watch anyways. No one should be expecting a serious football game, just a bunch of the best players (sans Newton) having some fun out there. I don’t need someone to get crushed for it to be a fun game.

  91. It’s funny that you would mention that players were playing like they didn’t care – go back and watch any packers game from this past season and watch the packers defense – every game was played like this years pro bowl . And the same coaching staff was representing the NFC – similarities – HMMM?

  92. Green bays defense must have thought that they were so good – that every game was the pro bowl, ever watch them tackle? Or Charles Woodson fall down every game I’m coverage? Or bj raji give up on plays?

  93. The NFL Probowl is a disgrace. No one plays, no one coaches, no one hits. They might as well be playing flag football out there. I think I would be more entertained with power puff football instead of the pro bowl. Just get rid of it and replace it with team skills competition. I completely understand that people don’t want to hit in the Pro Bowl..since there is a greater risk of Injury than baseball or hockey. As such just scrap the Pro Bowl all together and get a team skills competition where people run/throw/jump/run a marathon/kayak or whatever else you can come up with. I doubt you would lose anymore viewers.

  94. Why are so many people on here hating on Rodgers? If you take offense to what he SAYS then by all means comment, but if you take offense at who he IS as a football player and call him a CHOKER then the fault lies with you. Fan doesnt have to mean braindead. Step your game up kids. One bad game against a good Giants team and all of a sudden he sucks? Grow up.

    As for the Pro Bowl. If you dont like the game dont watch it. Nobody is forcing your TV to tune it in. I generally flip the game on for a few minutes. Its supposed to be fun guys.

  95. The pro bowl is the closest thing to flag football. Why play the game? You cant blitz, or press coverage. Rules, rules, rules. Mr Goodell is killing the NFL and no one seems to care. PFT wants a kinder, gentler pro football game. With niceatys. Elect pro bowl players and let it go at that. Its very embarrassing to watch so I never do.

  96. most of the guys that played in this game make $250,000-$1,000,000 A GAME.

    you think $50,000 or more is going to inspire them to risk injury? some guys make that much in less than a quarter of play.

  97. They’re all still glorified jocks who wnat to shsow off. Let ’em play a giant pickup basketball game for winner-takes-all $100K apiece and you’ll see some effort.

  98. And oh yea, Rodgers, the Packers play against the Giants was more embarassing than the Pro Bowl game. Just an FYI.

    at least is wasn’t 40-0..now THAT was an embarassment..i don’t think since then or before then no one has been shut out in the playoffs like THAT.

  99. Favre never lost a home playoff game that bad!

    Favre singlehandidly GAVE the 8-8 Vikings a playoff game there 31-17 if I recall, and Favre threw more picks in one game (your welcome Rams) than Rodgers did in a season.

  100. Rodger’s team fumbling 3 times (should have been 4) and dropping 8 passes is him choking.

    Conversely, Manning is credited for being elite, gritty, and clutch in a win versus SF. Eli’s second half was one where every drive quickly ended in a punt unless the 49ers turned the ball over in a place that made it easy for the Giants to score.

    I don’t blame the fans for this, half the journalists/bloggers covering the NFL basically just do this:

    1. Watch highlights
    2. Look at the final score
    3. Look at the box score for a given player
    4. Write article

  101. I like Aaron Rodgers. I don’t give a crap what he thinks about the level of effort put forth during a game that is of such great importance that for years it was played after the Super Bowl in Hawaii. The NFL merely wants to puff up the Pro Bowl a bit because they see it as a chance to boost revenue. Rodgers should save his opinions for issues of greater weight.

  102. What about having the side that wins be the home team for the following Sunday’s Superbowl game. Isn’t that what they do for baseball?

  103. apm says:Jan 31, 2012 5:39 PM

    @stairwayto7 obviously missed the 27-7 beatdown Mike Vick put on the 12-4 Packers after the 2002 season.

    mpprice says:Jan 31, 2012 5:46 PM

    stairwayto7 you obviously didn’t watch Favre in the first ever home play-off loss or the first ever home Championship game loss in Packers history. Be curious to know who he was talking about.

    orcheon says:Jan 31, 2012 11:18 PM

    January 4th, 2003. Favre throws two interceptions in a 7-27 loss to Atlanta at home.

    January 9th, 2005. Favre throws four interceptions in a 17-31 loss to Minnesota at home.

    I loved watching Brett Favre for 15 years, but he did lose in a couple of blowouts at home.

    All of you Packer fans who are comparing previous playoff losses with Favre are missing one HUGE element that makes this years loss worse: the Packers were 15-1 this year!! One loss! Let me repeat that for you – ONE loss during the season and then blown out at home in your first playoff game. They were considered by almost everyone to be the best team in the NFL this year, while they were one of 3 teams in the NFC that were 12-4 in 2002.

    You lost by 20 to an Atlanta team that had only two more losses than you that season. You lost by 17 this year to a Giants team that had 6 more losses than you on the season. And the score should have been far worse if it wasn’t for two gifts by the refs that lead to 14 of your 20 points. And for whoever said the Atlanta game was over by halftime; I have news for you, so was the game against the Giants.

    The Championship loss at home to the Giants was only by three in OT. The loss to the 8-8 Vikings hurt, but the Pack was only 10-6 that year.

    No other playoff loss compares to a 15-1 team losing to a 9-7 team, at home, in their first playoff game, by 17 points ! ( & should have been at least 37-6)

  104. vtopa says:Jan 31, 2012 9:29 PM

    And just like that Aaron Rodgers goes from well liked guy to douche bag who calls other players out for not exerting themselves in a meaningless game that could get them hurt…


    You are so right on this. Packer fans would have been all over Favre for calling out his teammates and throwing them under the bus had he said this instead of Rodgers.

  105. I think he is referring to one Mr. Cameron Newton… Not only did his play on the field suck but him making a spectical of himself by coming out there with his jersey untucked, looking sloppy and CUTTING THE BILL OFF OF HIS PRO BOWL HAT was just unexcuseable.

    Dont get me wrong, I’m a huge fan of Cam Newton! “Cam, you are a professional now. Good grief, tuck in your shirt son…

  106. Rodgers loves football so much he missed all the action in the bars where a certain Pittsburgh Steeler was hitting on any potential “gurl” not the female kind; while his wife sat as a necessary but useless accessory at a table nearby- pretending she has no idea what he actually is.

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