Chiefs deny Bears permission to speak to Jim Zorn

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The Chiefs couldn’t stop Phil Emery from leaving the team to become Bears general manager, but they did stop him from bringing one of their coaches with him.

Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the Chiefs blocked the Bears from interviewing quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn for a similar job on Lovie Smith’s staff. NFL teams are permitted to deny assistants under contract the chance to interview for assistant coaching jobs on other teams.

The Chiefs are looking for a new offensive coordinator and this move could be seen as a sign that Zorn would be under consideration for that position. There haven’t been any signals out of Kansas City that it is a possibility, but Zorn has wound up getting unexpected promotions in the past. He was hired as the Redskins offensive coordinator in 2008 and promoted to head coach a month later.

The Bears are in need of a quarterbacks coach who can oversee all aspects of the passing game for new offensive coordinator Mike Tice. Jensen reports that Alex Van Pelt is under consideration for the role.

11 responses to “Chiefs deny Bears permission to speak to Jim Zorn

  1. I keep seeing that teams can block coaches under contact from “interviewing” with another team. Is there anything to prevent the other team from simply skipping the interview and hiring the coach under contract anyhow?

  2. I don’t understand how this guy keeps getting jobs. Do teams not notice that he was let go swiftly by the teams ahead of them? But by all means – go bears!

  3. Van Pelt???? Whata joke. All we heard in Tampa was how great the guy was and all he did was turn Josh Freeman into one of the worst QB’s in the league this season. Van Pelt??? Seriously?

  4. Those of you digging on Zorn obviously only know his history as a Head Coach. He is a very good OC and QB coach. And I’m pretty sure Washington hasn’t been any better since Zirn was fired??

  5. Zorn is very well-regarded around the league as a QB coach. Guys like Charlie Batch, Matt Hasselbeck, and Joe Flacco all had their best seasons with him coaching them.

    I don’t blame him for the problems in KC this year. It’s starting to look more and more like Matt Cassel is never going to be any better than he already is.

  6. I think Zorn is clearly a better choice than Van Pelt. Too bad we were denied cause now I fear that we will just take what we can get. Lovie in my opinion does make good decisions when it comes to his offensive staff, i.e Terry Shea, Ron Turner, Mike Martz. Hopefully Tice and a passing game coordinator can get the job done this time. Maybe we get Bowe and Floyd while implementing the Randy rule.

  7. “fijabbersman345 says: Jan 31, 2012 4:40 PM

    Good. Karma sucks, doesn’t it Chicago?”

    Because Chicago was the first team EVER to deny permission to interview someone. If it it’s such a given, why even go through the formality of even asking first?

    You’re really going hold a grudge over something like this? Don’t you have a Packer story on which you can pour out your jealousy?

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