Clyde Christensen expected to remain with Colts


The Colts officially made Bruce Arians their new offensive coordinator on Tuesday, but the old one doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere.

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports that Clyde Christensen will remain with the Colts as quarterbacks coach in 2012. Per La Canfora, the Colts considered moving in another direction and also considered moving Christensen to work with wide receivers, which he did for three years before becoming the coordinator, but settled on moving him to the quarterback spot.

If the Colts move on from Peyton Manning and select Andrew Luck, there will be some interesting symmetry between the two men. Manning’s first quarterbacks coach in Indy was Arians and his last offensive coordinator was Christensen.

4 responses to “Clyde Christensen expected to remain with Colts

  1. If they don’t want to play then just stay home, skip it, their season is already over and they obviously don’t want or need the money, even the losers share.

  2. Good deal. Clyde has done well with Indy and their offense. Yes, this year was horrendous because of the absense of Manning. However, it was a blessing in disguise due to the fact that it exposed the Tampa-2 for what it really was– trash. Larry Coyer was fired, and that was the right move. There’s no reason for Clyde to go. Also, moving to QBs coach, along with the reports of Manning “on track” with is rehab could indicate Peyton staying with Indy.

  3. Tampa-2 is not trash, like any defensive scheme you need to have the personnel to make it work.

    Judging Indy’s defensive personnel I don’t think those “Nancys” could hold a team like the Saints to under 60 points…. oh my bad, they lost 62-7.

  4. I agree they are trying to leave the offensive side together the best they can, as I personally think they will rework Manning’s contract. Then draft Luck to develop behind the best QB to ever play, and hope they strike gold a second time around. If they rework the contract because of his health, which I would invision his willingness to doing, and with the new rookie wage system, they can easily afford both. I can’t think of a better situation for either of them. Put the rest of the draft on some beef up front, add a few pieces via free agency, and they could and should contend again next year.

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