“Crazy Chad” is not coming back


18 Patriots received a podium or an area for interviews during Tuesday’s Media Day. Chad Ochocinco, New England’s fifth receiver, was not one of them.

Ochocinco has been a Media Day regular for years. But he seemed a lot more comfortable as an “OCNN” anchor than as a New England Patriot reserve.

Ochocinco was downcast during the time we spent around him, seemingly miserable and waiting for the experience to end. He was asked if he was happy.

“You’re looking for the crazy Chad. He hasn’t been here all year,” Ochocinco said while staring down the reporter who asked the question. “Why would I be different now?”

Asked what was different about this year: “I’m wearing a jersey. That’s the only difference.”

On whether he was disappointed about his lack of production: “I don’t control that. I never have. Never been able to.”

I knew he didn’t want to answer silly questions, so I asked him about the intensity of the Super Bowl practices thus far.

“It’s been . . . practice,” Ochocinco said with a sigh after a long pause. “It’s been practice.”

90 responses to ““Crazy Chad” is not coming back

  1. Poor guy. All he really wants is to be a loud, obnoxious, moderately productive fish in a small pond. Is that so much to ask?

  2. With these observations I’m assuming he won’t be active for the game.

    Doesn’t sound like he’s part of the Super Bowl game-plan.

  3. Ocho seems to be a living example of “be careful what you wish for”.

    It could be that Belichick is being a genius and totally throwing folks off the scent of an Ocho-centric game-plan…yeah, probably not.


  4. Chad don’t worry. I would be sad and depressed to if I had to live amongst the most assinine “fans” in the league

  5. Sounds to me like a guy that’s not gonna be dressing Sunday. Especially with the possibility of Vollmer returning.
    To his credit, he kept his mouth shut throughout this humbling season and was never, in any way, selfish or a distraction.

  6. This is what Darth Bill does to wannabe Jedi’s – he sucks the force out of them, leaving them as lifeless husks.

  7. On whether he was disappointed about his lack of production: “I don’t control that. I never have. Never been able to.”

    What a piece of human garbage this guy is.

    All year long you people have been downvoting anyone who spoke against Ochocinco into oblivion. I have no idea why.

    You people DESTROY Owens for similar bad behavior yet atleast TO has been productive on the field recently unlike this useless stiff.

    Bad attitude and bad play on the field.

    Stop sticking up for this walking joke and hold him accountable.

  8. Chad is giving the defense a good look in practice. If he could have learned the playbook, he would be a factor. Good guy and teammate, but dumb as a box of rocks.

  9. This looks like a reeeeeeeeeeal chance for breakout here. Gronk injured, but he’ll play, but still. NO ONE is gonna be worried about Ocho… Billy Beli’s time to deploy him is now, or never.

  10. I don’t understand why the Patriots kept Chad around. Were they just trying to make a point that they can snuff anybody or something? If he wasn’t producing on the field they should’ve cut him mid-season. It seems kind of torturous to keep him around, unless Belichek is sincere in trying to get something out of him and will give him a chance to play in the SB.

  11. Interesting. Most players dream of getting to the Super Bowl, but he seems like he doesn’t even care.

    What’s really gong on?

    It’s not hard to figure: he’s had a very difficult year personally as he hasn’t produced like anyone, including himself, wanted or expected.

  12. Chad had better be careful. I wouldn’t put it past Belichick to deactivate him and send him home so he isn’t being a corrosive influence the rest of the week…

  13. Well there’s your answer to the question “Is Ochocinco now going to play a bigger part in the offense now that Bronkowski’s hurt?”

    Chad’s not mature enough to hide his feelings.

  14. Be flipping hilarious if Belichek has been holding him until the Superbowl and has an entire game plan surrounding him. Scores like 5 TDs and 300 yards.

    He doesn’t but it’d be hilarious.

  15. Didnt Chad miss last weeks game due to the death of his FATHER? You guys dont think that would effect your demanor a week later? come on guys

  16. If the story isn’t about him he’s depressed and sulking.
    I actually liked him before I caught a glimpse of his reality show and saw how utterly self absorbed he is. He doesn’t really laugh at himself and he only does funny stuff to get in the lady’s pants which might be true for most guys but he takes it to another grotesque level.

  17. Uhhm Yeah his Dad just died less than 2 weeks ago. That could have something to do with his somber mood. Cut the guy some slack. I hope he scores a TD. then retires with a ring.

  18. His and Haynesworth’s signing, bad drafting, dismantling the defense are all signs BB has lost it. Lucky to be in the SB but this little “dynasty” is over.

  19. He’s going through “crazy guy” attention withdrawal. The first leg of recovery is admitting it. He will be better soon. Just a new normal for him.

  20. I think he dresses….How many times has the guy ran the wrong route? Hernandez is 20 yrs old and figured it out.. It’s not as if he isn’t being paid well…Stop pouting and apply yourself..

  21. It must be jarring to have it pointed out to you so glaringly how irrelevant you’ve become.

    I am sure he always thought that his first Super Bowl media day as a player would feature him on one of the big stages, not as insignificant back up wandering looking for microphones.

    Not showing him any sympathy- he made his own bed- but I can understand his frustration.

  22. Remember when he wore that HOF jacket on the sidelines? Definitely the closest he’ll ever get to the real thing.

  23. Waaaahhh! Welcome to the real world Chad. Most people in this world aren’t the center of attention. Maybe its time to hang up the cleats and start using the position and blessings the NFL gave you that you have wasting on bringing to help someone other than yourself. Toss the “it’s not my fault my career is not going the way I want.” crap and take some ownership. Put on your big boy pants and be a man. You helped make your life what it is dude. Good luck in your post NFL career.

  24. Chad may leave next year, then dog the patriots and the organization. He cant now cause be still with the team. Buy u wait.

  25. I hope he catches the winning TD..it would be fitting redemption.Man has been humbled, father died great story…

  26. twitter:Chapman_Jamie says:
    Jan 31, 2012 11:53 AM
    Am I the only person that feels bad for this guy?


  27. The Pats play book was too tough for Chad to learn; it blew his mind. He seldom was in the place where Brady expected him to be. I have a feeling he may suit up, though and maybe make one good play. I never cared for his egotism, NE sports fans won’t tolerate that nonsense, but he has acted like a pro this year, to his credit.

  28. Chad can’t win here. If he says nothing, he is called out for being down and not excited. if he says anything with personality, he is called out for acting out, for drawing attention to himself, for not taking it seriously.

  29. For old time’s sake, I’d like to see one of his Reebok Zig or Fathead commercials played during the Super Bowl. Or a spoof.

    He should be happy he’s at the Super Bowl. Not sure he’ll be IN the Super Bowl.

  30. .

    Early in the season he dropped a possible game winning bomb versus Buffalo. Brady never seemed to regain his confidence in him.


  31. Why are you wasting time with this guy?
    He is so far down on the depth chart that Gronkowski would have to be in a wheelchair for him to be on the field. If he is really, really, lucky he may be on the active roster for the big game; but I doubt it.

    This is a classical case of an average receiver, but an excellent showman, being moved to a good team, with a great coach and quarterback. And the result is his skills, commitment to practice and film study add up to him being fifth string.
    And that is exactly where Oucho Stinko belongs on this team!

  32. Love all the ignorant comments here. Keep ’em coming. I’m sure if I respond in kind, I know what will happen.

    I do feel for Chad. DO I want him to get “sympathy passes” in the SB because of it? No, but I appreciate that he’s been from all accounts a great teammate and tried to do all the coaches ask of him. Bet you there would have been long odds on that happening if there was a Vegas line on it before the season started.

  33. On whether he was disappointed about his lack of production: “I don’t control that. I never have. Never been able to.”
    I would beg to differ. Learn the playbook, get open, don’t drop passes.

    I could use Ochocinco’s exact same excuse for not producing.

    I could be the star of this Super Bowl and catch 10 touchdowns but I don’t control that. I never have. Never been able too.

    Everybody’s against me.

  34. The reports That chad can’t learn the play book is ridiculous. If randy moss could learn it, I’m sure chad could. There is a bigger plan in place. If BB can pull this off with intenionally having chad not “contribute” during the season and saving him for the Bowl, that would be brilliant.

  35. Its a shame you didn’t behave like this in Cincinnati. The Bengals might have won some more games. Interesting how you don’t get playing time if you don’t run your routes correct. Only reason you’re still on the team is because Bill has a place in his heart for you.

  36. Some of you guys are complete morons. Does it make you feel better to take shots a professional athlete on some comment blog. Chad Ochocinco’s father just passed, he was at his funeral. Anyone understand that could part of the reason he may be in a somber mood? In Cincinnati, Chad was probably one of the most charitable players ever to play there and from what I heard completely approachable to any fan.

  37. From the looks of the “NEW” Chad , I think he’d be better off being the “OLD” Chad.

    At least you would have a reason to be on the field even if you were insanely conceeded and overwhelming with your mouth sometimes.

  38. He is going to have 7 rec for 115 and 1 in the biggest game of his life…. Oh I forgot, he most likly wont even get a chance to catch 1 ball.

  39. he never had a full offseason to work with brady like every other receiver has had so to be fair we need to give him that…we all know bill doesn’t tolerate loafing or bad attitudes and if chad was guilty of either one he’d be in the unemployment line by now…i’m convinced that if the patriots don’t cut him and allow him time to bond with brady during minicamp OTAs and training camp next season he’ll be back to the old chad production-wise and maybe even give them the downfield threat they’ve been looking for…and who knows maybe he does play in the super bowl and come up with a big catch…it would be great to see

  40. oh my……..The Jets are interested in Chad! No, not as a receiver but as a personal insulter to Holmes!

  41. Am I the only one who thinks this has been another log term plot by bb and now they will surprise the giants with ocho having a big game?

    I remember in 2004 all the talk was how the eagles were going to handle the 3-4 pats d. The whole media week was about that, then in the game the pAts played a 4-3 almost exclusively.

    Don’t be shocked if chad is MVP of this game or atleast has his best game of the year, especially considering the injury to the best te in the game

  42. I remember how hopeful i was when they got him… thought he would be a real threat… what a disapoointment… I hope they cut him and get a real stud WR…

  43. Um Gregg… his Father just died. That might be a reason for his mood. An actual journalist might have remembered this and/or included it in the”article”.

    How jolly would you be in that circumstance?

  44. Probably his last chance to win the Super Bowl and not is he only not going to play but he is going to be on the losing side.q

  45. Judging by comments on here, you wouldn’t guess that Chad Johnson was:

    26th all-time in receptions and yards

    20th all time in receiving yards per game

    People talk like he was a bum. This bum led the AFC in receiving 4 years in a row (04-07).

    That’s a record folks. Chad is the only one that’s ever done that, and he did it competing with Marvin Harrison. Chad Johnson was a special player. Y’all should have watched more Bengals games and maybe I wouldn’t have to tell you. He’s old now.

  46. It would be quite fitting for Chad to have the Tyree moment. I do feel for the guy, he did lose a parent.

    Moss didn’t need to learn a playbook. He runs three routes that matter: streak, slant and fade. I bet if he laced up and ran 40 against everyone in the NFL, he’s still top 5 type speed.

    Continue to make fun of TO all the time though. “How am I supposed to feed my family off $7 million”, was it for me.

  47. This guy is finally getting a lesson in humility, just like Neon Deon did. He is maturing and becoming more like able, unlike that piece of garbage, Lawrence Taylor, who cheated the whole time he played and keeps getting arrested now.

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