Kiwanuka says Giants are ready to play right now


Giants linebacker Mathias Kiwanuka missed the Super Bowl four years ago with an injury, and he’s chomping at the bit to play this time around.

Kiwanuka said on Monday that he and his teammates are completely focused and could step onto the field and play the game today.

“It was all business,” Kiwanuka said of the flight to Indianapolis. “We have been ready to go. We could have lined up and played yesterday if we had to, so everybody is just focused and ready to get the game going.”

Kiwanuka scoffed at the media for trying to make Tom Brady’s comments at the team’s pep rally into some kind of trash talk, so he isn’t looking for that kind of external motivation. But he does sound motivated.

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  1. Expect him to shoot the gap on the first series only to turn and see Welker picking up a first down.

    The NE offense this year is built around Brady making pre-snap reads and getting the ball quickly out to receivers. If you don’t match up well in coverage you won’t be getting any pressure.

  2. Rooting for NY, but this may be a bad thing. You don’t want to peak emotionally too early.

    This should be a good one. Two teams and two QBs with playoff and SB experience.

  3. Well, it is the SB. They usually swallow their whistles on most stuff (unless you are a Seahawks fan, that is).

    I am sure they are all amped up and want to play. They are used to playing week by week. The two week layoff can hurt teams. We’ve seen it in so many levels of sports where a team is hot and in a groove and then they take time off and lose that mojo.

  4. djstat says: Jan 31, 2012 8:37 AM

    I love the Giants…but just stop TALKING

    If someone says stop talking one more time, i might scream. It’s Super Bowl week and they are required to speak to the media….hello!!!

    Now they are not even allowed to say that they are ready to play the game?

  5. bspurloc, your idea of number of rings determing the better QB is completly flawed. It is a team game. If based on number of SB rings, are you really saying that Trent Dilfer and Doug Williams (just to name two) were better QBs than Marino and Kelly (just to name two).

  6. djstat says: Jan 31, 2012 8:37 AM

    I love the Giants…but just stop TALKING

    Reporters are asking him questions. Should he just stare at them blankly without answering? It’s not like he was trash-talking, he simply answered the question.

  7. richwizl says: Jan 31, 2012 8:39 AM

    As long as they don’t bring the same Refs from ’07 that’s fine.

    As long as they don’t bring the same Refs from either of the Giants/Packers game that’s fine.

    Fixed it for ya.

  8. # of SB Rings makes u better than others…..

    Dan Marino was a failure. Just like Tony Romo.
    Peyton is a failure.

    Football is about winning the Super Bowl only thing higher than that is going UnDefeated the thing Peyton let everyone talk him out of going for. failure. Polian failure.

    If it isnt about winning the Super Bowl then why even play the season? Why bother with the 2 minute offense….
    18-1 means the patriots FAILED. why? cuz they lost the only game that mattered.

  9. frankvzappa says: Jan 31, 2012 8:57 AM

    it is champing at the bit, not chomping


    Spot on Frank, good man.

    If I had a dollar for every time I’ve read/heard “chomping at the bit” I’d literally have some dollars.

    Gotta laugh at how Franks post has received approx. 70% thumbs down. Ignorance is bliss, ‘eh?

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