Raiders make Greg Knapp their new offensive coordinator

Getty Images’s Alex Marvez reported early Tuesday that the Raiders offered their offensive coordinator job to Texans quarterbacks coach Greg Knapp.

According to NFL Network’s Jason La Canfora, Knapp has accepted Oakland’s offer.

Knapp, 48, is one of the NFL’s most running game-oriented offensive minds. As a coordinator in San Francisco (2001-2003), Atlanta (2004-2006), Oakland (2007-2008), and Seattle (2009), Knapp engineered seven top-five finishes in rushing attempts over a span of nine seasons.

Knapp was only a quarterbacks coach in Houston, but the Texans did finish the 2011 regular season tied for the NFL lead in rushing attempts.

The hire would seem to make the Raiders even more likely to use the franchise tag on free agent running back Michael Bush. Starter Darren McFadden is coming off a Lisfranc injury and has missed 19 games due to injury over the course of his first four NFL seasons.

65 responses to “Raiders make Greg Knapp their new offensive coordinator

  1. Great what a way to lose my excitement over the hiring of a new coach. With a boring offensive coordinator, and the loss of a great special teams coach in John Fassel.

  2. i started puking when i first heard about this while in bed last night. now i just puked all over my keyboard

  3. Not digging this hire only because I thought Al Saunders would have been a solid OC. Hopefully Knapp’s second go around will be better. The present OAK roster is a lot better than the one he ran the last time. Especially since there’s no JaBustus Russell.

  4. Coach Allen I hope you know what you are doing. Our offense was just fine last year with the inuries to DMC, Ford and Moore. Not a fan of Knapp but as a Raider fan I will support what Coach Allen is doing. Just dont let us down!

  5. A huge sigh of disappointment coming from Raider Nation in 3, 2, 1…..

    Cant see how this is better than leaving Saunders in place???

    The hire for DC better ‘knock our socks off’!!

  6. It all comes down to the DC. 75 % of all our penalties were defensive. If our defense can just become middle of the pack we will be dangerous because our offense is up to par.

  7. Did Saunders decline to return?I don’t understand this move.The raiders are going to change the offense yet again

  8. Going to miss those Al Saunder behind the shields.
    Al is such great guy and was such a headache towards the Raiders for years @ KC. so we hired him for his great experience Going to miss em. Pz AL Saunders

  9. Gregg Knapp has some terrible schemes. I know partly it was the lack of the o-line in Seattle when he was here but every play I watched I could tell you whether it was pass or run. I’m sure Raider fans remember what he was like when he was there.

  10. I think Knapp is a great fit for the talent on this team. Palmer is not a fit in Saunders offense at all, he is much better suited for a short passing, tons of running, occassional shot down the field sort of offense. The Raiders are three deap at RB, this is and should be a running team.

  11. I want Al Saunders, but ill give Knapp another shot considering what T.J. Yates was able to do. We don’t need an OC to throw the ball all the time we need to stick to the run and now it seems we have a guy on the defensive side of the ball to mix it up. Strong d, good run game, and a vertical pass, I think were heading in the rite direction.

  12. This site desperately needs a code of conduct for posting comments. It’s too subjective as to what does and does not get posted. Two of my post were removed. Why!?!!

  13. Greg Knapp is the offensive equivalent of Chuck Bresnahan. Say hello to a predictable vanilla offense that will have opposing defenses drooling over.

    Allen said this would be a fast, up-tempo, aggressive offense…Knapp is the EXACT opposite of that.

  14. Yawn. DMC hasn’t shown he can carry the load he had before, upping the carries doesn’t seem like a great idea unless he’s going to split the load more evenly with Bush. Wouldn’t be opposed to Bush being the #1 with DMC as the change of pace guy.

  15. Falcon fan here …. Knapp stinks. For a “run-happy” OC, I sure remember a lot of Vick passes from inside the 5 yard line. Warrick Dunn, TJ Duckett and Michael Vick ……. we better pass this one. Retard.

  16. Now just make Al Saunders the Passing Quality control coach and this would work.. People have to think Saunders is 61 and is getting a little long in the tooth.

    Remember Hue called the plays last year and Saunders was the quality control coach not the OC.

    Now Hire W. Moss or Todd Bowles as DC and let’s get rolling.

  17. C’mon Raider fans. For years we’ve cheered many of the coaching hires and player movements only to be let down over and over again. It’s been proven that bringing in big names and known commodities doesn’t guarantee squat. These “boring” signings might be a blessing for a change.

  18. Knapp is terrible. He was awful in San Fran and we couldn’t have gotten rid of him fast enough.

    He’s in the right place as far as I’m concerned.

    Go Niners!

  19. Carson Palmer must be puking all over his keyboard somewhere.. If you like a heavy dose of RunDMC and Mike Bush then you’ll like Knapp. I think the Raiders have the potential to be the most dominant run game in the league. But I was looking forward to a high flying offense with the young speed the team has on the outside..

    Can’t help but notice that Allen is building a team that is remarkably similar to this past year’s Denver team. Heavy on the run and a focus on relentless Defense.. (Now if we can just get a DC)…

  20. Concerning his previous stint as Raiders OC… Greg Knapp had Jamarcus Russell to work with. Nuff said about that sorry state of affairs.

    I’m not overly excited about this choice either… but this is what MOST Raiders fans have been clamoring for for years… a head coach being able to choose his own assistants. Reggie and Dennis are at the helm now… just gotta sit back and wait until we see the product on the field.

    Realistically, I’m not too concerned with the offense. When healthy, there is enough talent at the skill positions to be well above average… regardless of who is designing and calling the plays (OK… not Tom Walsh…). But the real key is going to be how the defense responds. If Allen hires a guy like the Niners Ed Donatell, and they can produce a top 10-15 defense… Greg Knapp doesn’t need to produce a top ten offense to compete for the division title.

    Trust me… fixing the defense is key for this teams success at this point in time.

  21. That’s the problem with some of these defensive minded head coaches they don’t know what the hell they should be doing on the offensive side of the ball. Greg Knapp will fail miserably like he always does and Dennis Allen will be hiring a new offensive coordinator next season. Garbage hire anyway you look at it.

  22. What’s the saying, “same ****, different toilet”!…I thought I was coming back to Raider home games this year, but I guess it’s back to the NFL Ticket for me. Never seems like the Raiders can ever get it right!

  23. Hey it might work out but it sure is a weird hire . I mean Dennis Allen when asked about what he want as far as an O goes mentioned the Saints . Greg Knapps offense has never resembled anything close to what the Saints are doing right now . Dude has always been about the big recievers like TO . Oakland has a bunch of burner midget types . ..Oh and DHB .

  24. Jamarcus Russell was not considered a bust under Greg Knapp. It wasn’t until Cable took over that he began to regress.

    Allen said he was going to be involved in the offense so he probably needed an OC that doesn’t have an ego, like Knapp.

    Al Saunders is still under contract so we may keep the system.

    All that being said…Ken Zampese would have been my pick as OC.

  25. Al Saunders had nothing to do with the opposing defenses guessing because he was not the one calling the plays… Hue Jackson was. What Al Saunders has over Greg Knapp is a system that has had great success in the past, massive experience at the OC position, and maybe most importantly, continuity with last years system. The offense would have been able to simply expand on last years play book with Saunders… whereas with Knapp, it’s starting all over from the beginning again.

    But it is what it is… hopefully Knapp has gained the experience and knowledge he was lacking at his previous stints at OC…

  26. Kinda like the vanilla move, with our talent on offense and knapps philosophy i can see a strong running game keeping the D on their heels and giving palmer and the WRs time to get the ball down the field. It also sets up a potential future for Pryor / and or Flynn. I love the west coast offense…teams still throw deep off it , i.e packers, eagles, patriots , its an ever-evolving offense

  27. This team Knapp is going to have a real opportunity to succeed, Mckenzie is going to provide real players to fit the system , AL wont be breathing down his neck or drafting for him, no Jamarcus & no Lane Kiffin , he also is going to be in synce with the other offensive coaches they bring on board, unlike how Al would assemble a staff. Via Twitter : Gannon likes the move

  28. Fire the GM now. Knapp is the WORST OC in the history of the league.

    Run , run , pass,
    Run , run , pass


    and if this is not working

    Run , run , pass,
    Run , run , pass


    if the raiders are losing by halftime their will be no adjustments just

    Run , run , pass,
    Run , run , pass


    Broncos , chargers and cheifs love this move

  29. He was horrible here in Atlanta. We couldn’t wait to see him go. Good luck Oakland. You’ll need all you can get.

  30. Look Raider fans, here’s the deal! Greg Knapp, is a good run play-caller, but his passing game lacks imagination. He believes in the zone-running scheme, which the Raiders ditched last season for a more traditional power running style. Now the offensive line will have to gear itself towards learning a whole new scheme again. It can have a yo-yo effect on some players but the Raiders line is solid and I envision them being able to adapt and actually thrive better in this system. A good way to make this transition, is to have a heavy dose of running plays. Lineman love to run block. A run first team will keep the Raiders from turning the ball over, like they did for much of last season. It’ll also get them into better third down situations. Carson Palmer will relish that and be much more effective converting third downs in crucial junctures of the game. This gives the offense more opportunities to keep the chains moving and control the clock. I’m not all that bummed on the Knapp hire because he’s a good teacher, and he’ll instill some discipline into the Raiders running game. It’s time for D-Mac to stay healthy for once. He should do well in this running scheme, because he is a one cut, north and south runner. Those types of backs do much better in this scheme, i.e, Terrell Davis, Arian Foster. I believe McFadden will have more opportunities to find himself in the second-level where he’ll be able to have more break-away opportunities, then he did in Hue Jackson’s power running game. As much as I like Michael Bush, I have a feeling the Raiders won’t be resigning him, if he asks for big money. Look for them to try and steal a good prospect in the third or fourth round like they did with Bush several years ago. The Raiders are a few pieces away from being a legit Top-Ten offense. Where they need the most help is obviously on defense. They’ll need to load up on defensive backs and find some interior line-men who like to play with a low center of gravity. I can’t recall how many times I saw Tommie Kelly and Richard Seymour getting stood straight up, unacceptable. I hope Dennis Allen holds those two personally accountable, if that stuff happens again. The Raiders are probably two years away from being legitimate again. Look for them to improve as a team, and possibly make a run at the play-offs. Their schedule is much easier than last season’s so maybe they’ll get some reprieve there. Also, if the Raiders think they are going to fix their penalty woes, they are sorely mistaken. It doesn’t matter who the coach is, the NFL is always going to target the Raiders as a team to watch out for, when they meet with the refs. This just exacerbates into more penalties and gives the men in black and white, even more reason to throw a yellow on the Raiders, even if it’s questionable. Good Luck Dennis Allen, if you can overcome that miserable part of the Raiders then you will be the man in Raider Nation.

  31. As a Texans fan, I want to congratulate Gregg Knapp on being the new offensive coordinator for the Oakland Raiders. We wish you good luck in all of your future endeavors.
    With a vacancy now on our coaching staff, I guess that opens the door for Peyton Manning to be our new quarterbacks coach in Houston since he will not be playing for the Colts any longer.

  32. The hire would seem to make the Raiders even more likely to use the franchise tag on free agent running back Michael Bush. Starter Darren McFadden is coming off a Lisfranc injury and has missed 19 games due to injury over the course of his first four NFL seasons

    Hopefully they do franchise bush and let branch hit free agency. Then he can come south and team with weddle to give us one of the best FS/SS combos in the league

  33. 76Raider,

    I like the optimism. I, myself, try to stay positive as well. I’m just not feeling the Knapp hire. He has a lot of experience but he’s always been mediocre. I think it’s a step back from Saunders…

    I do agree with your assessment except for a couple of points:

    “It’s time for D-Mac to stay healthy for once. He should do well in this running scheme, because he is a one cut, north and south runner. ”


    DMC is not a “one-cut” runner. He jukes back and forth, spins, hurdles and runs people over. He is not a “North-South” guy either. He has great speed to the outside and excels when he’s on the edge with some space.

    Also, I don’t think they’ll be able to steal a RB in the third or fourth round because they don’t have picks in those rounds…(possible compensatory picks from Namdi, Gallery and Miller, but we’ll have to wait and see what round they are…).

  34. I agree with “76Raider”, I don’t know how many times this last year I was yelling at the TV screen to “Run the Ball!” It might boring but it will work. We have one of the best 1, 2, 3 RB combo’s in the league

  35. This has me all kinds of worried. Knapp was part of the reason McFadden was slow to develop initially. Knapp and Kiffin/Cable were running that zone blocking scheme that had Robert Gallery flummoxed and McFadden couldn’t read the lanes for crap. Once Hue Jackson figured McFadden needs power blocking in front of him so DMC can dodge LBs and Ss, we saw what #20 could do. So now that Hue and Saunders are gone, say good bye to trick plays, fakes, end-around and all the other fun stuff that actually worked well for OAK in 2011. We still have the personnel to be a big play explosive offensive attack. We will not see enough of that with Knapp calling plays.

  36. @ mrgroovesd

    …Here’s to another year of the whole AFC West stinking up the NFL….
    You might want to check your stats before posting. The AFC West (as a division) had a higher winning percentage than the NFC East and AFC South. And were in the same percentile as the NFC West. Bad…yes….but far from the worst. Just sayin’

  37. He did a good job in Houston, Palmer, DMC, Bush >>>>> Russell, Fargas, Jordan, maybe just maybe we can have a dominant ground attack , Idon’t like the hire but we have to view the positives, obviously the key will be the defense.

  38. I disagree with the user who said that McFadden is not a north and south runner. When he hits the hole he doesn’t move laterally. He picks his spot and explodes through it. As far as not being able to find his lanes in a zone-blocking scheme wasn’t his problem. He had turf toe and couldn’t make the necessary cuts to be effective. I honestly believe his career will last longer in this scheme versus the power running game. Only time will tell.

  39. As a Falcons fan who’s seem him up close and for too long, all I will say is, “Good luck with that.”

  40. the nature of the hire is because

    knapp just came from houston, where they had success with 2 different QBs; a rookie, andre johnson injury, and a good offense,

    he also knows the organization from ’07

    coaches get better with time like wine,

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