Ryan Kerrigan talks Redskins


Redskins linebacker Ryan Kerrigan took a break from his classes at Purdue (yes, he’s still working toward a degree) to join Russ Thaler and me on Thursday’s NBC Sportstalk, live from Indy.

Ryan actually visited with us for three segments of the show.  The first focused on the team that swept the NFC champion Giants in 2011: the Redskins.

Given that Kerrigan plays for the Redskins it made some sense that he’d be the one to comment on the situation.

We’ve got a great slate of guests coming up on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.  The show airs live from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. ET on the NBC Sports Network.

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8 responses to “Ryan Kerrigan talks Redskins

  1. You should change the title of this article to “Ryan Kerrigan offers no comment about the Redskins”

    No one said anything in your video.

  2. Yeah right, it’s the worst kept secret that everyone in the Redskin locker room wanted Grossman out there.

    Which about sums up how bad their QB situation is.

  3. You will not see Rex Grossman or John Beck under center in 2012.

    You will, however, enjoy watching Ryan Kerrigan working in the opposition’s backfield!

  4. going into year 3 of Mike Shanahan’s 5 year contract and he still doesn’t have “the guy” at QB. After screwing up the QB situation 3 times, Mike Shanahan has one opportunity to get it right this time,either by draft or free agency or else shanny is gone even before year 3 of his contract is up. My advise to Mike Shanahan, rely on your scouting team and not your son to pick a quality QB because by Kyle picking Rex Grossman to lead his offense tells me Kyle doesn’t havea clue!

  5. Good job, Kerrigan….Saying nothing is exactly what you should do when discussing the offense. This kid is going to be a fantastic player for years to come. As far as the QB, if they get someone to play QB, and Right Tackle, and get the guys healthy who they lost last year, they will be very competitive next season. Add a few more pieces, like a safety to replace Landry and another o-lineman, this team is going to be very very good. The big question, of course, remains-QB……

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