Todd Haley could be offensive coordinator candidate in Pittsburgh

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With Jim Caldwell landing in Baltimore, we know he won’t be the next Steelers offensive coordinator.

One man who could wind up landing that job is former Chiefs head coach Todd Haley. Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports that Mike Tomlin has been reaching out around the league to gather information about Haley, who has been linked to jobs with the Cardinals and Jets this offseason without landing in either place. The Steelers parted ways with Bruce Arians, now running the Colts offense, earlier this month.

Arians’ departure reportedly rankled quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, who said that he wanted to meet with team president Art Rooney II to discuss where the offense was heading and, possibly, lobby for quarterback coach Randy Fichtner’s promotion. Part of the thought process behind Fichtner is that he would maintain the passing offense that the Steelers have been using for the last several years.

Based on his experience running the Cardinals offense, Haley has no problem putting the ball in the air. His Chiefs teams were more run-focused, but the personnel demanded they move in that direction. The personnel in Pittsburgh and the general trends in the NFL would seem to make throwing the ball a priority, something that Haley could do while keeping Fichtner on the staff in the same role.

Another plus for the tradition conscious Steelers is the fact that Haley’s father Dick was the team’s player personnel director from 1971-1990. He’s credited with playing a major role in assembling the rosters that won the first four Super Bowls in Steelers history.

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  1. Noooooooooo! Please don’t do this. I still remember Anquan Boldin cursing him out in Arizona ….. then he proceded to pout like a lil kid on the sidelines. Please be patient, there’s no rush.

  2. I heard Mendenhall won’t be ready until December. That’ a lost season and how good will he be after this?

  3. “Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports that Mike Tomlin has been reaching out around the league to gather information about Haley.”

    Have Scott Pioli send over the recorded tapes.

  4. I thought I read somewhere that Caldwell was interviewed for QB coach – not OC (with the idea of him replacing Fichtner, with Fichtner going to OC).

  5. Who cares about Mendenhall??? He dances around too much and doesn’t hit holes at full speed. Redman is better and falls forward. Mendenhall is done. Only Arians liked his 2 yard carries. I’d rather go with Redman, Dwyer, and Clay.

    Mendenhall was a dumb pick. Drafting RBs in the first round is a waste. Teams don’t win with high-priced RBs. Look at NE, GB, etc and compare them with teams who pay a lot for their RBs: Minn, Tenn, Jax. Not a perfect science but it is a passing league, and while a good RB is needed they are a dime a dozen. Case in point, the Steelers beat Arizona in the SB with Mendenhall on IR.

  6. @cbass59

    Completely agree. Unless the guy has Adrian Peterson talent ( 220 lb with 4.3 forty) he should not be a 1st rounder, hell probably not even a 2nd rounder. Watch a team take Trent Richardson in the 1st round. And all they’ll get is Beanie Wells, Mark Ingram, Lagarrette Blount, Rashard Mendenhall 2.0

  7. Oh lord.. ok first abiout Mendenhall… Not a huge fan but he is a Steeler so I like him but he is cheap since was a late round first pick and at the time we needed a RB .. I dont see the Steelers worryng about him too much at this point because we do have Redman, Dwyer, Batch and Clay as well. Not sure what the Steelers will do… that being said…

    Please NOOOO to Haley…3 reasons

    1. He runs too much, I like an even balance but I think he is too conservative.. maybe was QB he had?? Not sure but I dont care for his offense.

    2. I dont like his attitude ( from what I have read and seen, I dont think I care for the guy )

    3. Lets say the Steelers have success ( they will be in the upper tier of teams for awhile) … He is going to be looking for a head coaching gig again so I dont see why bothering with him just to have for a year or maybe two. It doesnt make sense other than he like the smashmouth football.

    I say NO as a fan.. but Tomlin and Rooney are both smarter than I am so I am sure they will pick who best fits what they want..

  8. I think Haley is what the offense needs in Pittsburgh . Arians and Ben were to buddy buddy . We need someone to will rattle Ben some . Haley will challange Ben more than Arians and hold Ben accountable .

  9. Would love this hire. His dad has a serious Steelers pedigree, and although Todd’s a little eccentric, he’s a heckuvan OC. steeltownpride is absolutely right about Ben. He’s never pushed himself, and he wants Fichtner because Randy keeps him in his comfort zone. Haley is exactly what this offense needs.

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