Brandon Jacobs thinks he’ll be back with the Giants


Giants running back Brandon Jacobs has talked for months like a man who understood he was likely wrapping up his time in New York.

Four days before the Super Bowl, Jacobs feels a little differently. He was asked Wednesday if the Super Bowl will be his last game with the team.

“I honestly don’t think that’s the case. I think something’s going to get worked out,” Jacobs said via the New York Daily News.

We doubt it. Jacobs is due a $500,000 roster bonus in March and a huge salary. Jacobs knows he has to take a pay cut to stay, but we suspect the Giants are ready to move on.

Jacobs has been inconsistent at best this season. He doesn’t run with the same consistent aggression that he did early in his career. He’s too willing to bounce runs outside, and it rarely works out well.

It’s a topic that we conveniently talked about Tuesday on NBC SportsTalk.

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21 responses to “Brandon Jacobs thinks he’ll be back with the Giants

  1. I would actually keep him as a third option/third down/short yardage back..he peaked in 2007…Giants probably need to take a running back in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  2. As Ahnold once said, “He’ll be baaaack”. Their no. 1 RB Bradshaw is not making much and Jacobs will not solicit a big offer from another team. He loves playing in NY with his BFF and something will get done. Figure 2 years and 6.275 M should do it.

  3. There are cheaper and better options out there. He tries to be an outside edge back instead of a power up the middle guy and that doesnt work out well due to the fact that he is slow. If I needed 2 yards up the middle I’d go with Bradshaw. Hes faster and somehow harder to take down. I’d say thats desire. This dude doesnt play well in the team setting. He is a candidate for the “All-Time ME squad”. Its a shame.

  4. Jacobs is worth a roster spot, if anything, for the intangibles he brings to the Giants. Like in Austin Powers, he’s the bad-a@@ mojo in the Giants’ syringe. Dawkins was the same thing to the Eagles. His skills were diminished but he elevated everyone else’s play around him. That’s an important ingredient to have on a championship team and THE reason why he will return next year. You Dr. Evil haters hoping the Giants release (no pun intended) him so that you can steal the mojo can forget it. The big man is all ours!

  5. “I was just talking to someone and they said, ‘The Giants haven’t been able to get a third-and-1 in a long time.’ So this will stop finally because I will *not* be denied one yard.” – Brandon Jacobs, April 23, 2005

    If you’d been able to back up that boast more than 50% of the time, I’d think you’d be more likely to stay.

  6. I don’t care what stats anyone gives me regarding Jacobs’ 4th and short success rate. For all I care, I’d gladly accept him to fail on every single one if it meant that he’d convert a single one in a SB to extend a game winning drive. Oh wait, that’s exactly what he did in 07′.

    Yeah…he could keep on failing and he’ll still have an eternal place in this Giants’ fan heart for that MONSTROUS conversion.

  7. Come back up Blount on my Sh$t team, i am sure the cheap Glaziers would sign you to a 5 year $3200 contract.

  8. He’s so done being a Giant. Say goodbye Brandon, don’t let the door hit you in the rear on your way out! Good riddance.

  9. I have seen too many runs with Jacobs running laterally and a small DB easily bring him down… usually the first guy to touch him brings him down. I’m not going to say its heart, as running back is a punishing position- but the lateral running for a big guy with poor speed makes me think he is not aware of his own decline.

  10. The Giants should go get Michael Bush this off-season if they can.

    That would be a great move for them, if they intend to replace Jacobs. Bush is a very good pass catcher out of the backfield and gets the tough yards.

    Just don’t expect him to break a 60 yard run for a touchdown. But he’s as solid as it gets as a #2.

    If he were a #1, than he’d have to drop like 15-25lbs. He was obviously getting gassed as the full time carrier after Mcfadden went down.

  11. I think the Giants can improve over Jacobs easily and cheaply, he’s more drama than production at this point.

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