Carl Nicks wants to remain with Saints

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Saints guard Carl Nicks projects as one of the most desirable free agents to hit the market this offseason.

If he has his way, though, he won’t be leaving New Orleans. Nicks was at a ceremony honoring the Saints’ offensive line with the Prilosec OTC Madden Protectors Award on Wednesday and told Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune that he would like to re-sign with the Saints this offseason. Nicks also said that the team has told him that they are interested in keeping him.

Nicks is just one of many decisions the Saints are going to have to make on their own free agents this year. Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Tracy Porter and a handful of other players are set to become free agents which means the Saints will need to prioritize and act quickly to keep other suitors from sweeping in and signing a player they want to keep away. Figuring out Brees’ contract will be key as signing him long-term would allow them to use the franchise tag to keep Nicks if they so desire.

If Nicks does hit the open market, you can expect many bidders for his services. The Cowboys spring immediately to mind as a team that could use the two-time All-Pro in the interior of their line.

24 responses to “Carl Nicks wants to remain with Saints

  1. What the hell is going on with these players wanting to stay with their own teams?
    I thought every player wanted to play for Wrecks Ryan and the Newark Jets

  2. He’d have to work for peanuts. They just gave Evans a $55M contract. If they spend all their money on the OL, other deficiencies will occur.

    Brees, Colston, Nicks, Porter….pick two, that’s all you’re going to be able to get back. I’m pretty sure the first two on the list will be the targets.

  3. Pardon me, but how many guys haven’t come out and said they’d like to stay with the team their currently with…

    What he is really saying is if you want me here you got to pay up!!! He gave the politically correct response…

  4. Btw since someone mentioned the name earlier if I had my choice be Carl Nicks and Stevie Nicks…Um Stevie all day baby she’s one hot babe!!! oh and that voice…

  5. LOL, what exactly would you expect that he would say? Stating a desire to remain with the Saints serves to drive up his price for other teams, whereas, saying he wants to leave would tend to drive down the price.

  6. As a Saints fan, it is pretty funny how envious Jerry Jones is of our organization, players, and coaches.

    Seems like he is always after one of them. Too bad he isnt smart enough to draft them himself.

  7. Too bad Nicks can’t play defense. I can’t believe any true Saints fan would even utter a single word about the Saints ofense. The Saints problems are NOT on ofense. The Saints have a dire need to upgrade their defense above the high school level. They have been horrible the last two years. The D Line can’t pressure the Qb, the outside LBs can’t do anything required of a pro level LB, and Roman Harper is the biggest liability in coverage in the entire NFL. If Spags cut every single one of the Saints defensive players only about 3 would be starting for other NFL teams. The rest would end up at home or playing in the arena league or be ringers for a good high school defense. I’m a hill-billy from Slidell and even i can see that. Until the Saints upgrade their unsatisfactory defense they will continue to get bounced in the post season and watch the SB from home. Please help us SpagNOLA! Geaux Saints!

  8. nowillrepeat says: Feb 1, 2012 3:49 PM

    You dont buy a mansion (Brees) without home owners insurance (Nicks).

    Loomis will get it done.


    Or he’ll get it done with a less expensive alternative.
    Draft, free agency?
    Look, in a salary cap league, it’s simply prohibitive to spend way too much money on one position (QB the exception but there’s only one of them) and spending huge bucks on two guards is simply ridiculous.
    Just to make the economics work, Nicks would HAVE to sign for significantly less than what Evans signed for. Good luck with that.
    Signing him would also significantly further the possibility there will be little money left for Colston, Meachum, Porter, etc…

  9. There is such a premium on having a good QB that they are now commanding saleries that are inhibiting the team from putting quality people around them. It is what happened in Indianapolis but Manning was good enough to hide that. I don’t think Brees will be.
    Dallas does make some sense, Vikings also sure could use the upgrade.

  10. Hey tigerhebert… how would you feel about cutting a Gosder to fit a Nicks?

    If we can snatch up a young tackle in the first 2 rounds (with the new rookie wage scale), that may just balance out a bit to fit under the cap.

    Just thinking what can be done to get this guy in Honolulu Blue!

  11. tigerhebert says: Feb 1, 2012 3:26 PM

    Too bad the Lions will have no cap room this year, as he would be a gigantic upgrade over Stephen Peterman.

    That would be a sweet upgrade, too bad Stafford/CJ/Suh were not drafted b4 the rookie cap came in, hopefully they keep that team together because they are pretty damn good.

  12. I don’t know why people think the Saints are so cheap like we can’t afford to keep Nicks. We have plenty cap room

    If I had to choose, I’d definitely take Nicks over both Colston and Porter. We have Patrick Robinson and Johnny Patrick so it wouldn’t be any love lost if Porter walked. P-Rob played well this past season and finally look like he’s coming into his own as a former 1st round pick. Porter hasn’t done anything since he picked off Manning in the SB. It all depends on what he’s asking for. If he’s looking for big time top corner money, he can gtf.

    I’m kinda torn on Colston because he’s been clutch with making big tough catches over the middle around mutliple defenders and a big red zone threat. But I realize we still have Jimmy Graham, Lance Moore, and Drew Brees makes most of ours WR’s look great so we could easily draft Colston’s replacement. Only problem is that we don’t have a 1st round pick this year since we wasted it on trading up for Ingram and won’t be picking until the late part of the 2nd round. I trust our FO

  13. They’ll sign Brees and franchise Nicks if needed. Colston might be tricky but Loomis has been a great gm so don’t count him out. I love Porter for what he did in the SB but he doesn’t cover or tackle well. Cut W. Smith and some of the other dead wood on that D line for some cap flexibility, let Spags sign one or two FA that he needs, draft as well in the late rounds defensively as they have done offensively (eg Colston, J Evans, Nicks, Graham) and let Spags coach ’em up. That’s his job. This is a now team and we can’t tear it down for two years and then build it up. Just be middle of the pack on D and hope for some turnovers. I thank GW for helping to win a SB but I was never comfortable with his feast or famine D. Hopefully we’ll be a bit more conventional with Spags.

  14. Signing him would also significantly further the possibility there will be little money left for Colston, Meachum, Porter, etc…
    Colston, Meachum, and Porter are all replacable.

    Nicks is not.

    Dont be stupid.

  15. daysend564 –
    (soft whisper) daysend564, daysend564, wake up up buddy, c’mon time to wake up & go to school buddy…

  16. Would be nice to see Trent Baalke take a shot at adding Nicks to the Niners OL. Snyder did well this year but he’s a FA as well. If he resigns with Niners then it’s a win-win as he can play all positions on the OL and would be great depth next year.

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