Channing Crowder plans comeback, but not with Dolphins

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Despite receiving interest from multiple teams, former Dolphins linebacker Channing Crowder sat out the 2011 season to let his body heal up.

Appearing on Super Bowl’s Radio Row on Wednesday, the 28-year-old Crowder announced that he will make a comeback attempt. But it definitely won’t be with his former team.

I wouldn’t go on a team with [Dolphins G.M.] Jeff Ireland,” said Crowder in an interview with’s Dan Hanzus. “I’m not very confident in him. He doesn’t know what he’s doing in my opinion. He’s real disrespectful. He doesn’t know how to deal with people.”

The more he spoke, the more Crowder seemed to get into blasting Ireland.

“He’s not a good person,” Crowder said. “He has no class and I wouldn’t choose to go back and play there. And I would have to say it’s the only team I don’t want to play for.”

58 responses to “Channing Crowder plans comeback, but not with Dolphins

  1. Sign with the Pats Channing, then you and Matt Light can push each other, and grab each other’s face mask, and pull each others hair every day in practice…

  2. As a Jets’ fan, I hope he DOESN’T come to us. Granted we pick up just about anybody, but please not him.

    That being said, I kinda agree with his Ireland comments.

  3. Who cares, you didn’t do anything when you were with the Dolphins. I wonder what Mr Ireland has to say about you. Not much I don’t expect. I think it’s ridiculous disrespecting him on here.

  4. Crowder is just bitter that Ireland cut him. He is not a very good player and he is just trying to put the blame elsewhere. Grow up Channing.

  5. Funny that this guy would talk about ANYONE being disrespectful…

    If Crowder could play half as well as shoots his mouth off he’d be one Hell of a player. You weren’t missed this year Clam and you won’t be missed down the road.


  6. This guy is a fraud…..I just read a Yahoo article from August where Crowder stated that he was retiring because he only wanted to play for the Miami Dolphins.
    What is the problem Channing? Was Mr. Ireland not nice to you when he told you how much you stink at football at that he was cutting you for a faster and more talented Kevin Burnett?

  7. He was always one of our defensive weak links, could tackle for crap, and yet another of Saban’s brainfart legacies. We upgraded with Burnett and never looked back. Crowder is just upset that he was pink slipped by Ireland instead of his poor play qualifying him for continued civil service job security. Sour grapes by a substandard player and big mouthed distraction. Nothing to see here folks, move along.

  8. I’m sure the eagles will be calling since they have zero LB currently. Pick him up draft upshaw…..oh and get a safety bc u got zero at safety as well.

  9. Crowder has always been a semi-obnoxious big mouth. However, that does not mean that what he’s saying about Ireland is not true. Frankly, I think he’s probably more right than wrong on this point and should anybody like to question it…. just look at Ireland’s track record.

  10. Trust me, we don’t want him back either…

    The question is, what GM would, after reading that or listening to you throw multiple people under the bus on your radio show. Channing Crowder belongs on radio. Funny, harmless and irrelevant.

    As a linebacker, unfortunately the same…

  11. Starting to sound as if Ireland might be like a Cerato from DC. That guy was a disaster, but for some reason (after ruining the 49ers and no track record of success) had the ear of the owner Snyder to a point where it was almost weird. Not that there is anything wrong with that…

  12. Michael Irvin was a great player, but is awful as a radio host..Crowder is/was a so-so player, but is a very good radio host when he fills in on local shows in the Miami market..Stick to radio Crowder.

  13. Darius says:
    Feb 1, 2012 7:27 PM
    Not trying to defend Crowder here, but Jeff Ireland was the guy that asked Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute during team interviews leading up to the draft. So, uh, it’s not like someone calling him “disrestpectful” should come out of left field.

    Uh, how about: Dez” My daddy was a pimp and my mommy (widely acknowledged as an incarerated felon and crack addict) worked for my father.”

    Do you really think Ireland’s next question should have been: “was she the corporate controller?”

    FWIW, between the repeated baggy pants shopping center sanctions, unpaid bills for bling and various other infractions, Bryant has confirmed he’s the byproduct of a pimp and ho; it’s no coincidence a top 5 talent slid into the 20s.

  14. “I wonder what Mr Ireland has to say about you. Not much I don’t expect. I think it’s ridiculous disrespecting him on here.”

    Super funny…fin fans defending “Mr. Ireland”. He’s done a heck of a job for you boys!

  15. I love how dolphins fans think this guy “sucks” lol. Crowder is a good player and a fine weak inside line backer in a 3-4 . I see him with the pats or jets or maybe even the cowboys if they are not ready to trust their young guys.

    As far as what he says about The fins, how can you not agree? The team has had how many coaches ? How many gm’s ? How many qb’s this decade ? The fins are truly a mess right now and untill they can maintain some stability who would want to go there. Not only that but they hired a guy who coaches a spread offense when they are atleast 2 years from having the talent to run it( unless they went crazy in free agency )

  16. He’s terrible on the radio, he needs to quit that.
    I don’t know how he got a job on 560wqam, they are obviously desperate. Hope he plays better than he did for the Dolphins, he stank!! Terrible replacement for Zach Thomas.

  17. Crowder wasnt a good fit for fins. Woulda fit better with colts or a 4-3. Could not make impact plays inside and was scorched by saints and colts in games dominated by fins. Just saying…

  18. Not a Crowder fan, but I agree whole-heartedly with his take on that weasel Ireland. Ireland is a total douche bag on every level.

  19. I think he has a shot with the Bucs, Eagles, Jags, Raiders (who have picked up players like Aaron Curry, Quentin Groves, J. Henderson, Jarvis Moss, Kamerion Wimbley – who turned out decent). He will get a chance, fairly young. I agree with the opinion about Ireland – not a good one.

  20. I use to take these players comments to heart when talking about general managers. Not anymore. Of course he is not in favor of Ireland because he did not give you a long term lucrative deal. He made a very wise decison by not investing in you long term. I can’t say I blame the man. I have to side with Ireland on this one.

  21. He feels empowered because when the Fins went 0-7 to start the season some wackadoos told him it was because the defense missed his leadership! What a joke, this guy was an awful tackler and always provided major bulletin board material for other teams without the ability to back it up! Beat it Crowder! Please go to the Jets, Buffalo or New England!

  22. If Crowder wouldnt open his mouth, he wouldnt be as criticized as he is..everyone knows he was on a bad defensive team. I think they guy has shown flashes of talent, but like a lot of players, he needs the right coach to bring it out of him..but I dont know where he would fit though..

    Check your ego at the door, and get ready to go to school…and love to play football again. The one thing you dont do is bash your former team. I dont care what went on behind the cameras and lights, be the consummate professional. Then, others would criticize your teams and owners FOR YOU without you uttering one word against them! When will they learn???

  23. To the Dolphins fans,
    I reserve the right to make sense and still piss you off.

    To everyone else,

  24. And…I would add… this is the first time in two years I’ve LIKED Ireland. Anyone that makes Crowder pop off is doing something right.

  25. What relevancy is that link you referenced ?? That’s from before the 2011 season started. He obviously wasn’t in much demand, now, was he…very misleading statement to make in your article, Evan.

    As to Crowder, he’s a very good 2-down LBer. That’s it. He’s a detriment in most D’s with this pass-happy league we’re in now. That’s why he’s no longer with the Fins, he just didn’t fit in. Now, if this were 1985, he’d be the toast of FA…but it isn’t…

    He dislikes Ireland…big deal…the Fins have moved on, you should too. Too bad you weren’t as good as your father was…

  26. This coming from the guy who, when the Dolphins played the Redskins in London a few years back, said… “The only thing I know about London is London Fletcher.”

    I have also personally seen him fall through a table bringing two girls down with him at a club in Gainesville.

    He broke the cardinal rule of dont bash your former employer. See who picks this loser up now.

  27. I didn’t even know this guy was in the NFL before until now. Looking at his career stats one could argue he retired years ago.

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