Gilbride calls Manning’s left-handed passes “foolish” and “stupid”


On a few occasions, when under pressure and getting pulled down from his right side, Eli Manning has shifted the ball to his left hand and delivered a southpaw pass. Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride wants him to knock it off.

Gilbride said today that while Manning has improved in recent years by minimizing his mistakes, he does occasionally try a left-handed pass, and that drives Gilbride nuts.

“He still does it,” Gilbride said. “I go crazy. It is foolish, it is stupid. You are asking for disaster. Don’t do that. Sometimes the instincts are just so strong that they take over.”

Manning has been able to get away with his lefty passes at times, but he’s also thrown costly left-handed interceptions. Gilbride is right: There are certain times when a quarterback has to take a sack, and throwing a left-handed interception instead is foolish and stupid.

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  1. Shut it Killdrive. We’d rather see Eli screw up throwing a left handed pass under extreme duress than see you screw up calling back-to-back shotgun draws.

  2. WoW! That statement should really cause a distraction. It will be in headlines in every newspaper in the country…or just this blog trying to create it own story. Stop. Get back to copying and linking stories.

  3. Eli must have a 4 leaf clover shove up his arse. Luckiest guy I have ever seen. On his game winning SB drive 4 years ago he throws a hail mary, has a sure int dropped. Had 2 int’s dropped vs San Fran, and the guy probably leads the NFL in passes thrown to defenders, that are dropped.

  4. He’s elite though, particularly if you define elite as being able to chuck up a pass towards someone in the same jersey while in a blind panic, only to see that person somehow make a ridiculous circus catch as if you’d planned it all along.

  5. Gilbride is an expert on foolish and stupid as most fans think that the team made the Super Bowl dispite Gilbrides play calling.

    I have seen better play calling at Pee Wee games

    Gilbride is the only reason it took the Giants 4 years to get back to the Super Bowl

  6. Well it looks like stupid and foolish got all of you to the superbowl. His dad would do the same thing when he played don’t remember if I ever saw Payton do that. You are going to make mistakes and sometimes it is a quick reflex that makes people do things like that. There is about 27 teams out there that would like to have him.

  7. You wouldn’t expect this from someone who is a self proclaimed elite quarterback. About average and very lucky to have Cruz and Nicks both of whom go through contortions to chance about 20% of Manning’s passes.

  8. So I take it that Gilbride would have REALLY hated Washington Redskins Hall of Fame QB Sonny Jurgensen’s occasional behind-the-back passes when he was under pressure if Gilbride had been Jurgy’s coach.

  9. tbpdog says: Eli must have a 4 leaf clover shove up his arse. Luckiest guy I have ever seen. On his game winning SB drive 4 years ago he throws a hail mary, has a sure int dropped. Had 2 int’s dropped vs San Fran, and the guy probably leads the NFL in passes thrown to defenders, that are dropped.

    I say: SPOT ON analysis. Throw in one superbowl at 9-7. And one after a 20+int season. And most of his early career falling back, making that classic frightened Eli face, throwing 5-10 hailmary passes a game to plaxico buress.

    He is playing well this year though, on the plays where he isn’t not playing well and no one seems to want to make a play to hold him accountable.

    Yes, it’s sour grapes. But these sour grapes are of the true-statement variety.

  10. “Had 2 int’s dropped vs San Fran, and the guy probably leads the NFL in passes thrown to defenders, that are dropped.”

    No. Rex Grossman has cornered the market on those.

  11. Hey Kevin, Eli is also the only reason someone as mediocre as yourself has been getting any attention for a head coaching position.

    And on that note, thank you Eli for keeping your team in the playoffs, otherwise my Bucs would have interviewed and possibly hired this guy who owes all of his success to you and the rest of his offense that is stacked enough to overcome his bland playcalling.

  12. Rewatched the last super bowl between these two last night on NFL Network.
    I have to agree, the pats never had one chance to win that game on the last drive, they had about 6.
    It looked like the only bad play they made was on the actual TD.

    But will counts. Trust in your receivers counts.
    Being able to take off the game manager hat counts, ask the 49rs, the lack of the last point is the only reason they are not in the super bowl.
    I think the Giants are pretty happy with their QB, I think the Pats are now pretty familiar with him.
    This could be an even better game then the last one.

  13. C’mon, Eli — you know you can make that southpaw completion. Go for it . . . especially if Gold Glove Wilfork is anywhere in the vicinity. There’s no way that dude could pick you off . . .

  14. One of those left-handed passes was intercepted in the end zone and returned for a TD. How painful is that? That’s why Gilbride is not happy.

  15. @eaglesnoles05

    dude- you have got to be the most bitter little man i have ever seen on this site.
    it’s actually comical that you are not big enough of a person to ‘give credit where credit is due’.
    eli has indeed made mistakes in his career but which qb hasn’t. eli is elite. he has turned ballard, nicks, manninham, and cruz into household names.

    i sincerely hope you are enjoying reading all the articles on pft recently about WINNING owners, gm’s, coaches, and players.
    have fun watching the nfc east, and nfc conference champions play in the sb.
    you’ll probably be watching it from a green beanbag in your parents basement.

  16. Yeah well if he’d taken the sack in the last Super Bowl then the Patriots would be going for their 5th Championship instead of their 4th!

  17. Gil needs to realize there is a time and place for these comments just like there is a time and place for the left handed pass…Eli is in the zone, don’t mess with that.

  18. Dear Eli, I throw interceptions with my left hand to,
    Signed, ( left handedly at home while you prepare for your second Super Bowl in 4 years). Mike Vick

  19. Nice move calling out your QB for all the public to see. Ooops, I forgot, Gilbride is just being informative and adhering to the age old principle that the “public has a need to know.” Yeah, right! But Hey, he and his cohorts did out last my Niners (barely). Oh, well.

  20. That said, Eli couldn’t care less what Gilbride says. He does his own thing 75% of the time. He audibles out of at least two plays that Gilbride calls on every series of downs.

  21. For those of you who think Eli is throwing passes downfield lefthanded, he is not. He throws at most 4 yard pitches to a blocking running back when a defender has their arms around him and his right arm is immobilized. I would rather take an incomplete pass then a sack. It is very uncommon, but has worked. Hey, what does uncommon even mean in the nfl anymore?(tebow)

  22. Say what you want about Eli and how lucky he is, but luck only gets you the conference championship game.(mark sanchez) Not two super bowls and an mvp.

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