Greg Manusky interviews for Raiders defensive coordinator


The Raiders locked up Greg Knapp as their offensive coordinator and now they’re moving on to the other side of the ball.

Alex Marvez of reports that the team interviewed Greg Manusky for the defensive coordinator position. Chuck Bresnahan, the coordinator for the 2011 season, hasn’t been officially discharged, but every indication is that he will not be retained for next season. Manusky was the defensive coordinator for the 49ers from 2007-2010 and led the Chargers defense before being dismissed at the end of the season.

49ers secondary coach Ed Donatell, who worked with new head coach Dennis Allen in Atlanta, has also been mentioned as a candidate for the job. Donatell was once defensive coordinator with the Packers.

The Raiders also wanted to speak with Broncos linebackers coach Richard Smith, whose candidacy seemed strong thanks to working under Allen with Denver last season. The Broncos denied their divisional rivals permission to speak to Smith, though, which means they will need to keep looking a little bit longer.

30 responses to “Greg Manusky interviews for Raiders defensive coordinator

  1. The coordinator of the Chargers’ mediocre 2011 defense, and the coordinator of the Raiders crappy 2007-2009 offense.

    Just win, baby.

  2. Allen was highly respected in the NFL for his abilities by coaches and players. Knapp did well with no QB’s when he was w the Raiders previously and he did great with the Texans last year. Manusky’s defense in SD was so riddled with injuries last year, the fact they were mediocre speaks volumes. Just the facts mam.

  3. You guys can have him! He made a Charger defense that was #1 in the league the year before he came aboard to a defense that was 17th in the league in 2011. Total drop off and lack luster. Cheers!

  4. Oh great, the guy who couldn’t do anything with the Niners defense. And we see how good that defense was when someone else took his job.

    I’m starting to get discouraged…

  5. I can’t hold last year’s Chargers defense against Manusky. Even Bill Bilichick couldn’t have molded that group of subpar talent into an actual NFL defense.

  6. Who knows anymore… there is a reason this guy isn’t considered a great defensive mind, bring in a young guy with great potential from someother team with a great defense. I just don’t want to see that 3-4 defense BS in Oakland.

  7. Ed Donatell sounds right .. aggressive Secondary ball hawks is what we need ..
    N he has had success wit Dennis Allen as assistants .. I’m sure he is hungry for his opportunity .. Interview the man

  8. mrgroovesd says:
    Feb 1, 2012 11:16 AM
    You guys can have him! He made a Charger defense that was #1 in the league the year before he came aboard to a defense that was 17th in the league in 2011. Total drop off and lack luster. Cheers!

    yep , Rivers 20 picks this year had no impact on the defense, nor his 7 fumbles, nor his 80 qb rating….it was all the defense coord. fault….Manusky is a solid guy

  9. Damn just when i thought the Raiders were looking up. They are about to hit their poor fans with a double whammy! Manusky is awful and stop giving Gnapp credit for Houston. He was nothing but the QB coach. He was also terrible in Oakland

  10. All you so called Raider fans that have jumped off the wagon, don’t even bother to hop back on in the future.

    We don’t need you.

  11. A vanilla defensive coordinator to go along with a vanilla offensive coordinator.

    Really, that might be what the Raiders need. There’s a ton of talent on that team. Maybe getting back to basics will calm guys down and let them settle into being a solid team instead of a solid collection of individual talents.

  12. All of you that are chit talking about these moves. Shut up, stop b1tching! Let the moves play out. Who knows what they have in store for this season. I’m not a fan of the moves either but wait to see. Knapp is a run first Oc where is our strength? RB right? Manusky although maybe not the best Dc is a great Lb coach and and where is our weakness on D? Lb right? Remember allen is a pretty damn good Dc who is going to help out on that side of the ball. So wait to see the how they all pan out. Plus Manusky is only getting interviews not hired yet.

  13. Donatell, please. I’m more impressed with what he did with Goldson Whitner and Rogers than what Manusky did with Cason, Weddle and whomever else they have in SD. But overall, I wanted to see up-and-coming future stars at the coordinator positions. I guess with Allen as the fresh new HC starlet he wants experience around him more than anything. If we have to sacrifice excitement for discipline then let’s do it.

  14. Some of these comments makes me grateful that fans have absolutely no say in a team’s decisions.

  15. Allen has to get an OC and DC with experience.
    He will run the D just don’t understand not keeping
    Al Saunders. Why change that if it doesn’t work this year hire
    Knapp in 2013 its not like he’s a hot name.

  16. HAHAHAHA.. good luck with that raider fans! Here’s the game plan for D with this guy.

    “prevent, prevent prevent… We will just sit back and let ANY QB shred the heck out of our secondary.”

  17. Say it ain’t so?????? Noooooooo…….The Raiders are going from bad DC to bad DC. Look how bad the Bolts defense was? It was as bad as the Raiders. Keep looking Dennis, gotta be someone out there that can coach……….Hope Knapp has someone he can work with on the offense. Wish they’d have left it alone, they were clicking. GO RAIDERS!!!!

  18. “arbiterflick says:
    Feb 1, 2012 11:12 AM
    As a Chargers fan I really hope this happens. He was terrible all year in San Diego.”

    Well, make up your mind, was it your GM’s fault? Norv’s fault? Manusky’s fault? I’m pretty sure Manusky is happy to be out of there. That front office is among the worst in the league and looks to stay that way for many many years to come.

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