Irsay: “No one knows” what’s going to happen with Manning

Colts owner Jim Irsay appeared Wednesday on NFL Network with Rich Eisen to discuss how Super Bowl week is going in Indianapolis.

Yeah, another topic came up too.

“A lot of people think Peyton [Manning] and I know what’s going to happen,” Irsay said. “No one knows exactly what’s going to happen.”

Irsay stressed that he’d like to wait until the “last possible minute” to make a final decision on Manning’s future. He said that he would continue to talk to Manning into early March and possibly beyond.  (That contradicts a report Manning could be released by the Scouting Combine.)

Eisen did a nice job with the interview, like Trey Wingo did with Peyton Manning on Tuesday. Ultimately, it was hard for Irsay to change the perception that Manning is very likely almost done with the Colts.

“There’s never been a quarterback that’s had this type of injury,” Irsay said. “The reference points just aren’t there. It’s so rare.”

Irsay talked about the “real cap problems” for the Colts and the danger of making decisions based on “affection.” He talked repeatedly about waiting as long as possible to make a final decision on Manning.

Essentially, Irsay wants to wait to see if Manning’s neck will make a sudden recovery. If that doesn’t happen by early March, then everyone will know what’s going to happen to Manning.

19 responses to “Irsay: “No one knows” what’s going to happen with Manning

  1. not a colts fan but fail to understand all the hate to Irsay for wanting to make changes to a 2-14 team. he does nothing and manning doesn’t come back and you would crucify him for not doing anything. if they keep him and he can’t play then he is a idiot for paying him again for not playing. whether it works out or not he has to do something so why not start over while he has a chance to get a qb who could be manning II?

  2. ok..few things…

    1. irsay is one weird dude

    2. we all get it already…manning on the colts is done. i just hope he doesn’t retire. it’d be a shame to go out on this note

    3. stop theorizing SO DAMN MUCH. the media hype machine is awful. THIS is the new “is favre coming back” rumor…

  3. “If that doesn’t happen by early March, then everyone will know what’s going to happen to Manning.”

    Yeah, someone like Dan Snyder will take a chance on him and cough up a huge amount of money for the privilege of doing so.

    After which, even if he actually returns to playing, Manning will be lucky to last half a season before the neck gets re-injured and he’s done for good.

  4. Omigosh … you guys have an evil sense of humor. I’m so glad Dan Rooney and Art II are not likely to ever let themselves be photographed using their ties as hippy headbands!! 😆

    Seriously, though … you have to feel some empathy for Irsay. Polian obligated him to pay Manning $28 million without knowing if he can ever play again. No team can afford to take that kind of hit. However, if he dumps Manning and Peyton can come back, he’s replacing a HoF QB with a draft pick. Luck is an unknown; a healthy Peyton is a potential MVP. None of us would want to make that call.

  5. Putting aside all the funny comments about Irsay, he needs to do what is right for the Colts.
    Yes, he needs to appreciate what Manning did for the colts, both men need to have a sit down and have a frank talk.
    Manning is not a child and I am sure he can see the business side of things.

  6. Look at the picture of this dope. What a clown, good luck trying to convince everyone Jim, that you had anything to do with Indy’s success the last 10 years and you think you know what you have to do going forward. This picture should be a billboard in every football city and the words “What not to do” should be posted.

  7. The owner: “No one knows.” Really???? You own a billion dollar franchise and YOU dont know?? (Best Mr. Hand voice) “Mr. Hand, are my season tickets holders going to buy tickets this season?” Gee Mr. Irsay, I DONT KNOW.”

  8. Foxboro. Are you crazy. No one wants another Irsay in Balt. His daddy was a drunken fool and his son is a fool drunk or sober. Stay the hell out of Balt.

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