Maurice Jones-Drew talks changes in Jacksonville


Maurice Jones-Drew likens himself to “The Wolf” in Pulp Fiction. He’s been hired to clean up the struggling ratings at OCNN.

Getting the Jaguars turned around figures to be even tougher.

“Sometimes change in the beginning doesn’t seem as right,” Jones-Drew told PFT Tuesday. “But I think he’s the right guy for the job. We’re going to add some weapons around our young quarterback.”

Jones-Drew figures to enjoy the run-first approach Mularkey brings to the table.  He said he liked a few ideas Mularkey told him, but is trying to get his mind off football a little this early in the offseason.

Since we also have video of Jones-Drew on NBC SportsTalk Tuesday, we may as well roll the tape.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

9 responses to “Maurice Jones-Drew talks changes in Jacksonville

  1. MJD had been a real bright spot in Jacksonville. The offense has been described as boring– then Mojo breaks a great run. He gets so little attention by the national sports media because he is in Jacksonville…in fact, I sometimes see him criticized unfairly for a couple of silly tweets last year. The fact is that he is a rare talent that is so often overlooked. GO MOJO have fun with MJDTV.

  2. Go get Gabbert some real receivers and Jones-Drew will be an even bigger weapon.

    Stevie Johnson, Marques Colston, Dwayne Bowe, Vincent Jackson…

    I’ll take any of them.

  3. I hope Pocket Herceles gets some help. I’m not too high on Gabbert so let’s hope he picks it up too.

  4. Mularkey won’t help this team. He is so predictable I could call the plays on my couch with a six pack in me.
    Imagine what a pro defensive coordinator sees. That’s what held the Falcons back. Good riffance.

  5. starderup says: Feb 1, 2012 9:32 AM

    Mularkey won’t help this team. He is so predictable I could call the plays on my couch with a six pack in me.

    I love the way the couch coaches can sit there and talk about how “predictable” some coaches will be with play-calling.

    New flash: other than the occasional reverse, wildcat or option play (and we all know how often that stuff works), your play-calling options are “run” or “pass.” That’s it. You can predict these things because you have a freaking 50-50 chance on nearly every play.

    Since you probably know about as much about “helping” my team as I do, just sit on your couch and continue to suck back your beer. I’m “predicting” I’m going to see a much better football team next season.

  6. @ joe.attaboy
    I think you are being a little bit unfair to the really good play callers with your 50/50 comment.
    Run Plays
    Off tackle, Toss, Sweep, Trap, Counter, Draw, Bootleg, Quarterback sneak, End-around, Reverse, Option
    Passing plays
    Go, Post, Flag, Out, In/Drag, Slant, Hook/Hitch, Flat, Option routes, Play-action
    Combine these with the hundreds of possible formation and personnel grouping a really good play caller can keep a defense off balance and a viewer amazed (see New Orleans Saints)…ijs.

  7. every offense in the league is either predictable or they don’t know what they are. The best teams do something well and they keep doing it until you stop them. They take what they want. Players, not plays.

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