Plaxico doesn’t sound like he’ll be back with the Jets

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Jets receiver Plaxico Burress is in Indy, signing autographs.  He’s likely not finishing with a flourish that includes “Jets 2012.”

As Brian Costello of the New York Post writes, Plaxico was less than gushing in his praise of quarterback Mark Sanchez, or in other comments about the team.

Basically, Plax followed the “it is what it is” approach to answering the questions.

Asked about the team’s quarterback, Burress:  “Mark Sanchez is Mark Sanchez.”

How did the season go?  “It went as it went.”

On whether the Jets used Burress to the best of his abilities, Burress said, “They used me the way they wanted to use me.”

OK, last try.  What’s your impression of the Jets locker room?  “The Jets locker room is the Jets locker room.”

And so it sounds like Burress won’t be back.  Though he didn’t expressly agree with Brandon Jacobs’ assessment from Tuesday that Plaxico wishes he’d signed with the Giants instead of the Jets, it’s safe to say that his decision was what his decision was, and that his next move will be his next move.

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  1. Hmmm. Sounds like he’s shooting himself in the foot this time, what with the whole disconnected diva receiver routine.
    Doesn’t he know that the diva thing is so 2000?

  2. In the long run it worked out for the Giants. If Plax came back, Cruz probably wouldn’t have even remained on the team. He was behind Dominik Hixon on the depth chart.

  3. He made that bed. Sleep in it. We would most likely be in the same situation (Super Bowl) had he come here, but then again, we had a full house at WR.

    I have no ill will against the guy. But he picked the wrong team. Should have gone to New England, honestly. They could have used him.

  4. In response to the shooting, plaxico said “Shooting yourself in the leg is like shooting yourself in the leg.”

  5. You’d think that this idiot would be a little more humble after all he’s been through…but, nah, even more of a diva than ever.

  6. Is Plaxico hoping the Giants sign him back to the team a few days before the SB? Otherwise, what is he doing in Indy during Super Bowl week signing autographs? He doesn’t play on neither SB team and can’t stand Coughlin last time I checked.

  7. Maybe he is NOLA bound with a Colston being a threat to leave for the big market…Sean Payton could tame him…we are good at taking on “troubled” players..Anthony Hargrove..Shaun Rogers…we give second chances…and besides..I like the concept of Brees to Burress with Lance Moore in the slot, Graham at TE…

    Burress plays when motivated, and Im sure Brees can and would get him the ball. He should have known NOT to go to the Jets though. I really dont feel they used him right. The Steelers did..and the Giants did sometimes…Burres best game is as a vertical deep the OUTSIDE shoulder b/c of his height…THAT is how you use him.

  8. It is nice to see that Plaxico has really changed from being a guy who blamed everyone else for his problems. Even prison hasn’t changed this guy. The chances of Plaxico becoming a Giant again is as likely as one of Rex Ryan’s guarantees coming to true.

  9. I’m a Giants fan. The man made a mistake that he paid dearly for, so why all the continued hate? We don’t win at Green Bay without this guy, and let’s not forget who caught the game-winning TD. I’m eternally grateful to Plax regardless of any of this noise.

  10. If not for the most RADICAL gun laws in the country, Plax walks and plays 2 more years…..

    Come to Jax and show the world how you can dominate. Big fish, small pond, bro….good times!

  11. To be fair, he never complained during the year, played pretty well, made some really nice catches… for as bad and messed up the Jets squad was, Plax just did his job… I don’t think any team would hesitate to sign him

  12. I find it interesting that about a year ago, Plaxico was so appreciative of getting a second chance, and just wanted to play football. Now, after getting that chance, he comes off like this. I understand not being happy with the Jets, but it is necessary to answer questions like a spoiled, overpaid loser? He is, and always was, a classless piece of garbage.

  13. It obviously is what it is… In so many words.

    And btw, Mark Sanchez is terrible.

    Im happy for Burres, he caught a lot of TDs and will land with a contender next year, I think NE would be a perfect fit.

  14. Hey tiffpats4eva, as (presumably) a Pats fan I don’t expect all that much from you, but some of us find your comment to be highly offensive and, frankly, a form of hate speech. If you care, I suggest you do a bit of research on the use of the “r-word” and how hurtful it can be to those of us with family members with intellectual disabilities, and, much like the “n-word” and other derogatory terms, how it has no place in today’s society.

  15. I am sick of that turn of phrase, “it is what it is”. Basically because the “IS” in question more often than not is “B.S.”.

  16. he still has some value but at this point
    he lacks speed and he never was a deep
    threat to begin with. he isn’t a vertical
    player. he could definitely be an asset
    in the right system, though. new orleans
    would be a good fit, scheme wise.

  17. Look I’m no fan of plax really, but what do you expect him to say…look how the season went, and I’m not sure if any of you ” divas ” on here whining about what someone else said watch football because if you did you’d realize plax was set up for failure with how the jets used him, not only that but mark Sanchez is mark Sanchez…jets fans much? If not open your eyes to reality, Sanchez is terrible ad when someone as bad as he is gets all this glory and special treatment from the organization what do you expect players to feel like? I don’t even have to say anything about the locker room I think it’s clear it is what it is

  18. InFact says:
    Feb 1, 2012 10:58 PM
    . . . and his next contract will be minimum wage and no bonus
    AND MUCH HIGHER than whatever you’re making right now. Oh wait, this is the internet so let me guess… You own your own business and you make $10mil a year. Uh yeah, sure.

  19. Burress is cancerous stock who you buy for the short term value, and then move on. But his short term value has decreased so much that he’s just a liability now.

    3 teams and none think good of him.

    Any value he offers you can get elsewhere, cheaper and without the long term downside.

    @NOLA I’ m a Lions fan, but like the Saints, your crazy to want this guy infecting your team.

  20. We will definitely welcome him in Chicago. While Plaxico may have shot himself in the leg we are aware most of the current crop of Bears receivers would be able to do that – they would have dropped the gun before doing so.

  21. I dont get why ppl are trashing him over this interview. HE DIDNT SAY ANYTHING!!! The man made his mistakes in the past went to jail and when asked to comment on his past season with the Jets, sounded like he just didnt want to talk about it. Get over it. I dont understand the hostility towards him when he was pretty much a model citizen this past year. His answers in this inteview just sound like he didnt want to bash anyone or rehash the chaos that was the Jets at the end of their season. Good for him.

  22. if he’s wise, he goes to Carolina quickly, possibly day one and signs a short term deal with not a ton of money. in Carolina, he has a QB with potential, a WR next to him in Steve Smith and two young WRs in Gettis and LaFell and two pass catching TEs.

  23. From a Pats fan, I used to think he showed no class at all. After he won a ring he wrote all over a chair at nfl studios that was for the Patriots Super Bowls. He made a mistake and paid for it. He is signing autographs for fans in Indy for this years Super Bowl and he gets baited to say something bad about his team and he says absolutely nothing. I think he has come a long way. Good for you Plax for being there and interracting with fans and not falling for the bait by these reporters. I see nothing wrong here. I hope he keeps playing and wish him success, never thought i would say that.

  24. Plaxico was a very positive and inspirational influence for the team because of his high personal character.

    Amy Winehouse was a clean and wholesome young lady.

  25. Way to stay classy on your way out. Instead of everyone killing Sanchez, I find it amazing that Tanny thought replacing Edwards with this malcontent would be a good idea. Despite his relative success as a GM that decision makes me want Woody to make an impulse fire.

    And Plax for the next sucker that writes your checks, why don’t you take a page out of your own book, realize “offensive pass interference is offensive pass interference” and STOP DOING IT.

  26. He is a cancer that would infect any team he latches on to with terminal results. Much like T.O. Shame these bitch azz divas couldn’t get past their me first egos and not crap all over their nfl legacies.

  27. I’m not a Plaxico fan at all but what is he supposed to say?

    He could say the Jets are completely dysfunctional and look like an ungrateful diva.

    Or he could say the Jets are unicorns and rainbows and look like a moron.

    Instead he chose to give non-committal answers. Seems like the smartest move he could have made.

  28. It’s always funny watching everyones panties get all twisted up in a bunch over this. Really. For what, expressing a very neutral opinion. Since when did being a football fan mean that you have to be so sensitive.

  29. I think he should be commended for using some restraint. He could of easily blabbed about a poor jets locker room, but he instead basically took a no comment approach. Let him get on with his life. But that’s just my opinion…

  30. Rex Ryan reportedly said: “Plax-dog did everything we wanted him to do and now we are three-time super bowl champions. I don’t think we would have made it to SB46 if it wasn’t for Plax. Obviously Sanchez deserves a lot of credit for three straight championships, but when you have a guy like Plax dominating one side of the field, and Derrick Mason catching 100 balls on the other side of the field, it becomes pretty easy to win time and time again.”

  31. @Mr. Wright 212

    Right, typical giants fan. “we prob would be in the super bowl anyway”. Really? Give me a break every giants fan acts like they knew the giants were going to the Super Bowl. That is bs. Stop lying and show some humility you fugazze front running fans. (that is for those living outside NY who pretend they are real fans). Go patriots!!!

  32. Yeah, I do not understand the hate for this guy either. He made a mistake, clearly, but he hurt no one but himself. If not for the state he was in, he might not even have done jail time. Then people are asking him questions about the (disastrous) Jets season, looking for more juicy gossip, and he does not provide, essentially evading the questions.

    I am 100% sure of he had come out and said what he really thought of the Jets’ season, the same people ragging on him now would be excoriating him for airing dirty laundry in public and throwing team mates under the bus.

    Some people just want to hate, and will use any excuse to do so.

  33. It is what it is…..That is what the Jets Management told every player how to respond to questions about their internal mess

  34. I understand that some people are always looking for someone to hate but let’s be realistic, the shot himself in the leg with his own gun. He didn’t rape anybody or sexually assault someone or kill a bunch of dogs for entertainment. He’s simply guilty of being an idiot. He has every right to be disappointed and not want to answer stupid questions. He’s got some good football left and unfortunately he decided to go play in a system that really didn’t use him.

    And if you’re hating on this guy as a Giants fan, you either have an awful memory or are not a true fan. Before anybody knew anything about Cruz, I wanted Plax back for sure. Giants would not have been anywhere near the Super Bowl in the 07-08 season without him. Eli was still very inconsistent and erratic and Plax made him look way better than he really was that entire season.

  35. Loved Plax as a Giant and was a huge contributor to the Giants winning the Superbowl. He had an opportunity to sign with the Giants in the offseason, he chose the jets. Obviously his career with the Giants is now done, the Giants will be working on Mario Manningham, Terrell Thomas, Jonathan Goff, and reworking Osi, Cruz, Jacobs before even looking at Plax. In fact I can see them signing ex Giant Steve Smith before Plax. I wish him much sucess, and I am glad the Steelers ditched him :o)

  36. His remarks, albeit not very revealing, aren’t out of line, IMO. He was asked questions for the sole purpose of causing a sh!t storm. He answered as honestly as he could, without actually saying anything nasty about his teammates and the Jets organization. Seems to me the old plax, or past NFL divas, would have crossedmthe line that plax clearly didn’t.

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