Reggie Wayne open to staying with Colts

Getty Images

All of the attention paid to Peyton Manning has made it easy to forget there are other Colts veterans whose futures with the club are up in the air.

One such veteran is Reggie Wayne. The wide receiver is set to become a free agent and all of the upheaval in Indy makes his future with the franchise quite uncertain. Wayne is open to returning to the team, though, and isn’t thrown off by the fact that it could be a rebuilding situation nor by new coach Chuck Pagano, who he knows from the University of Miami.

“This is what I have, this is all I know,” Wayne said to Paul Kuharsky of “So I wouldn’t mind being part of a rebuilding process. They need some old heads, too, you know? It would be an honor to still be part of this organization even with a rebuilding phase. I know there are going to be some guys on the team that I still know, I know the head coach, Chuck Pagano, pretty good, I’d just look at it as my rookie year all over again.”

Wayne’s status will probably have something to do with what winds up happening with Manning. If he stays in Indy, the chances of Wayne sticking around would likely increase as the team would likely feel like they are able to contend for a playoff spot. Of course, they might also feel Andrew Luck’s transition to the NFL would be easier if he had Wayne alongside Pierre Garcon at wide receiver so there’s a chance he could stick around either way.

All of that has nothing to do with finances or the desire of other teams to add an experienced hand to their passing game. As you’d expect, Wayne’s numbers dipped without Manning in the lineup, although not to the point where you would question his ability to do the job. At 33, Wayne is nearing the end of the line but he likely has a few productive years left for the Colts or for someone else.