Some things about Giants-Patriots haven’t changed

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The Giants and Patriots have repeatedly said all week here that this is not 2008. These teams are different.

Still, Tom Brady noted Wednesday morning at his media session that not everything has changed. The Giants defensive line is still talking.

“It wouldn’t be the Super Bowl if they weren’t talking about coming to knock me down, knock me out,” Brady said.

He’s not kidding. I heard Justin Tuck, Osi Umenyiora, and Jason Pierre-Paul all say they felt they could “rattle” Brady during their Media Day sessions.

“I think it starts with hitting him, even when you don’t actually get sacks, just keeping people around him so he can’t step up,” Tuck said. “I think he gets a little frustrated when he has to go to his second or third receivers.

“You can kind of confuse him sometimes with our coverage. I think there are a lot of things that can get him rattled, but it just seems like not too many people are able to do that.”

Even the Giants coaching staff is getting in on the act.

“We did some things that disrupted his timing. We caused him to stay jittery in the pocket. Hopefully we can do that again,” defensive coordinator Perry Fewell said.

Brady was off target in the first regular game, but that was more about his accuracy and New York’s coverage than their pass rush. His protection mostly held up.

Brady’s offensive line will need to play well again on Sunday, or it will really feel like 2008 again.

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24 responses to “Some things about Giants-Patriots haven’t changed

  1. There is some serious man love for Tom Brady on this website.

    Did you hire Peter King to do all the work for you? It would certainly explain the lack of grammatical and spelling errors in the article.

  2. Brady has to be ready to get hit, not flinch, get up and not get rattled. This game builds his legacy if Patriots win, and adds doubts if they lose – it’s been a while since he’s played great in the playoffs. He needs a big game and unless he has to get carried off the field, stand in there and throw it. The Giants have rattled him in the past…can’t happen again if Patriots are going to win.

  3. Knowing that Vollmer is healthy and will play allowing Solder to move to 3rd TE makes the Patriots O line a major strength that no one seems to acknowledge.

    Unlike 08 TB will not be sitting in the pocket waiting for Randy to run a 60 yd go.Watching Gronk walk without a limp makes the Pats O that much more dangerous.

    Two evenly matched teams will make for a great game but I have a feeling that the 2012Lombardi Trophy will be on display at One Patriots Place next week.

  4. .

    For all quarterbacks the pass rush up the middle is the most difficult to deal with. Backup center Dan Connelly, Logan Mankins, and Brian Waters are will be under scrutiny.


  5. Gaints are like that little dog that won’t shut up
    all bark but hides in the owners arms shaking

    30 PATS

    24 other team because nobody remembers who lost

  6. .
    Jacobs got 85 yards last meeting and all u have to do to knock him over is merely touch him…. bradshaw is going to play this time and nicks….
    the giants will score in the 1st and 2nd quarters this time along with 3rd and 4th…. the pats… not so much

  7. sj39 says:
    Feb 1, 2012 9:09 AM
    Yeah, Brady is still a little light in the loafers.
    Example of what I said in the other topic to you. I will continue to point it out. Sad and pathetic.

  8. Not that I want anyone to get hurt during the game, but I would love to see Brady’s jersey ripped in a few pieces, his hair all tossed and a brown stain on his pants in the back of his butt!

  9. Hmmm, Brady doesn’t like to be hit…he doesn’t like pressured up the middle. These are genius comments from most of the Trolls.
    What QB does like to be hit or pressured up the middle?
    Come up with some new material!

  10. I don’t think people realize how good this Patriots team is…They struggled a little mid season with back to back losses against Pitt and NYG..ever since they made a few adjustments they’ve been absolutely bombing teams.

    A 1600 yard WR, a 1300 yard TE, a 900 yard TE, and a 700 yard WR. With 1800 yards rushing.

    Even though their defensive stats arent good, they have The best defensive mind in the game as their Head Coach.

    I think New England wins this game easily, with 2 weeks to prepare. This is Belichick and Brady we’re talking about, and the G Men won’t sneak up on this time.

    You know I gotta roll wit the Giants in the SUPERBOWL though.

  11. whatnojets says:
    Feb 1, 2012 9:47 AM
    …I would love to see Brady’s jersey ripped in a few pieces, his hair all tossed and a brown stain on his pants in the back of his butt!

    Are those the type of thoughts that go through your head when your biting the pillow?

  12. marcuswelby70 says:
    Feb 1, 2012 9:48 AM
    Hmmm, Brady doesn’t like to be hit…he doesn’t like pressured up the middle. These are genius comments from most of the Trolls.
    What QB does like to be hit or pressured up the middle?
    Come up with some new material!

    Couldnt agree more, this is like a repeating record, hearing it over and over.
    Brady knows whats coming and he will be ready for it.

  13. Seriously? What QB in the NFL doesn’t get “jittery” or “anxious” when they are getting pummelled? FYI, the Giants had 2 sacks this year with 3 QB hits on Brady. Expect that to be relatively the same this time around. The Pats O-Line is better that they were in SB 42.

    As others have said, he is not sitting there in the pocket waiting for Moss to beat someone deep. Most of their patterns rely on YAC and getting the ball out to guys in short/intermediate routes.

    One thing that the Giants D is suspect at is defending the run. Green Bay has an atrocious run game and just gouged the crap out of them. San Francisco ran well on them. That is something that if the Pats can do it effectively, they can really frustrate that D. It’s going to be a good game.

  14. We will be all lawyered up Sunday with the law firm running wild. he is fresh and will put up 4.5 ypc

    30 PATS

    24 other team because nobody remembers who lost

  15. Let’s see if he is going to wear a skirt for the referees to help him, or be a QB and stand up to pressure. GMan 20-Puts 17

  16. I actually think that the talking by the Giants DL is a pretty smart strategy. As great as Brady is, if he has one weakness, it’s that he sometimes feels pressure that isn’t quite there. If the Giants DL keep repeating that their mission is to beat him senseless, Brady might take the field with the mindset that the pressure around him is stronger than it actually is.

  17. Havok…
    The run game ran for 76 yards…Rodgers scrambled for the rest. Big difference between the Packers gouging them and an athletic quarterback making things happen with his legs.

    49ers gained 108 from the actual running game and Alex Smith. Frank Gore is no slouch RB.
    The Falcons were held to 64 yards total.

    Keeping the actual run game roughly under 250 yds for 3 games seems like its pretty sound to me. If Tom Brady is putting up 60 yds and 40 yds like Rodgers and Smith, respectively, then something is really really wrong.

  18. Brady, by his own admission, “sucked” against the Ravens. He usually follows a bad game with a lights-out game.

    2008 the Pats were 14+ favorites. By 6:30 Sunday it will probably be a ‘pick-em!’.

    The Giants have beaten the Pats 2 straight times.

    3 times?


    NEVER underestimate the power of PAYBACK!


    NE – XXXV
    NY – XXI

  19. Even if Da Gronk can’t go full speed – he can be used as a decoy and to block. Hernandez can get open faster than he can and there is always Welker and Branch and Woodhead and Faulk and Edelman and Ochocinco.

    And the running backs and the no-huddle offense can make things uncomfortable for the Giants.

    This is gonna be a good game.



  20. Tom Brady has proven to be a very tough, durable QB; his fearlessness was on display in the Ravens game when he ran for yardage and taunted Ray Lewis after being tackled by him. He later launched himself over the top for a TD and took a helmet in the back from Lewis. Additionally, the Giants should be prepared for having the ball run down their throats all day by a plethora of running backs, thereby giving Brady more opportunity to mix in some short passes for first downs. Giants D-line will be sorely tested on Sunday. Keep the oxygen masks close by when Brady starts using the no huddle Offense.

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