Bradshaw, Manning looking good at Giants practice


Giants running back Ahmad Bradshaw skipped most practices during the season to rest his sore feet, but in Super Bowl week he’s practicing every day, and looking good.

Peter King, the pool reporter inside the Giants’ practice passes along word that Bradshaw was on the field for the second day in a row and had an encouraging practice. Giants coach Tom Coughlin said that as far as he recalled Bradshaw hadn’t practiced on consecutive days all season, but Bradshaw was out there working for the second day in a row today. At one point Bradshaw tripped over another player’s foot but he popped up and was OK.

Also looking good was Eli Manning, who threw only one incompletion while running the first-string offense on the practice field today.

“We did fine,” Coughlin said. “The energy level, the enthusiasm, the excitement is all there, as it should be, as it was yesterday. They’re really excited to practice for the game. I think they’ve done very well. This was a good day of preparation.”

From all indications, the Giants are ready.

26 responses to “Bradshaw, Manning looking good at Giants practice

  1. cant wait for you two idiots to pick the pats to complete the giants superbowl run without you picking them to win ANY game… dopes

  2. Not a fan of either team but I have to say that the Pats have not beaten a good team all year. Its hard to know how good they really are. they did not beat a single team over .500 the entire regular season. the only 2 over .500 teams they played were the giants and steelers and they loast both. I think the Giants might just kill them. I mean destroy them.

  3. You gints fans are buying the media hype of an average team. “they’re ready” no s@&t the other team’s ready to so what’s your point. Can’t wait for all the excuses on Sunday around 11pm. Get your Kleenex ready.

  4. “P-P-P-P-P-PLEASE LOSE!!!!!”

    I understand how a NY loss would give an Eagles fan some satisfaction. But, and I tell you this to try to help you come to terms with your demons, that hole in your heart from having ZERO Super Bowl wins just won’t heal until the Eagles hold the Lombardi. And, let’s be honest here, all past trends indicate that won’t happen in our lifetime. 1960, brother, 1960.

  5. You mean the average giants team that beat the pats earlier this year without their two main guys on offense? Or are you talking about the pats who couldn’t beat a team better that was better than average all year?

  6. @ insiderex The AVERAGE gints and they’re bandwagon fans, yea the same ones that wanted the “genius” coach fired a month ago. All of you come up with the same pathetic excuse “but.but you didn’t play anyone” really.they played whoever was on the schedule. What’s you excuse for the loses against phi and wash. Keep living in the past. Can wait for the excuses. AVERAGE. You’ll see

  7. “Your football ignorance is staggering.”

    Still looks like the “runt of the litter” to me…pipsqueak.

  8. No Nicks, Bradshaw, and a makeshift line in the first game Coughlin has Belicheck’s number. If the running game is working then there will be a parade Tuesday.

  9. tiffpats4eva says:
    Feb 2, 2012 8:47 PM
    The Giants have already won, haven’t they?
    Yup, now that you mention it, 18-1.

  10. The Pats may not have had the toughest schedule (though if five of the teams that lost to the Pats had won, they would have finished with a winning record) but they did out score their opponents 513-342. The Gmen were outscored 394-400. They had a very tough schedule, but they didn’t exactly whoop ass.

    People are acting like this a re-match; not of 2007, but of the 85 Bears and Pats. It’s gonna be a close game.

  11. @east96st- That’s probably true… but, as Smart Brotha said, “at least I have a big johnson, so that keeps me happy.”

  12. Glad to see that Eli has been a true professional throughout this ‘Hype Week”. No trash talk, nothing but professionalism. Just wish some of that attitude could get passed on to a couple of his teammates and ALL of the Media that is just dying for some controversy.

  13. People do understand the pats are in the game right? Regardless of who they played and who they lost too. I’m pretty sure they do not get to pick who they play during the regular season. Also, the whole Eli vs Brady thing that is going on all day on tv and radio…if Brady had the giants D, would it even be a fair question? The only reason people say Eli will play better is becaue he is facing the worst ranked defense. Have some perspective folks..

  14. @dominicthedonkey says: Here comes the 4th trophy for the gmen!!! Giants 31 Pats. 24 In OT…

    You do realize that is impossible? Only 6 points in OT….

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