Colts G.M. Grigson had “man-to-man” conversation with Peyton Manning


Colts G.M. Ryan Grigson made some news during his first press conference with the team when he said he hadn’t sat down and spoken with Peyton Manning during his first hours officially on the job.

Speaking at the Super Bowl Thursday to a group of reporters, Grigson revealed he has sat down with Manning in the weeks since.

“I met with Peyton,” Grigson said. “He came by my office. . . . We had a nice discussion. We spoke for 20 minutes or so. It’s been amicable. It’s been a normal thing. We talked like regular guys, I felt.

“It was an open conversation and I told him what I knew. Whatever I knew, I told him. It was a straightforward, man-to-man conversation. It was fine,” Grigson said.

Grigson admitted that the Manning situation is in a “holding pattern.”  He has not watched Manning throw. That figures to change in the coming weeks as Manning’s option bonus date gets closer.

Some other highlights from the session:

1. Grigson indicated that he hasn’t started contract talks with any Colts free agents.

“After the staff is completed, then we tackle the next order of business. Chuck [Pagano] and I need to get together soon and get together soon about who we have on this team . . . after we evaluate our roster in a fair way, then we can move on.

“[Manning] is obviously going to have a major effect on things on how that all plays out. Until that is resolved, we’ll go about business as usual.

2. He doesn’t know whether Ryan Diem or Jeff Saturday will retire.

3. Grigson said he would “love” to keep Pierre Garcon, Robert Mathis, and Reggie Wayne. He called them all three great Colts. Grigson was very straightforward, but he was asked a specific question on these three players. There wasn’t much else he could say.

4. The Colts will likely run a hybrid 4-3/3-4 defense, at least initially.

5. Grigson said it “depends” when asked about possibly starting a rookie quarterback. He said the environment and the player would have to be just right.

15 responses to “Colts G.M. Grigson had “man-to-man” conversation with Peyton Manning

  1. It is starting to appear that the Colts have no clue at this time on which way to go. I respect Peyton’s Q/B abilites (sp) but it is time to move away from him, and he needs to retire. No need for him to end up crippled for life just for a game. He would be one hell of a Q/B coach, that would excell into a O/C to a H/C in time. I would love to have him in Houston as the offensive guru. Peyton running the offense along with Wade running the defence, we would dominate the league for a long time.

  2. Manning still has some problems with velocity and distance, but if he continues to be faithful to his training regimen I am confident that he will heal to the point where he can toss that quarter 20-25 times per Papa John’s commercial filming.

  3. Colts win 9 games with Peyton.
    Colts will win 6 games with Luck.

    At least. There are 21 other starting posistions that the Colts need to address as well.

  4. This is no doubt a transistion period for the Colts. Seems like all the teams that dominated the last decade are gonna start falling behind like the Colts. While the younger teams are on the rise like the Lions.

  5. I just can’t see getting rid of Manning. Maybe he and the team can work something out with that $28 million to give him more time. I think he deserves that at the very least. He has been all Colts since coming into the league.

  6. They are treating Peyton like a bum. Show the guy who brought your franchise out of crapper some respect. I hope he signs with another team…he deserves better. The colts are garbage with mediocre wideouts (who are injury prone), horrible running game (who are injury prone), and a defense that is garbage excluding the two defensive ends.

  7. If Manning does sign with another team, that team better have a very good pass-protecting offensive line. Three of the teams rumored to be interested in Manning are the Cardinals, Dolphins and Seahawks. Those three teams were 2, 3 and 4 respectively in sacks allowed.
    However the Titans were 30th in sacks allowed. Manning would surely be an upgrade over Hasselbeck, certainly knows the Division and with Johnson in the backfield could get Tennessee into the playoffs.

  8. “Peyton we’ve decided to go in a different direction.”

    “Remember Joe Montanna as a Chief? Nobody wants to see you end up like that.”

  9. I am really starting to get the feeling the Colts want Peyton to just go away. Very sad, but I can’t help but get that vibe. They want to start fresh with a new QB, coach, GM, staff, etc. and Peyton is still there lingering, sort of complicating things for them.

  10. Manning is done. Just because he suckered the Colts for $24 million last season doesn’t mean they’ll fall for it again and give him another $28 million this year. He made over $35 million each of the last two years and his net worth is estimated at well over $100 million. Colts will cut him loose and everyone will see that he’s done. He’s trying to string it out so some team will throw some cash at him. He’s just a greedy swamp boy.

  11. He’s going to MIAMI…… He has a home there golfs with Dan Marino and the Dolphin owner will not be out bid!!!!

  12. I agree that he will land in Miami. And he’ll be extremely upset that Big Bmarsh doesn’t catch, or run routes, as well as he should.

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