Colts hire Greg Manusky as defensive coordinator

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Chuck Pagano’s first Colts coaching staff is one piece closer to completion.

Alex Marvez of reports that the team has hired Greg Manusky to be their defensive coordinator in 2012. Manusky was fired by the Chargers last month after running their defense for one season. Manusky ran the 49ers defense for the four previous seasons and left when the team made the move to Jim Harbaugh before this season.

The Colts were close to hiring Steelers linebackers coach Keith Butler for the job, but he decided to remain in Pittsburgh.

Manusky interviewed for the vacant Raiders defensive coordinator position earlier this week. Former Packers coordinator Ed Donatell is considered a contender for that position.

34 responses to “Colts hire Greg Manusky as defensive coordinator

  1. Manusky may be the “defensive coordinator”, but I’m pretty certain the Pagano will be the one to actually coordinate the defense.

  2. I wouldn’t sweat this one too much, Colts fans.

    The only reason he’s there is because he’s the only experienced coordinator whose resume is bleak enough that he would take a job carrying water for the real Colts DC- Chuck Pagano.

    It’s no coincidence that the only other team that was even considering hiring Manusky as DC was another team with a defense oriented head coach, the Raiders.

  3. Gee, Joe Pagano, Chuck’s brother, worked under Manusky in San Diego last year. Manusky gets canned, Joe Pagano gets promoted to SD’s DC, and Manusky now works under Chuck Pagano in Indy. Circle of life, circle of life……..but Manusky still sucks and Chuck will do the heavy lifting for that D next year.

  4. I think he’s a good coach, his approach is conservative which might work great if he has a great pass rush (he didn’t have that with the Chargers and to a lesser degree the 49ers). He will teach the players the fundamentals (how to tackle) at least, which can’t be said about most defensive coordinators these days.

  5. As a Colts fan, I’m not ready to label this as bad just yet. It’s not like he did a terrible job at SD considering the poor play of some of their players, injuries to guys like Castillo and just all around being the scapegoat for such a terrible HC like Norv Turner.

  6. Niners should refuse to let him interview, show him the money he worked wonders with the sh and safeguard. Goldson lived up to potential and did not play stupid football.

  7. As a life-long 49er fan… Manusky wasn’t the worst DC we ever had. But he wasn’t that great either.

    Manusky is too conservative in his approach. He’s so afraid of giving up the big play, that he won’t do anything to make a big play…

    It works against average and bad offenses…

    But the good ones will just cut you up…

  8. The Niners had a great defensive team under Manusky…but it was not because of him. He actually made the defense worse. We all saw what the Niner D could do with a good DC…Vic Fangio. Now go back and look at the performance under Manusky. Any sliver of a lead the Niners had going into the 4thQuarter was squandered because Manusky would go PreventD for the rest of the game to not give up the big play. The problem is that the opponents would drive down the field with short passes very quickly. Then his redzone defense was so bad that the team would score and win the game late. This story played out too many times with Manusky as the DC. That’s why the Chargers let him go and that is why he will fail at his next team as well.

  9. Dang. This Charger fan was hoping he’d go to the Raiduhs.

    By the end of his short time in SD, the players were asking management to go in a different direction. They didn’t like his play calling or his abusive manner.

  10. “piratesofthecoliseum says:
    Feb 2, 2012 12:41 PM
    Great hire colts!! Now my Raiders need to go after a real DC!”

    Who would that be? The Faiders already took the Broncos one year wonder defensive coordinator, what more do you want? Why doesn’t he just call D plays like Wade Phillips used to? You could have gotten the stud defensive coordinator, but the Broncos already did that with JDR. It’s all in the way the cards fall, and the Broncos knew what they were doing when Allen walked!

  11. Ok, try this one more time… Glad the Raiders didnt get a “bad” DC to go with their “bad” OC. Thanks Colts!!!

    This message will be deleted in 3..2…1….

  12. No, heaven forbid I point out why Kevin Butler was never seriously in contention for the Colts job. That might seem like intelligent football commentary. And we’re not allowed to engage in intelligent football commentary on this Web site.

  13. Uhhhh…. The 49ers dump this guy and their defense goes from soft to beastly. One of the best in the league. The Chargers hire him and their defense goes from number one in the league to 22nd.

    This is a move that makes absolutely no sense at all. The Colts are trying to stockpile picks right now.

    Horrificly terrible hire.

  14. Dear Colts fans,
    Expect to give up a lot of points, refuse to rush passer and play prevent D for 60 minutes.

    That’s Manusky D in a nutshell.

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