Deacon Jones: Ndamukong Suh needs to learn to play the right way

Hall of Fame defensive lineman Deacon Jones said today that he has a problem with Lions defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh: According to Jones, Suh doesn’t know the correct way to play the game.

That’s not to say that Jones, who was one of the toughest players in NFL history, has any problem with Suh going near the line of dirty play, or even sometimes crossing the line. No, Jones’s problem with Suh is that Suh hasn’t learned that if you’re going to take a shot at an opponent, you need to do it in a way that won’t hurt your team with a penalty or a suspension.

“I don’t like the fact that he hasn’t learned the right way to step on somebody,” Jones told PFT. “You’re damn right there’s a right way. . . . The right way is not standing there in front of all the cameras and the referee stomping people. . . . You kick him, you don’t stomp him.”

Jones said he thinks Suh needs to be smart enough not to act out of anger and hurt his team.

“I’m angry with him because he didn’t learn how to cover it up,” Jones said. “We spent more time practicing things like that. Knew when to do it. I’m not going to hurt my defensive unit, I’m not going to cost us 15 yards, but I am going to kick your ass.”

Jones was a brutal pass rusher in his day, and he shudders at the modern rules that limit defensive players and doesn’t think he could survive under today’s rules.

“I’d probably be arrested with this bunch of guys, they’re soft — give me a break: These guys are soft,” Jones said. “I hit the head. I started there. . . . This game ain’t never going to be safe.”

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  1. I’m sure this guy had his fair share of personal foul penalties that cost the team 15 yards. May not have been suspended due to the time he played but today’s game is a different game.

  2. Finally a voice of reason from the old school, telling it like it was and should be! All the self-righteous media and fans shaking their fingers at Suh and calling him dirty, but this right here is the real truth. Linemen on both sides do dirty things all game, every game, but everyone acts like Suh is the first and only. They simply aren’t caught or just not called.

  3. Didn’t I sy this a while ago???

    whatnojets says:
    Feb 2, 2012 1:50 PM
    Ask Deacon Jones what he thinks about the new rules protecting the quaterback. He said that they were taught to start from the head and work down. He also bought up a good topic….that maybe the kids start suffering fromconcussions already at high school and college level and they bring that condition into the NFL

    Deacon Jones, aka for singing “Why Can’t We Be Friends?” tells it like it was. Your job as a defensive lineman isn to make sure that the quaterback doesn’t get up after you hit him!

  4. I would love to see what would have happened if Deacon Jones had played ball today. My guess is either he would be in the same shoes as either Suh or Emtman.

  5. Women loved Deacon. He used to say, My name’s Deacon, I’m not here for speakin, I’m just here for freakin. Deacon is still the man!!

  6. His quotes made me laugh, but old time ball players never think the guys today are as tough as they were in their day, and maybe it’s true, but you can’t have it both ways.

    Deacon says, “I hit the head, I started there…” but at the same time guys from his generation are now suing the NFL for better retired player benefits because many are nearly crippled, while others are suing the league for its handling of concussions.

  7. Deacon Jones is a straight up beast (NOTHING BUT RESPECT) total agreement with (gaadr) comment

  8. This headline is so misleading..haha..The headline should read, ” Deacon Jones: Ndamukong Suh needs to learn how to ‘stomp’ the correct way.”

  9. I love the way Suh plays. People are so quick to forget what this beast did as a ROOKIE. As a rookie he was hands down the most intimidating player in all of the NFL.

    Suh is just a kid and is still learning. He hit a bit of a wall. Teams game planned against him and he had a hard time adjusting. Teams purposely rattled his feathers and the coaches and the Lions defensive scheme didn’t do jack.

    Tempers flare.. so he stomped a guy.. GOOD!

    Deacon Jones rules!

  10. “I hit the head. I STARTED there…..” Epic quote from the all time great Deacon Jones.

    Defensive football is an intense, emotional, overwhelming, and intimidating team sport!! If the above four aren’t in the makeup of your defense, chances are you’re giving up a lot of points.

  11. i love the deacon but this aint 1961 when he came into the league lets get one thang straight there is NO WAY you can do ANYTHANG dirty in todays nfl without it bein seen by a camera of some kind none period, there is no right way to be a dirty player like sayin you either are or you’re not but thats just my opinion

  12. In other words Mr. Deacon Jones who still is smooth as hell is telling this young buck that he needs to be smooth. There is a way of doing things. Take mental notes. Have a semblance of situational awareness.

  13. I love to hear Deacon.. but in reality he wouldn’t even make it in this NFL. He was big but today’s nfl players have muscles on their muscles.. look at a picture of him and then one of Suh.. who are you more afraid of?

  14. nebster21 says:
    Feb 2, 2012 3:39 PM

    I would love to see what would have happened if Deacon Jones had played ball today. My guess is he would be in the same shoes as Suh…

    Then I guess what Deacon Jones said went right over your head. He’s bascially saying that he would NOT be in the same shoes as Suh if he were playing now because he wouldn’t be getting caught every time he did it! He’s saying that linemen do the same things now as they did then, but teh GOOD ones learn to do it without being seen.. or at least they can do it subtley enough to not draw a flag.

    So basically, he’s saying that Suh is too stupid to control himself and be smart about punishing his opponents. …And that seems to be what the majority of people with some perspective (i.e. not a Lions homer) think, too.

  15. I loved Deacon Jones. I only wish I was born early enough to watch him play. I was born in 77, and all I have are NFL Films. I have seen his head slap tons of times. Great player. Legend.

  16. There are different points of view. Deacon in my book has the mentality of a backstabber. He is not trying to be a good mentor, showing suh the right way to play the game. He is all about how to cover up dirty plays. In this regard I rather go with a young but sometimes raw and naive guy like suh. He atleast is straight and honest about what he does and doesnt think about covering those stuff first. there is hope for him to learn to be a good defensive player without resorting to dirty play. I think his character is not fundamentally flawed. Deacons is.

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