Drew Brees expects new contract before free agency


Contract discussions between the Saints and Drew Brees are underway. It sounds like they are going well.

“There is no doubt in my mind” a contract will get finalized, Brees said on the Dan Patrick Show Thursday. “It’s pretty straight up and should be done here in the next 4-5 weeks.”

We’ve written a few times about all the unrestricted free agents in New Orleans. If Brees is right and he can complete a deal before free agency starts, the Saints will be able to use the franchise tag on a player like Marques Colston or Carl Nicks.

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  1. Ryan has said the Jets would be interested in signing Manning if the Colts do not pick up the 36-year-old’s contract option.

    Manning missed the 2011 season while recovering from his third neck operation in two years. Regardless, Martin thinks he is the right man for the Jets.

    “I’m very bullish on taking that chance,” said Martin, who retired after the 2006 season and is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “I don’t care if he’s 38, 36, whatever, I would be interested in taking that chance. At 35, 36, I’m definitely interested. You’re literally talking about one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.”

  2. They will get a deal done. The problem they face is the same as many others…… How to field depth while staying under the CAP. Brees will get in the neighborhood of 16 million a year and I am sure it will be structured to allow garaunteed money to hit the tail of the contract in order to minimize the CAP number in 2012 and 2013. That will give Loomis some wiggle room to resign Colston or Nicks, and maybe both if one of them structures the same way. In doing so, Loomis is banking on a championship in the next 2 years because if they dont get one (even if they do), the backloaded money will sink the Saints back to the team of old and Loomis had better have that 2nd ring to point to.

  3. They should factor in dome games vs outside in the financials, since he is terrible outdoors…


    Brees’ passer rating when playing outdoors on grass is 95.9.

    Try again…

  4. @mikeeg
    You obviously missed the 49ers game. He threw four touchdowns against one of the best defenses in the league. One of the main reasons why the Saints the Saints lost that game was because Gregg Williams refused to stop blitzing.

    Why will they regret it? Because the last six years he has been the best quarterback in the league, and helped the SAINTS win a super bowl. Something that no one think would ever happen.

  5. Hopefully he gets a LOT of money so that that defense stays in it’s present form.

    It would be nice to see Colston with some Rams horns on his helmet too!

  6. @mikeeg
    You obviously missed the 49ers game. He threw four touchdowns against one of the best defenses in the league. One of the main reasons why the Saints the Saints lost that game was because Gregg Williams refused to stop blitzing.


    the reason they lost the games is becuase they had 5 turnovers.

  7. He will get overpaid and they won’t be able to surround him with the talent it takes to get to another SB. They will be a playoff/wildcard team most years and never make it back to big game. But at least Drew will have his money.

  8. All you NFC South non-Saints fans can just put a sock in it. The Saints will make Brees the highest paid QB in the league and Mickey Loomis will figure our how to stretch the $$$ to retain Nicks and Colston. Then they will jettison some players on the defense, retool with Spagnuolo and proceed to humiliate the Panthers, Falcons, and Bucs for the next 5 years or so. Pray for the end of the decade…

  9. @mikea311

    I never said that the turnovers weren’t a factor in them losing, because they were. But when the game was on the line and the Saints had the lead Williams refused to stop blitzing, which is why the 49ers got that last touchdown and won the game.

  10. @vtopa
    Brees does deserve the raise, but the more he gets, the more the Saints suffer in team depth. Jettison some players on defense? Just how does this “jettison” thing work? Cut or trade Will Smith? Is that jeffisoning? that move might save 3 million in CAP space since if he is gone he still has a CAP hit of 3 or 4 million (2012 and 2013) and then he will need to be replaced. Not as easy as snapping your fingers…… or jettisoning. Also, you might want to be careful thinking Spagnuolo is the answer. Keep in mind that he has been a DC in the NFL for a total of 2 seasons. His first season, his D gave up more points than this years Saints team, and his second year his D gave up 3 points less per game…… and both of those years he had more talent than last years Saints. One other thing. After he left Philadelphia, their D improved (yes…they got BETTER when he moved on) from 19th in the league in 2006, to 11th in 2007 and 3rd in 2008. Seems that losing him was not a big deal, in fact, helpful. He might be as good as some think, but he may be a guy that was in the right place at the right time in 2008 with the Giants, leading to overall failure in STL. Seems Gregg Williams was highly sought, after the 2009 season, and we see where he is now.

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