Goodell sits down with Costas

NBC Sports Network was born on January 2.  A month later, it officially came alive.

Costas Tonight debuted Thursday, live from the Indiana Repertory Theatre, with two hours of NFL talk, featuring a wide array of current players, former players, current coaches, and former coaches.

Oh, and the Commissioner.

Here’s Bob with Roger Goodell.  Among other things, Goodell says that the blackout policy isn’t antiquated and that any expansion of the league would entail two teams, not one.

We’ll post a few other segments (or maybe all of them) here tonight and tomorrow.

This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

8 responses to “Goodell sits down with Costas

  1. Please post it all. I really want the NBC network to succeed, I cannot stand ESPN. Also hope that the NBA returns to NBC – I miss their great coverage and the signature theme music, Ahmad Rashad, Bob Costas, Steve Snapper Jones, Marv Albert, etc.

  2. I was able to catch most of this program. For the most part I thought it was very, very good. Jerrah talked alot without saying anything, and in the coashes segment I was waiting for Dick Vermeil to start crying about something, anything. I thought Costas did a great job, especially hitting Jerrah and the comish on the NFL pricing itself out of the range of the average fan. Neither had a good response. Personal experience – when the Ravens came to town, they went the PSL route. I couldn’t afford them then, and can’t now, but a buddy of mine ponied up the bucks for three. The agreement was that I’d buy the game day ticket. We attended every home game, regular and pre-season, for about 7-8 years. Since then the single game face value ticket prices have doubled. To go to a game, which I admit is a fantastic experience, costs me about $200-$250. Can’t do that 10 times a season anymore. My buddy sells about half of the season’s game tickets to help pay for the whole package. It’s getting to the point where “Joe Averge” [me] can’t go to an NFL game.

  3. They should have never implemented that post season overtime rule; It was fine like it was. Tagliabue would’ve never brought that rule into play. Hopefully a team will never lose the SB in overtime by kicking ‘what should’ve been’ a game winning field goal.

  4. Okay time to put the whole “(your team) is moving to LA” to rest. Go to 9:38 in the interview. NFL not moving existing teams. NFL may go to 34 teams instead.

  5. 34 Teams
    18 games
    Thursday games
    London games
    Touch football rules installed
    This greedy little man is ruining football!

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