Matt Light makes fun of Tom Brady’s sweaters

Getty Images

You know you’ve reached the ridiculous portion of Super Bowl week when the players start talking about fashion. But at least Matt Light made it entertaining on Thursday morning.

Light was asked to weigh in on Tom Brady, and he chose to take a shot at Brady’s fashion sense.

“The sweaters,” Light said. “It’s like Mr. Rogers goes to Hollywood.”

Light said he actually wanted to wear one of Brady’s sweaters to today’s media availability, but he said he was already in trouble for sitting out Media Day because he wasn’t feeling well, and he didn’t want to push his luck.

Asked how his own life is different from Brady’s, Light answered, “Do you have a full pad of paper to write it all down?”

Light then talked about Brady’s mansion and said he has never been inside, but teammates who visited came back and reported on the nicest feature: Heated toilet seats.