Ochocinco may have a Super Bowl touchdown celebration ready


Chad Ochocinco has scored just one touchdown in a Patriots uniform, so the days when he was known for his end zone celebrations are in the distant past. But he says it’s possible we may see a touchdown celebration from him at Super Bowl XLVI.

Asked today if he’ll celebrate if he scores a on Sunday, Ochocinco said that’s a possibility.

“Normally, everybody knows I have crazy celebrations that I do all the time,” Ochocinco said. “I’ve been kind of quiet on the celebrations and the production this year, so if I score this Sunday I might do something. It’s the biggest stage.”

Ochocinco has played a grand total of one snap in the Patriots’ two playoff games, so it’s a long shot that he’ll actually get into the end zone on Sunday. But he says he’s preparing as if he’s going to have a big impact on the offense.

“My mindset is to be the same as it’s always been all year – I’ve been focused,” Ochocinco said. “I’ve just been waiting on those opportunities to come, and when they come I’m trying to make the most of them, and I’m taking that same approach this Sunday. When my number is called, I’m going to do everything I can to get open, make catches, make plays, and we’ll see what happens by the end of the game.”

Although Ochocinco hasn’t had the impact he expected in New England, he said he’s happy with the experience.

“It’s been good,” Ochocinco said. “It’s been enjoyable, and it’s been a dream of mine for years. To actually be on that stage is awesome. I didn’t get here the way I wanted to, but what more can I ask for?”

What Bill Belichick would ask is that in the unlikely event that Ochocinco does score on Sunday, he keeps his celebrations to a minimum.

36 responses to “Ochocinco may have a Super Bowl touchdown celebration ready

  1. giants 44 pats 13

    I dont think anyone on the pats will be too happy when he puts giants 15 yards closer to scoring another touch down.

  2. ocho will be benched after any celebration that is flagged

    i hope he has a brain, that being said its not looking very likely he will get the opportunity

  3. If he draws a celebration flag in the Super Bowl it will likely be the last thing he does as a Patriot except clean out his locker for good.

  4. IF he’s active and IF he plays, he scores a TD only IF the Pats are way up and willing to run up the score. The Giants may or may not lose, but if they do, I don’t see a blow out.

  5. For his celebration on catching a TD pass, I’d love to see Chad hand the football to the ref as he dashes back to the sidelines. Now that would be a sign of real maturity on his part and would bode well for a productive season next year with the Pats. I’d love to see Chad finish his career with a strong year or three with the Patriots.

  6. Chad won’t mess this up, I have faith. He’s gone all year doing the right thing as a teammate. If he scores, he won’t do anything penalty worthy. If I’m wrong, I hope he does get benched though.

  7. A touchdown “celebration” should be the last thing on his mind. Spontaneous reactions are celebrations; planned antics are exhibitionist “look at me” demonstrations.

  8. I have a touchdown dance planned as well. Fact is, both our dances after touchdowns will be because we watch someone score that touchdown, and neither of us will be on the active roster.

  9. The only way we see this celebration is 1) Gronk is out of the game and 2) the Giant secondary has a brain fart.

    If Gronk is healthy, Oucho Sitnko will not even be active. If he is active, his score will come during garbage time, which is fitting for his play this year.

  10. What is he thinking? Belichick has a rough decision on which 8 players he is going to sit. He is notorious for not tolerating foolish antics, so why would Chad say something like this? It makes no sense.

    I know there is a stereotype of all athletes being dumb as a bag of rocks, but in his case it appears to be true. Nothing this guy has ever said or done leads me to believe that he has much going on upstairs. Stupid.

  11. Watch Ocho go off and win MVP.

    and then…

    Brett Farve returning to the New York Jets as their starting quaterback!!!!!

  12. Chad Ochocinco may be Bill Belichick’s hidden weapon. He has kept him quiet all year with minimal success, so maybe Ochocinco piles on the receptions for big yards and a couple of scores? The Giants most likely have taken CO out of their plans because they don’t expect him to even be on the field. Maybe this is a bright chess move by BB? That Pawn may be a Giant killer Sunday, Ya never know.

  13. Typical diva, putting himself in front of the team and giving no credit to the guy who threw the ball, the big uglies up front who are fighting tooth and nail to give the QB time to throw, the TEs who draw double teams, the running backs to pick up the blitzers. Noooo, it’s all about Chad and his selfish dance that could put the special teams at a severe disadvantage when he draws that 15 yard penalty.

  14. In his 10 years with the Bengals, Ochocinco played in two playoff games and won zero.

    He is obviously just along for the ride this year but that will probably not stop him from showboating if he catches a touchdown.

    He has no shame.

    IMO … if anything he should maybe do the Gronk/Brady violent spike as a tribute to the whole team.

  15. Lots of hate for a player who has done nothing but be a good teammate. Their is a reason for Chad to be on the roster and with Gronk’s injury with 85 over the top.

  16. Chad wasn’t nearly as bad as the media portrayed him to be in Cincy. During the 09 season he constantly bought tickets so the game would sell out and gave them to charity. He’s a good guy id like to see him score Sunday as long as NY wins.

  17. “Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s inactive, wouldn’t surprise me if he goes for 150 and 2 TDs.”

    Really? I’d be stunned if he had 150 and 2 TD’S. Frankly, I’d be stunned if he has 50 and 1 TD. Chad is washed up, and the fact that he is planning a celebration that clearly will be a 15 yard penalty shows how much of a moron he is. This is the biggest football game he has ever played in, and 15 yards could cost his team the season, but he’s willing to risk it all for the “big stage.” What an idiot.

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