Packers stay in-house to replace Joe Philbin, promote Clements

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The Packers announced Thursday that they are staying in-house to replace outgoing offensive coordinator Joe Philbin. Quarterbacks coach Tom Clements received the promotion. calls it “the least surprising news of the NFL postseason.”

“Tom has been an integral part of our success and our staff, making it an obvious decision to promote him to offensive coordinator,” said head coach Mike McCarthy. “He has earned this opportunity and we look forward to continued offensive success in 2012.”

Philbin became the Dolphins’ head coach on January 20.

Clements spent the last six seasons overseeing the development of Aaron Rodgers. The Packers drafted Matt Flynn in 2008, and thanks at least in part to Clements’ tutelage, Flynn has played well enough in spot duty to garner a starting job in 2012 free agency.

McCarthy will continue to call the Packers’ offensive plays.

19 responses to “Packers stay in-house to replace Joe Philbin, promote Clements

  1. calls it “the least surprising news of the NFL postseason.”
    No, the least surprising news of the NFL postseason is the Packers going 1 and done in the playoffs.

  2. “…and starting at Quarterback for your Hamilton Tiger-Cats…number 2…Tom Clements!” Ivor Wynne Stadium cheers wildly…

  3. contra74 says:
    Feb 2, 2012 7:39 PM calls it “the least surprising news of the NFL postseason.”
    No, the least surprising news of the NFL postseason is the Packers going 1 and done in the playoffs.
    Even less surprising than the vikings not being there at all?

  4. Great news. This probably also allows them to keep another up-and-comer in Ben MacAdoo by promoting him to QB coach. It’s just a matter of time before he becomes a head coach.

  5. Least surprising news of all, PacQueer (look, I is as smarts as dey are and can change the name of the team) fans coming out after their mourning, binge drinking and sodomy fest to rip on the ViQueen fans (boy they sure are clever ones over there in bum-phuck nowhere to come up with that one). I am no MN fan, but man, GB fans might be the most OCD people ever about their worthless non-stock stock selling team….you say loyal, but the rest of the NFL fans have a lot of other names you. Now let’s see all the thumbs down from the Discount Double Choke fans because we all know they can dish it out but they can’t take it!!! (Sorry to stereotype the good GB fans, I know you are out there)

  6. My teams are the Nittany Lions in college pig, and the Steelers in the NFL.

    Both of those teams had freaking GOLDEN opportunities to try to reel in Clements. Both FAILED … miserably. Clements even made it clear he was up to the challenge at Penn State — and Penn State crapped their pants again.

    Too many reasons to list why Clements would have been a spectacular hire — and it blows to see both my teams completely asleep at the switch.

    So congratulations to Green Bay! Cheese Nation scored a HUGE coup – and I respect them for recognizing how much value Clements brings to the table. Clements deserves a strong team with great fans – and they deserve an innovative up and coming coach too.

    Love Clements – his next stop will be at the head coaching level in the NFL or high profile college team —- and he will kick tail. Mark it down.

  7. Contra – it’s amazing to me that you can rip on the Packers when the vikes aren’t close to sniffing the playoffs. You really need a hobby.

  8. There is no difference between QB coach and OC anyway on a team where the offense is run by the HC.

  9. I was at Notre Dame in 1961 and I had a friend named Dave Clements who was from McKees Rocks, Pa. and he used to tell me about his little brother Tommy who was such a hotshot little QB.

    December 31, 1973 the whole world found out how good he was.

  10. Good luck Tom. I’m sure you’ll do a great job. As a long-time Fighting Irish fan, with your intelligence and football knowledge and ability, I thought you should have gotten the head coaching job at your alma mater in 2005.

  11. Who Cares……..Barney Rubble calls the plays anyway and the Pack are sitting at home watching the SB. They are over and will not reach the playoffs next year.

    Their smoke and mirrors has been figured out.

  12. It’s good to shake things up at least a little bit every few years. Clements may have some new plays to suggest. Be interesting to see who takes over the QB coach post, because he’ll have some work to do with Harrell and probably some new guy.
    And the most surprising news of the season was the Vikings failing to get to the four win mark. Wow, I thought they could make it.

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