Report: Fitzgerald, Manning to have dinner in Indy


ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported on January 22 that the Arizona Cardinals have “real interest” in quarterback Peyton Manning, who is expected to become a free agent when the Colts decline his $28 million roster bonus before March 8. Schefter was adamant that Manning will be pursued by Arizona.

Larry Fitzgerald is making Schefter look good.

According to Tom James of the Terre Haute Tribune Star, Arizona’s All-Pro wideout is expected to dine with Manning in Indianapolis this week. James points out that Fitzgerald and Manning are friends, but reports Fitzgerald “would like Manning to consider [the] Cardinals” if/when the Colts release him.

Fitzgerald also took it upon himself to recruit Kevin Kolb to Arizona last summer. After a poor debut season with the Cardinals, it appears one of Kolb’s biggest supporters may already be turning the page.

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  1. Ryan has said the Jets would be interested in signing Manning if the Colts do not pick up the 36-year-old’s contract option.

    One Jets fan, former Jets running back Curtis Martin, thinks it’s a no-brainer.

    “I’m not saying anything against Mark Sanchez, but Peyton Manning… I have a lot of respect for the guy,” Martin said in an interview with on Jan. 27. “I played against him for a number of years.

    “I wouldn’t care who was on my team — if Peyton Manning was available, I would go after him.”

    anning missed the 2011 season while recovering from his third neck operation in two years. Regardless, Martin thinks he is the right man for the Jets.

    “I’m very bullish on taking that chance,” said Martin, who retired after the 2006 season and is a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “I don’t care if he’s 38, 36, whatever, I would be interested in taking that chance. At 35, 36, I’m definitely interested. You’re literally talking about one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game.”

  2. This will-he-play-won’t-he-play is getting ridiculous! I wished he’d just make up his mind and let us know what he’s going to do next year. I can’t take it anymore!

    Brett Favre

  3. Larry in two weeks:
    Hey sewwtheart, will you be my Valentine? Uh….wait…will YOU be my Valentine?
    Oh, look at her – I need HER to be my Valentine…

  4. So It’s becoming obvious that Fitz calls the shots in Arizona…He should look into getting a running back, and dump that cripple Beanie.

  5. Just pretending this means something…Peyton, are you sure you want to face that 9er pass rush twice year on that neck?

    He doesn’t and he won’t, he is never playing again. We all know he is done. If he comes back, he is dumber and more ego driven than Farve!

  6. I dont know that 2 professional athletes eating dinner together means anything other than they are friends. But what I find odd, is the way this is being handled. It is like some reality tv star whoring for attention. Why in the world would Larry Fitzgerald or Peyton Manning tell Schefter that they are planning on having dinner together prior to the Super Bowl???

  7. O my i would love this. Hope it happens just for being a Fitzy and Manning fan. It this goes down, look out NFC.

  8. enough already! the difference between favre and manning is favre knew he was going to play and just did not want to go to training camp. manning does no know if he can but is unwilling to let go of the huge payday he gets from the colts if they do not release him. if he truly wanted to remain a colt he would have done something or at least let them know he was willing to restructure the deal. he will be willing to take less from another team because of the 28 mil. he got for not playing last year and because he does not want to start from sctratch again. either way I do not feel sorry for the way he is being “treated” by the colts.

  9. It would be a great combo, Manning to Fitz but let’s remember who owns the Cards and there isn’t any way that the Bidwell family is spending that kinda cash.

  10. Hey, if Edge can take them to the Super Bowl (yes, as a Colt fan, I give more credit to Edgerin than Kurt Warner), Manning would certainly put them up there with NO, GB, SF, and the Giants to go to the SB.

  11. and in related news, Kevin Kolb to have dinner with DeSean Jackson! don’t get me wrong, Manning is way better than Kolb, but come on, way to support your teammates!! Fitz should be saying all the right things, such as we have a great team, we need to be healthy, we are working toward our ultimate goal….etc etc etc……

    if the Cards don’t end up with Manning, does Fitz really expect Kolb to go out of his way to get him the ball next year?

    Fitz should take a lesson from Calvin Johnson, who played with Jon Kitna, Dan Orvlosky, Drew Stanton and an injured Stafford, he constantly said if we do what we need to do and each hold ourselves accountable, we’ll be fine. Now they are on the upswing!

    Fitz is a me first player and a media darling, or he’d be called a cancer!

  12. ticalcaldwell says: Feb 2, 2012 1:53 PM

    who wouldnt want to see Peyton in their team’s uniform if he is healthy…We just got Dalton and I would have him sit to watch Peyton

    The Patriots, Packers, Saints, and Giants, to name a few.

  13. “…who is expected to become a free agent when the Colts decline his $28 million roster bonus before March 8.”

    Can somebody please provide me a link to where Irsay has stated that he will not pay the option bonus? I love this site because the reporters make me feel smart as a human being…. and they PAY these guys.

  14. Maybe they can both go to some other team that actually knows how to make the most of their talent. The Colts and Cards are certainly front-runners in the squandering department.

  15. thehighhat says:
    Feb 2, 2012 1:56 PM
    Thought Manning wanted to go to a team with the best chance at a Super Bowl, not the 3rd best team in the NFC West?!?


    He’s not going to SF, which is what they will go back to being next year.

  16. Peyton > kolb, skelton, max hall, Derek andersen, matt lienart, and richard bartel. So you cant say that Fitz should be kissing kolb or anyone elses ass. Dude wants to win. Its not that he runs the team, but the dude wants to win and needs a qb that can bring Fitz to the level of greatness he expects from himself. It would be dumb not to lobby for Manning.

  17. I bet that if Manning were throwing to Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders and Heath Miller the Steelers might finish better than 21st in scoring offense … and that included Batch’s 27 point watershed.

    Now of course Manning doesn’t “extend plays” while he hangs 40 points though.


  18. the only issue w this team is they only have Fitz. Manning is gonna need another threat. Kurt Warner made it to the Bowl bc of Fitz AND Boldin. They’re gonna have to make some moves to get some receivers to make it work

  19. broncrage says:
    Feb 2, 2012 2:17 PM
    didn’t understand why Kolb was so highly sought after last year and this year its Matt Flynn.. they are backups for a reason

    It all started when Scott “The Water Bufffalo” Mitchell won a game filling in for Marino.

  20. That would be cool. I’d have to root for the guy if he were playing for Cardinals.

    Lets hope the cat can actually still play.

  21. “didn’t understand why Kolb was so highly sought after last year and this year its Matt Flynn.. they are backups for a reason”

    Yeah, they were on teams with Pro Bowl/All Pro QB’s already in place.

  22. I like Peyton as much as the next guy, but lets remember this is the same guy with a losing record in the playoffs on what was basically an all star team. That Colts team was LOADED and they still only managed to win b/c of a few questionable calls in a playoff game and then facing Rex Grossman in the SB.

  23. I think Kurt Warner has a better chance at being the Cardinals QB than Peyton Manning does. Hell, Jim Hart has a better chance at being the starting QB for the Cardinals next year then Peyton Manning.

  24. I think Fitz needs to know his place and leave the player personnel moves to the front office. Last year he wanted Kolb and the Cards gave up DRC and a 2nd round pick. What would they have to give up now?

  25. He is going to MIAMI…….. He already has a home there and he goes golfing with Dan Marino………. Plus Steven Ross wants him and won’t be out bid!!!!

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