Rosenhaus says that if it wasn’t the Super Bowl, Gronkowski wouldn’t play


Agent Drew Rosenhaus, whose client list includes Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, visited the set of NBC SportsTalk on Thursday.  Surprisingly, the topic of Gronk’s ankle came up.

Rosenhaus was careful to point out that he didn’t want to get himself in trouble with Patriots coach Bill Belichick.  But Rosenhaus also conceded that the injury is sufficiently bad that, if it wasn’t the Super Bowl, Gronkowski definitely wouldn’t be playing.

Implicit in this is the notion that Gronkowski will be playing, since it’s in the Super Bowl.

The real question is whether and to what extent he’ll be effective.

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Or you can do all of the above.

32 responses to “Rosenhaus says that if it wasn’t the Super Bowl, Gronkowski wouldn’t play

  1. Or he does not play and bellichek wants new York to prepare for him. With no grimly, NE can use different sets then they have all year.

  2. Oh Drew, always saying things to get yourself in the headlines. How would the NFL ever function without you. 

  3. Every time I tackle that dude on Sunday… It’s gonna be low… It’s football, If a guy steps on the field, he’s fair game… Every player out there will know his weakness.

  4. Lots of pressure building on the Giants … Most of which they’re putting on themselves

    The latest is that the defense claims to be able to play Jedi mind tricks against Brady

    This is going to be the most epic of fails if the Giants can’t back up their trash talk

  5. Won’t make any difference if injured Gronk plays or not; Makes no difference if Toms wifey sends out a jillion emails begging mere humans to remotely influence the game by thinking good thoughts about Brady. Giants win.

  6. Either Gronk’s father and agent are telling the truth and Gronk is seriously injured or they’re blowing smoke to convince the Giants Gronk is seriously hurt so they might sleep on him during the game. That might work with Raheem Morris lol not gonna work with Tom Coughlin. On a side note if this is true and Drew is leaking out that Gronk is so hurt he couldn’t play under normal circumstances you know Belichick is going ape somewhere!!!!

  7. But it’s only a grade 1 sprain.

    Had this been Roethlisberger instead of Gronkowski, it certainly would have been mentioned multiple times.

  8. he wouldnt play if this werent the superbowl…..but yeah pats fans, despite that fact he’s still going to go out there and run circles around giants defenders, right?

    do yourselves a big favor and face reality; accept the fact that the patriots biggest weapon will probably be nothing more than a decoy on sunday. if the pats can beat the giants with welker, hernandez, ochocrappo and branch, then more power to them….i dont see that happening though.

  9. I think the whole world knows that if a football player can even limp, he’s going to play in the Super Bowl; who is going to turn it down?

    The question from all along is how effective can he be when he’s out there? If you have any kind of deductive skills, you’ve been sitting at that crossroads for nearly 10 days now.

  10. If he was worried about getting in trouble with Belichick he should have just said “next question.”

  11. Unless Belichick told him to say that (which is possible) he’s a complete idiot.

    Of course if someone is injured to the point where performing on it could injure it further, they probably wouldn’t play a regular season game.

    It’s not news, Rosenhaus just wanted to hear himself talk.

  12. Anyone that saw the injury or follows football knows any player is going to try and play in the Super Bowl with this injury. He has the entire off season to heal. Why would any player risk more damage during the regular season? I don’t think this information is going to impact the Giants game plan.

  13. You know what? Let him play. I just don’t want to hear about any lawsuits later on when he can’t walk saying the NFL knew about his problem and let him play.

  14. On the one hand, Rosenhaus and Belichick have a long established good working relationship, so maybe it’s a smoke screen. On the other hand, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Unfortunately for me the Pats fan, I think Rosenhaus pulled an “Irsay” and just started flapping his gums uncontrollably.

  15. Then again, Giants fans should maybe deflate their chests a little here. T.O., another Rosenhaus client, wouldn’t have played in Super Bowl 39 if it weren’t the Super Bowl. how did he do?

  16. Drool Rosenhaus is an agent. The guy’s job is to lie and spin. He’s even less trustworthy than the politicians in the presidential campaign race.

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