Sam Hurd trial set for April 2nd


Sam Hurd doesn’t have a contract for the 2012 season, but his offseason doesn’t look like it will be spent meeting with possible employers.

Instead, Hurd figures to spend much of it inside a courtroom in Dallas. U.S. District Judge Jorge Solis set a trial date of April 2nd for the former Bears wide receiver on charges that he tried to set up a drug distribution network. Hurd was arrested in Chicago on December 14th and stands accused of trying to buy large quantities of marijuana and cocaine from a supplier in Texas, which is why the case will be held in Dallas. Hurd was formerly a member of the Cowboys and he was cut by the Bears shortly after he was arrested.

When word of the arrest broke, there was discussion of other NFL players being on his client list. Hurd’s attorney denied those claims, but it’s a good bet that the league will be keeping an eye on the trial in case any damaging information should come to light as one of its former players is tried on charges that make him sound a lot more like Avon Barksdale than the special-teamer that he was throughout his career.

According to the Associated Press, there’s a chance that the trial date could be delayed following motions from attorneys on both sides. No matter when the trial starts, it’s a good bet we’ve seen the last of Hurd in an NFL uniform.