Stevie Johnson still hopes Bills re-sign him

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Impending free agent Stevie Johnson has the potential to be one of the top-five wide receivers available on the 2012 open market. But he’s been a featured player in the Bills’ offense, and hopes the team re-signs him.

Of course I’m hoping Buffalo will step up,” Johnson told the Buffalo News. “If not and I hit the market in free agency, then Buffalo is in the picture no matter what. But to be in free agency to see what other teams are saying, that’s also good.”

Johnson is keeping his options open, leaving contract talks and his future up to agent C.J. LaBoy.

“I told my agent that this is the first time I’ve been in this situation and I hired you and I trust your work,” Johnson explained. “I told him if there’s something that needs to be brought to the table, let me know about it and we’ll go from there. I’m trying to get better mentally and physically. Whatever stuff [the Bills] say, just bring it to my attention and that’s how we’ll go about it.”

Johnson, still only 25 years old, has racked up 158 receptions for 2,077 yards and 17 touchdowns over the past two seasons. He was a seventh-round pick out of Kentucky in the 2008 draft.

19 responses to “Stevie Johnson still hopes Bills re-sign him

  1. “Impending free agent Stevie Johnson has the potential to be one of the top-five wide receivers available on the 2012 open market.”

    And possibly the biggest me first jackass among them.

  2. Not only do the Bills NEED to sign Stevie, they need ANOTHER at #2.

    They have no depth whatsoever, not signing him is unexcusable.

  3. he just needs a group of WRs that are a little senior to him to calm him down a little bit. Hes a good WR, not a choke artist….hes young, not a dimwit. watch a presser with him, youll be suprised.

  4. If it wasn’t for God making him drop that touchdown catch last year, he’d would have left it in his hands.

    Stevie’s Plan B: CJ LaBoy

  5. They can do without him as long as they bring in more of a big play WR to take his place. Nelson can play the role of possession guy which Stevie has done for the most part. Their offense was struggling badly late in the season because teams adjusted to Fitzpatrick not stretching the field, which was due to his skillset and also the group of WR’s they had. If they bring in Vincent Jackson or Dwayne Bowe, I’d consider it a win.

  6. The Bills hope he learns how to catch the ball in the endzone when the game is on the line.

  7. 2 big drops and a 15-yd excessive celebration penalty for something you’ve done (unpenalized) in the past doesn’t make a 25 yr old WR a choke artist or a jackass. He can be a solid WR in Buffalo or somewhere else. Hopefully the drops won’t stop him from being fairly paid.

  8. Dbones750- thank you. Can’t understand why bills fans wana crucify him over 2 drops and a penalty for the same thing he didn’t get flagged for the season b4 in Cincinnati.

  9. The Plaxico shoot yourself in the leg touchdown dance was the best one in the history of the NFL

  10. I like the guy and I think he’s good. The T.D celebrations though, that stuff is over now so he can go ahead and quit with that.

  11. raiderlyfe510 says:
    Feb 2, 2012 3:39 PM
    Roger Goodell needs to make sure whatever team signs him take “Heimlich-Maneuver” training….That dude is a CHOKE ARTIST.

    Choke artist? He put up 8 receptions for 96 yards and a TD in a 38-35 win over your Raiders in week 2. Johnson also put up 8 receptions for 75 yards and a TD against the BEST CB in the league Darrelle Revis. While on Revis Island, he had a steak and waited an hour before doing the backstroke all the way back to Buffalo! Stevie Johnson is far from a choke artist!

  12. Stevie…. come back home to da bay my man, you need some GOLD to go with that RED. KEEP REPPIN THE 707

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