Super Bowl tickets averaging $2,750

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Few fans buy Super Bowl tickets at face value, so to know the real cost of tickets you have to know what they’re going for on the secondary market. And this year, the true average price of a ticket has been $2,750.

According to StubHub, $2,750 is the median price of Super Bowl tickets at the moment, which is a drop from the median price of $2,942 last year. That’s no surprise, as Packers and Steelers fans travel in greater numbers than Giants and Patriots fans do.

So far StubHub has sold about twice as many Super Bowl tickets to fans in New York or New Jersey as it has to fans in New England, so perhaps Bill Belichick was right to prepare for some crowd noise. Local fans in Indiana make up about 5 percent of the buyers.

The lowest price anyone has paid for a Super Bowl ticket on StubHub was a fan who purchased a ticket for $1,400 at the start of the playoffs, before we knew who’d be playing. The most anyone has paid yet was a New York buyer who will sit at the club level on the 50-yard line. That fan spent $13,530.

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  1. On a $2750 ticket, Stubhub collects $550 in fees. I just thought that needed to be mentioned.

  2. what ever happened to the NFL’s stance on scalping tickets for more than face value? I guess that all changes when they get a cut of the profits.

  3. I was talking to my friend’s dad about when he went to SB 23 in Miami. It was 1989. The ticket was in the $200’s. He is a carpet salesman.

    The stadium was full of actual fans. He could afford to go. Now, we have this.

    I know we live in a capitalistic society and we can all respect that but money will ruin this game eventually.

  4. Hmmmm. And Goodell wonders why fans just like to watch at home. Super Bowl will never have attendance issues, but come on man. That is pathetic.

  5. the super bowl is nothing but a big party for stars–people who haven’t watched any games during the season and probably only know the names of the QBs because someone told them. the REAL football fans will be sitting on their couch or at a bar watching the game. some lucky few will go to the games, but it will cost them. its quite sad actually. the super bowl is more about the NFL making money–and I wish goodell would just admit that rather than spin some bogus story about it being about the fans.

  6. That price is outrageous; a damn shame.

    If Roger Goodell wants to change something about the NFL, he can start with Super Bowl ticket prices. So much for caring about the average NFL fan.

  7. Goodell and the owners expect average fans to fill seats during the season, to buy outrageously priced merchandise, to install satellite dishes if they want access to their choice of games. The face value for Super Bowl tickets–for those few fans lucky enough to buy them at face value–was $800-$1200. That’s why most of the people in the stands for the sport’s biggest event are corporate suits and movie stars.

    I love the game. But I despise some of the people who run it.

  8. Most of the tickets go to owners, corporate sponsors, so-called VIPs, politicians, and celebrities. It’s completely absurd that the real fans are shut out or priced out. Most of those attending just want to be there and couldn’t name even more than 5 players on each team, if that. The NFL should set up giant tents nearby with free food/drinks for those fake fans like celebrities and VIPs/politicians with all the cameras they want and leave the stadium for real fans.

  9. Also season ticket holders of the two Super Bowl teams go into a draw to be able to buy tickets at face value, which is $1000 as set by the NFL.

  10. I’d rather go see my team in the NFC Championship. $500-1000 would get me 2 decent seats not to mention one team would get to play on their home field in front of fans that actually care.

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