Tony Gonzalez says 2012 season probably his last


Falcons tight end Tony Gonzalez signed a one-year, $7 million extension on January 1, and the new deal spanned only one year for good reason.

Gonzalez plans to call it a career after 2012. Tentatively, at least.

One year,” Gonzalez replied when asked on a Facebook chat Thursday how many more seasons he’ll play. “I said that last year, though, and the year before. But I really do believe this is it.

“First of all, this is the first time my wife has come to me and said, ‘You’re only going to play one more year, right?'”

Gonzalez, who turns 36 later this month, caught 80 passes for 875 yards and seven touchdowns in 2011. While Gonzalez still possesses soft hands, he has lost speed in recent seasons.

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  1. One of the reasons why I watched the probowl, watching Gonzo and Jimmy play T.E at the same time. It’s like the legend and the new up and comer right next to each other. I thought it was cool anyways. Sorry gonzo we all thought Matt Ryan was gonna be good, he’ll never win the big one though.

  2. And when Atlanta doesn’t win the Super Bowl next season, can we finally admit that it was a bad trade. That second rounder could have been used on Gronkowski, Jimmy Graham, Aaron Hernandez, or Dennis Pitta. Now TE is yet another position of need for the Falcons.

  3. It’s a shame his last year will be spent with such a mediocre QB like “Matty Ice” throwing to him.

  4. I am not a Falcons or Chiefs fan, but Tony is absolutely first class on and off the field. NFL needs more like him. I hope he goes in Canton as a Chief.

  5. Great TE. Never cared for the teams he played for, but I always recognized him as one of the elite players at his position. Also, I loved his outreach commercials to the potential Latino NFL fanbase. Smart move NFL, good job Tony. Have a good swan song season.

  6. I wish Tont was back home with the Chiefs.

    I would like to speak for the rest of the fans of Kansas City (not the Cheaps organization) that he was treated rotten by a Mr Hunt, who is draining money from the fans who he thinks is stupid, that we miss him, and other talented players we did not nor can lure to Kansas City because of our bad, cheap reputation.

    Look how bad the Chiefs grass looks in the renovated stadium. They don’t even paint the end zones anymore, or draw the AFC emblem or Logo in them either.

    I am humbled and embarrassed ro be a Cheaps fan, and am laughed at when I wear Cheaps attire throughout the country. It used to be respected.

  7. One of the best TEs to ever play the game. It is amazing that even after he has lost some speed, he still manages to haul in 80 receptions for 800 + yards and a decent amount of TDs. Most teams would relish to have these numbers come from the TE position.

  8. Most of his TE records will never be broken.. Witten is the closest on most but he needs about 8-10yrs to come close.. That speaks volumes..

    Tony, thanks for the great years in the NFL. See you in Canton soon!

  9. Used to think he was overrated as a TE because he mainly played receiver.

    I’m a bit of an NFL traditionalist so that always bothered me.

    But I saw him in a few interviews and he was nothing but a class act.

    Even if he was more of a receiver than a TE, he still got over 1000 receptions, which means he was a heck of a good receiver, even if he called himself a TE.

    It’s a shame that he never won a playoff game. I was kind of rooting for Atlanta in that last game just for Gonzalez.

    I still have trouble calling him a TE, but Gonzalez should be a first ball HOFer

  10. Tony was a gret receiving Tight End. Very average blocker at best. Kellen Winslow was better.

  11. Even through all those years he was with the Chiefs, I still admired him so much and still do today.

    Gonzo is the epitome of class and the kind of player the NFL needs more of.

    All the best to you, Tony.

  12. I thing Tony has proven every year that he is one of the best TE’s ever to play the game. I’ve been following tony ever since he was drafted to the chiefs and will continue to cheer him on even when he hangs it up!!!!!!

    HB ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

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