Toomer says ’07 Giants wideouts had to be “acrobats”

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Former Giants receiver Amani Toomer joined PFT Live on Wednesday to discuss, among other things, the differences between the 2007 Giants and the 2011 Giants.

One of the biggest differences relates to a guy who was on both teams.

Toomer, a key member of the Super Bowl XLII championship Giants, said that Eli’s accuracy has improved dramatically over the years, and that his “strike zone” has gotten smaller.

So how bad was it?  “We were acrobats,” Toomer said. “We had to be. . . . We didn’t have the chance to catch the ball, turn up field, and get as many yards as we can, because most of the time we were just trying to catch the ball.”

As a result, Toomer thinks that he and his colleagues from 2007 “could match up pretty well” with Hakeem Nicks, Victor Cruz, and Mario Manningham.

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25 responses to “Toomer says ’07 Giants wideouts had to be “acrobats”

  1. Toomer is right. When you see Eli “chuck and duck” this year, he usually finds a receiver. Before, he was so erratic that nobody knew where the ball was going – left right, high or low. He’s gotten better. Though he still does it, it’s not as often and besides, I’m convinced that before he didn’t just duck – I think he closed his eyes.

  2. The other, bigger reason those wrs didn’t get a chance to run after the catch was because they got very little separation and lacked the explosiveness that nicks and cruz have. Even plax as good as he was wasnt a big yards after the catch guy.

  3. Eli has turned out to be something special. This shows that a team shouldn’t give up on a player just because he hasnt lived up too expectations right away. Takes time, and when it works out…you in your second superbowl.
    But there are players who u know are horrible. Eli kept u intrested

  4. You guys were possession receivers, these guys are not. Nothing but warm fuzzies all the way back to Homer…but puhleeze…

  5. Exactly! Eli used to hang his receivers out to dry all the time… that is why Giants receivers had to be 6’5” or athletic with jumping ability. Eli was dangerous and was lucky more guys didn’t get hurt. That is something real elite QBs don’t do. He has improved, but he is a step below his brother and other real elite QBs.

  6. Apparently toomer hasn’t watched any giants games this season. Every game nicks and cruz make rediculous catches that a lesser player would never make.

    This is the best 1-2 punch at wideout I’ve ever seen on the giants.

  7. Eli has had some stupid plays, but being a fan of the Giants, I watched all those games, the two game where I can agree with that statement was the Washington game with crazy wind, and Miam where there was the crappy london field and it was raining both of those games were horrible for any offense. Now in defense of Eli, the Giants led the NFL in drops that year and Toomer led all recievers in drops. So if you were in that category you would say that too. I watched a couple of deep TD’s by Plax and simple 3rd down routes be dropped. The Giants back then had a great rushing game, so if your Eli and your throwing for the most part on 3rd down and your recievers are dropping balls your stats would suck too! I always believed Eli was not the problem because if you were just watching ESPN you would say he stunk. If your watching games, and see all drops every year for the most part on drive ending 3rd downs you know stats don’t tell the story.

  8. Amani is one of my favorite GMen and I am grateful him for so many important catches. It’s true hat Eli has dramatically improved. But, Amani should admit that today’s receiving corps is better than his was.

  9. Yeah, ok toomer. Best second option in the nfl for years. But these guys are light years ahead of the 07 receiving corps. Quite possibly the best receiving group the giants have ever had.

  10. Toomer was a great Giant, one of my all-time favorites. Probably the best field-awareness of any Giants WR ever. And he was a good combo with Plax. But Toomer, Plax and the rookie Steve Smith (who missed 10 games that year) have nothing on Nicks, Cruz and Manningham, who are easily the best Giants trio ever.

  11. How many times this season has Eli hit his recievers on the numbers, just for them to drop it? More times then i can count.

  12. You’re being a straight homer or you just have a REALLY bad memory if you don’t remember how much Eli used to not hit his receivers in stride.

    I was just talking about this a couple of weeks ago with a friend of mine, the difference between then and now is that Eli hits the receivers in stride way more often so they don’t lose a step. Once the DB is beat he is beat.

    Seriously, if you think Eli is the same QB now as he was 5 years ago you are on crack. He makes ridiculous throws now. Tough, HARD throws with pinpoint accuracy.

    If he could make these types of throws 5 years ago separation wouldn’t be such an issue. He’d just put it where it needs to be and march down the field with YAC.

  13. Hitting them in stride and putting the ball where they are going to be makes a big difference. People don’t mention this much with Brady. There’s a reason the Pats receivers have so much YAC, and it’s not just their athletic ability.

    Reading these comments, I’m sad to see that perhaps Eli has improved.

  14. this guy needs to shut his mouth ASAP. Go home and count your money Amani, nobody wants to hear from you. The truth is you were an old washed up WR in 07 and when Eli scanned the field it went in this order; Plax,Boss,Smith,Bradshaw,Fullback,OutOfBounds,Tyree,Crowd,Amani.

    Get over yourself and let the players play.

  15. I agree with Toomer, that his receiver corp could match up very well with this year’s group. It’s funny people forget how erratic and inconsistent Eli was four years ago and those tall receivers had to worry more about catching it than YAC. Nobody can deny that Eli now throws the ball more accurately, throwing into tighter spaces. In ’07, he’d tend to chuck it up and rely on guys like Plax to play small/power forward and catch the ball. Let’s face it, without Plax on that team, they do not go on a run and win that SuperBowl. He bailed out Eli so many times. You can clearly see that they missed him towards the middle to end of the ’08 season.

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