Irsay: “Colts family remain close and unified”

It looks like someone within the Colts organization talked owner Jim Irsay out of releasing a statement on Peyton Manning’s health on Friday.  (Good idea.)

So he decided to release a statement that says nothing at all instead. With a picture attached!

“Peyton Manning, Jim Irsay and the entire Colts family remain close and unified as we continue to work through all the options that relate to his future with the Colts,” the statement reads. “The present focus is on the Super Bowl and the great game that awaits.

“A good time was had by all at the Colts party Thursday night.”

Colts fans everywhere surely say thank you.

We can feel the awkwardness just looking at that picture. It’s like a divorcing family’s last Christmas card.

UPDATE 4:56 p.m. ET: Yes, that is Meg Ryan in the photo.

53 responses to “Irsay: “Colts family remain close and unified”

  1. Little late for that statement. These JA’s are taking the focus off of who really deserves it. Not a drunken owner and his hobbled QB.

  2. “And my mouth remains large and stupified”

    My judgement?
    “poor and unsanitized?

    My wife?
    “bitter and unsatisfied”

    My twitter account?
    “huge and idolized”

  3. shut up dude. Your dad was a liar and you are a liar. Hurry up and cut Peyton so we can all move on and you can go back to be an embarassment of an organization.

  4. What kind of family fires people and tells others that they aren’t good enough to be a family member? Memo to coaches and players: Whenever you hear a team owner refer to his team as being a “family,” put both hands on your wallet.

  5. before seeing the Meg Ryan quote, I was thinking to myself, “Nice work Peyton, you got yourself a cougar”.

  6. “Colts family remain close and unified”



    Since Peyton is causing such trouble, he’s no longer in the Colts family.

  7. I always thought Peyton would be able to choose to go to Houston or San Francisco but now I think the Colts are gonna trade him. How else are they gonna rebuild?

  8. This certainly is conjuring up memories of 2008 and Favre. The main difference is that Mark Murphy (new president at the time) said very little, GM Ted Thompson said next to nothing, and Mike McCarthy stuck to a very businesslike script when he was repeatedly questioned. Thompson in particular was villified as stupid and aloof inside and outside Wisconsin by many. He doesn’t look so dumb anymore. Fortunately the new Colts Coach Pagano can keep this at arm’s length. Manning’s camp has indeed dropped a PR bomb or two, just like the Favre camp, and yet Irsay is incapable of shutting up for even 24 hours. Notice that the Patriots and Giants also have GMs/Coaches and owners who know that many things are best left unsaid. Was it Abe Lincoln credited with the classic, “Better for others to wonder if you are a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

  9. I’m sure I speak for the majority of PFT readers when I say, I am sick of this tweeting putz! Hearing his comments are worse than Brett Favre comeback stories.

  10. Wonder what Chuck Pagano was thinking going to work for Irsay. I loved him as Ravens D coordinator, he worked for a great owner and now he’s walking into a 3 ring circus with Bruce Arians, Steeler bum of a coordinator working with him. over under on that job is 1.5 years

  11. Jerry Jones has changed the game……the owners are “flexin” with Goodell as their well paid puppet……Damn I picked the wrong career! !!!!

  12. I’ve cursed him. I’ve rooted against him. I’ve used his name in vain and made fun of his looks.
    It was all because he is a winner and he played for the Irsays.

    What I found out is that he is an incredible competitor, carried his team into the playoffs in years when they had nothing and by the way, is funny and engaging!

    Now I can root for him to go to another team and come back and stomp the Colts into hell!

    Situations make for strange bed fellows, revisionist history and changes in who we support.

    Funny stuff!

  13. Meg Ryan… That’s Buddy’s granddaughter, right? She should tell her uncles to pipe down until they win something…

  14. milehighphan says: Feb 3, 2012 5:50 PM

    I always thought Peyton would be able to choose to go to Houston or San Francisco but now I think the Colts are gonna trade him. How else are they gonna rebuild?
    Goobs, No team is going to trade for a 36 year old QB that may never play again. Peyton will be cut, not traded. Both Houston and SF would be stupid to sign Peyton.

  15. ampatsisahypocrite says: Feb 3, 2012 7:11 PM

    It just goes to show… the Baltimore Ravens will never get to the Super Bowl with Joe Flacco at QB.

    Earth to Goobs, Joe Flacco almost made it to the Super Bowl two weeks ago.

  16. Irsay certainly is coming across as Baghdad Bob as of late.

    Not sure about Peyton letting his medical info out in Super Bowl week, though. Not what I expected from a supposedly high character guy.

  17. So sick of hearing about this. Irsay is a total idiot who thinks he’s a clever, funny guy. He’s not.

  18. Isray is smoking too much horse dung. The marriage is over. Manning will be playing at FedEx, throwing to Oucho Stinko and Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards.

  19. WoW, some of you folks need to get a grip on the reality of the “principals” involved situation.
    Its a win/win for both sides.

  20. geessss , i’ll blame the founders of twitter,and the originator of twitter Jack Dorsey .
    Peytons doing what every othe man , women,ect., would do when someone trys to cut there throat.
    should never have introduced twitter to Irsay, HE DON’T KNOW WHEN TO STOP TWEETING

  21. Just because the media likes to spin it so Manning and Irsay had a “fight” (supposedly) does not mean Manning is leaving the Colts. I can’t wait to read the apologetic stories from these “reporters” next season when Manning suits up in Colts blue.

  22. stoneydog1000 says: Feb 3, 2012 8:36 PM

    and, Birch Bayh is rolling in his grave.
    Especially since he is not dead.

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