Irsay says Peyton hasn’t been cleared to play


On Thursday, when a report emerged from ESPN that Colts (for now) quarterback Peyton Manning has been cleared to play, my first reaction (as explained live on NBC SportsTalk) was that clearance to play and the full return of arm strength are two different things.

My second reaction (as explained live on NBC SportsTalk) was that we’d undoubtedly be hearing from Colts owner Jim Irsay via Twitter.

And we have.

“Peyton has not passed our physical nor has he been cleared to play for The Indianapolis Colts,” Irsay said early Friday on his Twitter page.  “Team statement coming on Friday.”

It’s not surprising, especially since the explanation provided if/when (when) the Colts cut Manning likely will be that Irsay can’t in good conscience allow him to risk serious injury by returning to action, even if the truth may be that Irsay won’t risk paying him another $28 million and getting possibly nothing in return.

Even if Peyon Manning receives clearance to set foot on a football field during game conditions, it doesn’t mean that Peyton Manning will be able to throw like Peyton Manning.  And so it doesn’t make sense to throw that kind of money at Peyton Manning, unless Irsay is sure Peyton Manning will be able to throw like Peyton Manning.

The best news is that Irsay continues to fail to follow his own directive to keep these matters in house.  Otherwise, we would be left to focus only on the football game that’s due to be played Sunday night.

69 responses to “Irsay says Peyton hasn’t been cleared to play

  1. I understand Irsay’s wanting to defend his team’s strategies when PM puts all that stuff out there with Trey Wingo on ESPN (or he Favres it up with the passive aggressive leak strategy) but I agree that he should rise above that and say nothing. No one is forced to say anything ever, it’s all a choice. He can simply say “we are concentrating on this wonderful opportunity for our city and will address all that at a later time” when asked for comment. Lather, rinse, repeat as needed.

  2. Irsays POV : I paid manning that huge contract, then he had the surgery, he screwed me over now im going to screw him over

    Mannings POV : Im peyton freaking manning, best QB of all time (arguably)!

    I still take mannings’ side, he is the best QB of all time in my opinion.

  3. His neck is never gonna heal! Has anyone paid attention to how dam big his head is? Ofcourse his neck is failing, its holding up a deep freezer.

    Maybe if they drained the 15 gallons of water out of the front of his head he’d be good to go!

  4. You’re exactly right. What the doctor said to Manning is the bone in his neck has healed/is stable to the point where Manning can resume playing football. What the Doc didn’t say and can’t say is if Manning’s arm strength will ever return.

    What’s pathetic here is how Peyton Manning has attempted to make SB week all about himself. Some things about Peyton will never change.

  5. This can only end badly. With that said, Peyton Manning’s most lethal tool in a football game is his mind – even with Chad Pennington’s arm, Manning can carve the opposition apart.

  6. This couldn’t wait? Sure the SB is in Heyseed Country, but Irsay just can’t control himself?
    Nice job there Jim!

  7. Has Iraay been drinking the Jerry Jones koolaid? Seems like he gets a little more concussed each day.

  8. Irsay may not be a very smart man and he may be borderline crazy. At least his tweets are but I am enjoying his little outbursts. This is almost as fun as watching Favre unretire. Unfortunately I doubt it will have the longevity of the Favre watch as he should be cut sometime in the next 4-5 weeks. But then that just means stage 2 of the Manning drama which is who will sign him. Followed by stage 3 will he get his arm strength back by training camp. Followed by Stage 4 of the pre-season will he play and if is how much. Followed by a few other stages.

    Really this has the makings of a 8 month drama. Unfortunately Irsay who is the most quotable and interesting character in this drama will be removed from the drama in the next month.

    Some people will not like the Manning watch and will grow bored of it. But as a football fan at least its something to pay attention to.

  9. Now Irsay is sounding really childish.

    At least of he had said something like “That’s great news, I can’t wait to have our doctors do what they have to do.”

  10. Further evidence that ESPN will report anything coming out of a players mouth without doing any research. If the network had any integrity this might be an issue but luckily lack of integrity is a requirement for the job.

  11. This is becoming an absolute mess. While the NFL is a business, few have led a team for as long and as well as Manning has. Where would the Colts be without him? The man deserves to be treated better from the franchise. I’m not saying that he shouldn’t be cut if he can’t play, but Irsay should be handling this with a bit more class.

    What must Luck or RG3 be thinking at the prospect of being drafted into this franchise?

  12. Irsay is trying to protect himself from the fan outrage and PR nightmare he is about to create when he releases the best QB the Colts have every known.

    I doubt Irsay’s plan, to insure his bought and paid for “team doctor” will report that Manning didn’t pass the Colts physical…that excuse is not going to fly with most Colt fans.

    It is what it is…an NFL owner willing to kick his franchise’s best player to the curb to make room for the young stud.

  13. They should make an All State Mayhem commercial based off of this guy.

    “I’m a 60 year old football team owner with a lazy eye who cant stop tweeting. I just cant resist the urge to tweet about my team even after I declared all issues should be handled in house. What I didnt say, is that my tweets dont count. The eyes of a nation are focused upon Indianapolis as we host the biggest game of the year, but I cant help myself. I gotta tweet no matter what. Get All State insurance. Protect yourself from Mayhem…like me.”

  14. This is a battle for hearts and minds going on. He had to respond like that; the initial report overstated things a little. He needed to clarify that the “cleared to play” didn’t mean “ready to play”.

    Generally keeping things in-house is the best policy, but this is the biggest move in team history… okay, second-biggest move after the Mayflower exodus. You have to keep the fans in the loop if you want them to remain fans.

  15. Irsay and Manning should be ashamed of themselves. Stop talking about this until after the Super Bowl. Taking focus away from the actual game is ridiculous.

  16. Since the Irsay’s bought the Colts in 1982. The 16 season prior to getting Peyton Manning. 3 Playoffs appearances. Since Peyton Manning was a starter for 13 season. They’ve been to the playoffs 11 times. This season no Peyton and 2-14.

  17. Irsay should just come out and say that Payton will never play another down in a colts uniform. It’s what is best for the team long run and probably for Peyton as well if he is looking to play meaningful football at the end of his career.

    It’s embarrassing to watch him try and curtail every news story that comes out. Every time I see a statement from him am reminded of the Iraqi Information Minister.

  18. I’m pretty sure Irsay is on his way to having Andrew Luck say “No Way!” to the Colts.

  19. Irsay sure loves the spotlight. What is this clown going to do for attention after the Superbowl leaves town and he cuts Manning?

  20. I am confused.

    Peyton Manning may not be able to throw like Peyton Manning, but who is this Peyon Manning guy you speak of.

    Your work product is marginal.

  21. 1) Jim Isray needs to stop using twitter, because this whole controversy between him and Peyton seemed to calm down this week and now he posts this. After doctors clear Peyton to play, the Colts have not cleared Peyton to play. What a moron.

    2) His team needs way more than a quarterback. All I have to say is remember the Saints game, they lost 62-7! That is all defense right there. Sure, the offense could of put up more points but not even Peyton could of. You need help on offense but way more of it on defense. To threaten one of the best QB’s to ever play the game, even if he is a financial/health risk is something I overlook because he will most likely play again, and your team is desperate for defensive help.

    Isray should suck it up and pay the man, he is making so much money off of the Superbowl right now that $28million dollar bonus is more like $28 to him. Trade down and get every possible penny you can get with the number 1 pick.

  22. One last thing, if they really wanted to help this team offensively. They could’ve gotten Kyle Orton, but didn’t for what ever dumb reason.

  23. no love for management but Irsay’s twitter is in response to Manning’s announcement. He has no choice but to respond.

  24. The Manning camp sure knows how to have their way. Eli pulled off the move to NYG. Peyton’s going to win the PR war in the hearts of Colts fans.

    Personally if I was Irsay, I don’t think I would spend $28 million if the medical staff has even 1% doubt. Did I not pay him $23million(that’s the number that I can recollect) last season already ?

  25. Irsay is talking about THE most important thing in HIS life right now. He doesn’t, and shouldn’t, give a wet rat fart about the Patriots/Giants superbowl.

  26. Sorry, that was a bit harsh. I’m sure you guys are partying it up during Super Bowl week. I apologize to Mike, Peyton and Peyon.

  27. Why does Mr Irsay keep bringing up Peyton Manning? This is Super bowl week let it be that.
    All his Twittering is so childish, and he doesn’t stop.
    I would have thought he had more to do this week than deal with Peyton. He does have the Super Bowl in town, unless he’s in a “daze”.

  28. Until this tweet, I had thought that the door was left open for Manning to return. This statement by Irsay really shows his hand more than anything thus far.

    Originally he had said that ‘if Manning was healthy he would be a Colt’. Now I realize that the interpretation of Manning being healthy will be determined by Irsay and that is how this whole thing is going to go down.

  29. Irsay is getting to be worse than Jerry Jones. Can he just not shut-up? Disnt he just say that he wasnt going to comment on Manning again durin Supe nowl week? Why does he feel the need to comment at all. he should just not say anything about Manning at all and wait for the deadline and advise Manning of his decision. No public comment is necessary.

  30. There’s a game Sunday night? Who’s playing? As I said in another post, Irsay is proving the old adage that it is better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you are a fool than to open your mouth and prove it. I am a Colts fan much more than a Peyton fan but Irsay is driving me to the latter every time he speaks.

  31. Irsay is digging himself a hole a foot wide and a mile deep, and now he’s looking up at a pinhole.

    Even if he is in the right to cut 18, with how this war of words has been waged, many are going to side with Manning.

  32. IF the report was correct, and he was cleared, it was probably by his own doctors, but clearly, not yet by the team doctors.

  33. Well Brandon Marshall, you KNOW Peyton will give you MORE than an earful if you continually drop passes from him, so get some sticky gloves so you dont make 18 look bad when he comes down to Miami.

  34. 28 mill noway! cut this big game loser now and start over with luck! ELI’s better in the clutch!

  35. I believe I posted that this exact scenerio would happen about a week ago. The writting is on the wall Peytons days as a colt are done. If they can do it to Unitas they will do it to Manning.

  36. This guy is quickly becoming a clown as an owner, joining the likes of Stephen Ross and Jerry Jones

  37. Manning should stop all this speculation…He knows that he will not be back. Not fair to all the Colts fans he keeps stringing along.

  38. It’s all part of the PR game. And Irsay keeps getting beat up in it.

    The Indy fans will be less than thrilled when Irsay releases Manning and now he can’t fall back on “he can’t play” as an excuse.

    All Irsay can say now is…. “Peyton has been cleared to play. SO has Curtis Painter. And SO has Kerry Collins. You want me to give them $28 million too?”

  39. mcjon22 says: Feb 3, 2012 9:58 AM

    Does Isray have a drinking problem? I don’t see too many other owners tweeting at 2 in the morning on almost a daily basis


  40. I agree with mchon22’s speculation. Irsay has got to be a huge drinker. If not, he has not excuse for tweeting and running his mouth like a scorned middle schooler. Obviously inherited money.

  41. Irsay is right in this case.

    Peyton is trying to pressure him to “s–t or get off the pot”. The Colts are the ones who have to clear him to play, not some lackey a$$kisser doc of Manning’s.

    I don’t even like the Colts or Irsay but I like Jughead less.

    What time is the Dallas-Jets SB?

  42. Colts fans,

    Just remember it was YOU who chanted “Suck for Luck”. It was YOU who chose to run Peyton out of town based on nothing more than the POTENTIAL of a college kid.

    So good luck to ya, no pun intended. If Peyton does get back on the field somewhere, there is no doubt in my mind you will be made to look like fools.

    You’d think there would be more loyalty to a guy that was literally the franchise for more than the past decade..

    What an absolute shame.

  43. jonv1127 says: Feb 3, 2012 8:42 AM

    Isray should suck it up and pay the man, he is making so much money off of the Superbowl right now that $28million dollar bonus is more like $28 to him. Trade down and get every possible penny you can get with the number 1 pick

    How is Irsay making money off the SB? so many people have no idea how the NFL works. The League runs ALL playoff games. They collect ALL revenue including TV money AND ticket receipts. The host team does not get the ticket revenue. The Leauge will pay all expenses but the Colts are not profiting. they may get reimbursed but by no means is this a cash cow for the Host team.

  44. berniemadoffsides says:
    Feb 3, 2012 7:19 AM

    Makes perfect sense…. “Irsay’s not Peyon Manning another dime.”

  45. What coverage is everyone so upset about missing because of the this? There’s only so many times they can talk about which one of those walking dildos is going to most effectively shimmy themselves around in the pocket.

  46. No position on which of these guys is “right,” but I have to give Peyton the nod as far as managing the battle of propaganda and words.

    He said his peace (about it being difficult to rehab there and everyone being on eggshells), which didn’t come off as a slap in Irsay’s face. Negative, yes, but more observational than accusatory.

    Irsay took it personally and responded in kind, calling Peyton a politician.

    Point to Manning.

    Peyton went back to the same reporter and clarified his remarks. Irsay…

    Point to Manning.

    Irsay and Peyton issued a joint statement. Irsay said he wouldn’t talk about Peyton for the rest of the week. He went back on that within 24 hours.

    Point to Manning.

    Manning keeps his mouth shut, but has his doctor issue the statement about his clearance to return to play. Irsay, like a blinded fighter, swings wildly in a 2AM tweet that resembles a “My ball, my rules” schoolyard tantrum.

    Point to Manning.

    Honestly, it seems like Manning is playing chess against a drunk howler monkey. Not that I’m siding with Manning, but he’s winning every exchange. At this point he probably realizes that if he needs some public sentiment to run his way, all he needs to do is elicit another tweet from Irsay.

  47. Irsay doesn’t get it Peyton does. Peyton just wants Irsay to be up front and honest and say that the team is moving on, so that Peyton can move on.

    Over the last couple months, Irsay has run keeps changing his story and letting his actions say that he isn’t going to pay Peyton, even though he won’t say it.

    Everyone knows it.

    Just say it, there are fans that will be angry, however with all of his infernal tweeting, he has managed to anger more fans with that.

    Peyton has always been cerebral in how he handles things, this is no different.

    To those that say Irsay was forced to respond, your wrong. Sometimes the best thing to do is not say anything. If he doesn’t say anything he waits until after the SB, and then he lets everyone know what is happening through a press conference and not twitter.

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