Jaguars will be changing to black uniforms in 2013

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Shad Khan is starting to put his stamp on the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The new owner announced Friday, via John Oehser of, that the team will be switching the color of their uniforms from teal to black for the 2013 season. The team previously used black as a third jersey, usually for prime time games, but former owner Wayne Weaver discontinued the practice in 2009 because he felt the team’s various uniform combinations got in the way of establishing a permanent identity.

That identity started changing with the departure of Jack Del Rio as head coach during the season, continued with Khan buying the team and will keep on progressing through the debut of new uniforms. If those changes don’t include some moves that lead to a consistent winner, none of them will do much to really impact the identity of the team outside the fashion pages.

Nike’s arrival as the league’s new uniform supplier is likely part of the decision to make a change. The Jaguars are one of the flagship teams for the apparel behemoth — think Oregon in the college ranks — and will be one of the first teams to get a whole new uniform as part of the change from Reebok.

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  1. OMG! Black uniforms? I’m sure all the other teams are frightened!

    I wonder if they will try to license the original leaping cat logo that they tried to lift from the auto manufacturer early on.

  2. Well I’m

    back in black
    avoid the sack
    flip the ball to the running back

    I got

    fast eyes
    nine lives
    using ’em up on those goal line dives

  3. That’s a good call. Those unis are pretty cool looking.

    And this Khan dude is quite a character. I’m sure Jags fans are in for an interesting ride with this guy.

  4. Black. What an original, inspired choice.
    Because we just can’t have too much black in the League. Raiders, Saints, Panthers, and what seems like about half a dozen “alternate” jerseys (see: Lions, Detroit — “We added black piping to our uniforms, so technically it’s one of our colors).

    Way to stand out there, Shad.
    Black pants, too, I assume. That’ll make your team look coooooooool.


  5. Still waiting to read about how Khan has to buy back all the teal jerseys before he can make that change…

  6. Just goes to show that everybody wants to be a Raider, LMAO!!!
    Saints were the first team to wear all black in a game.

  7. I really wish it was like college, where each team was able to choose their preferred outfitter. I have nothing against Nike. Nothing against Reebok or adidas or Under Armour. But I think the competition would be much greater if each apparel company had to bid to put teams in their uniforms.

    For instance, the Ravens would most definitely be Under Armour considering Ray Lewis and Anquan Boldin are repped by UA, and it’s the home state team of UA’s founder.

    I imagine the rest of the league would be split about the same as what I perceive college to be. 65% Nike, 30% adidas, and maybe 5% UA. Georgia Tech’s Russell Athletic duds don’t really count. Lol. I think Reebok will stick to whatever it is they do. NHL or something.

    But I think it should be up to the individual teams who they want to make their uniforms. Maybe after Nike’s 10-year run, they’ll go back to doing that.

  8. Just imagine if every team in the league switched to black uniforms, they would all look so cool!

    Only dumbasses think that switching to black is the solution to improve branding. This stupid trend was started by the Falcons back in 1990. I’m ready for them to switch back to the red helmets. The black Falcon helmet is just stupid.

    The Eagles, Lions, Panthers, Jaguars, Falcons, Ravens, and Cardinals should all be ashamed of themselves. Colors don’t make a team intimidating. The team makes their colors intimidating.

  9. Oh jeez, I thought we were getting away from the last decade of abominable and uncreative unis where everyone thought they needed to wear black. Some teams, like the Mets, are starting to realize it was stupid and go back to their original look.

    Kahn, you’re behind the times, man.

  10. Any word on if the 14 fans who bought the new teal ones that will be discontinued (amd the tarps) can get a refund?

  11. gmen1987 says:
    Feb 3, 2012 5:00 PM
    Black uniforms for a city that is hot and humid for the 1st half of the season. Smart.


    They usually wear the white jerseys at home during the hot days anyway…

  12. Ok….then go with Black Pants and Teal Pants…mix and match them for home and away throughout the season…(Nix the white ones…>_<)

  13. I hate when teams wear black when their colors aren’t black… only the Steelers, Raiders, etc. should get to wear black. Ooh, let’s look all tough, we’re in black, ooh ooh ooh!

    So fake, so phony. The NFL should stop you from wearing the colors you weren’t issued.

    Newsflash: you’re supposed to be TEAL!

  14. nowillrepeat says: “Saints were the first team to wear all black in a game.”

    You say that like it’s something to be proud of.

  15. footballfan15 says:
    gmen1987 says:”Black uniforms for a city that is
    hot and humid for the 1st half of the season. Smart.”


    “They usually wear the white jerseys at home during the hot days anyway…”

    Oh, that’s a whole OTHER can of worms. This wearing of Away uniforms at Home games just needs to stop.

  16. FYI… There has been no blackouts in Jacksonville since 2009. Jaguars were also 24th in attendance this past season. Where do you morons get your information?

  17. txxxchief says:
    Feb 3, 2012 4:51 PM
    OMG! Black uniforms? I’m sure all the other teams are frightened!

    They sure did punk the Ravens, didn’t they?
    That defense dominated them – it would’ve been a higher score, if Gabbert weren’t so horrible at QB.

  18. gmen1987 says:
    Feb 3, 2012 5:00 PM
    Black uniforms for a city that is hot and humid for the 1st half of the season. Smart.
    not if they wear them in night games, dummy.

  19. trbowman says:
    Feb 3, 2012 5:19 PM
    I hate Nike.


    I’m sure they care. A small jogging shoe company in Oregon, ends up signing with the greatest basketball player of all time, then becoming the greatest, most recognizable logo in the world.

    A lot to hate. Between, Nike and Microsoft, the Northwest has been pretty dominant.

  20. Plain black pants with matching black socks makes it look like the players are wearing long underwear.

    As for the Lions, the logo and script updates were great. But then they had to go and put that ugly, too-thin center stripe on the helmet. It makes it look like one of those kiddie NFL uniforms you can buy at Toys R Us for $20.

  21. Black unis with teal numbers and trim should look ok as long as the Nike swatch is in black so it can’t be seen.

  22. Oh black, now that’s original, if they look anything like the dreadful Ravens black, they’ll never get further than the AFC Championship game.

  23. I can always predict the 4-5 users who will make the same remarks in any news article related to the Jaguars.

    It is like clockwork.

  24. must say the Ravens all blacks are horrendous – i go back and forth between the Pats vs Ravens and the Giants vs 49ers and the NY-SF game is so much better to watch – is it the grass ? the rain ? the action and emotion ? or is it the Ravens style of play , the awful black unis and black socks – why was one semi dull and the other epic

  25. Good, maybe now the Ravens will stop wearing their ugly black unis.

    A lot of college teams refused to let these idiots trick them out like Halloween. Hope the Steelers send the emperor’s tailors packing, too. If it ain’t broke …

  26. “375” was in the black unis and the teal is still the alternate, so I kinda like it. When the Jags switched their jerseys in Weaver’s attempt to better brand the team, he used a cutting edge blend called CoolBlack which lowers the temperature of the wearer regardless of color. I think 1 or 2 other teams may be using it now. So long as the new unis are made with the same material the heat should continue to be an advantage.

  27. I just hope they’re not going with the black jersey and black pants look. The solid color jersey and pants combo is easily the ugliest combo in all of football, no matter the colors involved. The Jags, Ravens, and Saints, all in black, look like crap. The Eagles funky newer green on green look is terrible as well.

    No matter the team, no matter the color. Having the pants mimicking the jersey, just looks lame. It looks cheap, and makes the NFL look like some sort of armature arena league. The solid colored uniforms need to go. The only team that halfway pulls it off, are the Seahawks, yet it’s still gaudy as can be.

    May the NFL please ban the use of solid colored uniforms, as it makes the league look cheap.

  28. jedimasterbates says:
    Feb 3, 2012 7:17 PM
    all black, now they can look as awful as those all black Saints uniforms


    yeah, they sure looked awful dropping 40 and 50 points on teams, too.

  29. Anyone not A true Jaguars fan has no idea what they’re talking about. In the time Khan has been here he has being doing countless things to change the Jaguars brand as well as the city of Jacksonville. Going to black is not for intimidation or anything like that. It is to visibly show that change that is going on internally with the team as well as the community externally…Idiots

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