Jerry Jones says he has had “50 concussions”


During one of the segments in the debut of Costas Tonight on NBC Sports Network, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones chimed in on a topic that had been addressed before he took the stage.

Jones, who played college football at Arkansas, said that he has had “50 concussions.”  He then joked that, if he hadn’t suffered so many blows to the head, he would have been the President of the U.S. instead of the owner of the Cowboys.

Jones quickly pointed out he wasn’t trying to make light of the challenges players are facing.  Still, some may believe that the remark came off as a bit insensitive to the plight of the men who are suffering the effects of a career of concussions.

On that point, my friend Rodney Harrison passionately addressed the dilemma that players face on head injuries in a separate portion of the show, urging Peyton Manning to walk away from the game while he still can.

It’s worth the time it takes to watch it, and then some.

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