Joe Montana breaks down Eli vs. Brady

There are inevitably times during Super Bowl week when we can’t help but be reminded how lucky we are to be here.

Getting to hear Joe Montana talk about quarterbacks is one of those times.

Here’s one of the greatest of all time breaking down Tom Brady and Eli Manning.

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13 responses to “Joe Montana breaks down Eli vs. Brady

  1. I Love hearing from the g.o.a.t.

    I only wish he did more things with the NFL. As a football fan I need more Joe Montana. His lack of presence I think makes some forget how great he truly was.

  2. If Montana had played in these times. shoot.. he wouldve played for another 5 years and who knows how many superbowls he wouldve had. A lot of the hits that he took that pretty much ended his career just like Young.. they are super illegal now and aerenas for example.. he wouldve gotten fined like 50K.

  3. Joe had unlimited salary money to build a roster around him. Not so for todays QB’s.

    The guy I did not like but whose accomplishments still stand out today are Marino’s, because he through for over 5000 yards at a time when you could mug the receivers. Then it took rule changes and over 25 years for anyone to do it again.

    The best or greatest QB argument is always tainted by the “yeah but how many Super Bowl’s did his team win?” comment.

    It’s too hard to say who is the GOAT. It’s hard for today’s guys, who’s careers aren’t done, to compete with the memories of the past. But it does look like the guy with both outrageous stats, tons of records, and multiple Super Bowls, having done it in a variety of ways, will be Brady.

  4. Montana is the best QB ever. The way the game was played back then QBs had to throw into windows way smaller then todays QB. Defensive backs would be all over WRs back then. QBs now not only are protected to the extreme you can’t even touch WRs.

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