Manning, Irsay making life difficult on Colts fans


This should be a glorious week for the city of Indianapolis. They are hosting one of the most well run and well received Super Bowls in memory.

The NFL world loves being here. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Super Bowl came back to town.

The omnipresent fans that have given unique energy to this entire week have been let down, however, by the two most important football men in town. Colts owner Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning’s camp can’t help themselves.

Remember when Irsay and Manning released a joint statement about working together?

Remember when Irsay said he wouldn’t discuss Manning all week? That lasted 24 hours.

Irsay is taking early criticism for his latest response to Manning. The Colts owner says Manning has not passed a team physical and that he hasn’t been cleared to play. A team statement is coming.

But let’s be real: Neither man looks good with the situation devolving. Manning’s camp dropped an intentionally misleading bomb during Super Bowl week to get their story out there. The intent was apparently to put public pressure on the Colts. It was released at a time to attract maximum media exposure.

It was barely concealed propaganda and Manning’s agent went on NFL Network Friday morning to further the case.

Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star writes via a source that “nothing new” came out from the ESPN report on Manning’s health. We still don’t know when the nerves in his right arm will regenerate and if Manning will regain the necessary arm strength to play again. Manning still doesn’t know if he’ll be able to play in 2012.

Irsay deserves plenty of criticism for not rising above the fray, but Manning’s side deserves equal blame for re-lighting the media fire. I often check in on Nate Dunleavy of to get the sober Colts fan perspective on things.

“I love Peyton Manning, but that media stunt last night was embarrassing,” he wrote last night.

Another Colts forum is pleading for both Irsay and Manning to “knock it off now.” That likely helps sum up the pulse of Colts fans around town. Irsay isn’t going to win a P.R. war with Manning, but this back-and-forth is making both sides look bad.

Manning and Irsay are doing a disservice to the fans that have supported them both during Manning’s amazing run with the Colts.

44 responses to “Manning, Irsay making life difficult on Colts fans

  1. I love the fact that there is a Super Bowl being playing in two days, and majority of what I’ve heard all week on the radio is about Manning……not the one who’s actually playing in the game.

  2. Isray and Manning are ticked off because the Super Bowl is going to be played in their stadium, without the Colts participating in it!

  3. the more Irsay talkes the less compensation the Colts will get for Manning. Let Irsay keep talking. He just hurts himself.

  4. Hopefully they both get the message soon. There is plenty of time after the SuperBowl to meet as men. Right now let the Indy fans have their moment of glory in hosting the greatest game on earth. Glad PFT is enjoying their visit!

  5. I agree. This should be a week in which the 2 best teams get to bask in some limelight and soak in a great experience. Now we’ve got these 2 attention hogs going at it via the media (whom we all know are lapping it up like a kitten with a saucer of milk all nimbly wimbly!) what makes it even worse (IMHO) is that Peyton is overshadowing his own brother. Does he need the attention THAT much? And Irsay…. goodness… this dude tweets so often Im starting to think his “inner child” is a 13 year old girl.

  6. I look forward to the day where I dont have to read an article about the Colts and Manning.

    I’ll be celebrating the day Peyton signs with a new team.

  7. capslockkey says:
    Feb 3, 2012 11:15 AM
    I love the fact that there is a Super Bowl being playing in two days, and majority of what I’ve heard all week on the radio is about Manning……not the one who’s actually playing in the game.

    I agree with you! All about Manning and Isray!
    Give me a break!!! Although I hate Brady, I have no problem when the radio shows discuss how good he is and so on…..And Eli becoming an elite quaterback……about JJP working in a Boston Market…..about 85 going to score a touchdown…That’s what a Super Bowl is all about……NOT about a owner and his soon to be ex-employee talking crap back and forth!!

    Let the GAME begin!!!!!!

  8. “I find it fitting that Irsay releases his twitters about this in the middle of the night. Maybe its just me….”

    As the owner in the host city, Irsay had a party last night for the NFL elite. The party was probably just winding down when he finally had a chance to tweet.

  9. I’m not a Colts fan, but I gotta imagine that this is like watching parents fight in public. Just painful.

  10. Peyton has become he new Bret Favre right before our eyes.

    The real tragedy is that this week should be about the Super Bowl, the two teams and the game of football. Peyton Manning is a selfish player and has always been, so I’m not shocked to see this side. But I am shocked he and his camp have been so clumsy. The Peyton Brand is taking a lot of damage today and rightfully so.

  11. So sick of hearing about Pey-me-tons and the horseshoes, has there ever been a last place team talked about more during super bowl week?

    i’ll always respect what Manning has done on the field, but these past few days have shown that he’s just another “look at me” athlete.
    As for Irsay, he better hope Luck lives up to the hype or he will be exposed for the bad owner he’s been for years.

  12. No owner in his right mind would give a 36 year old QB who missed an entire season, is not ready to play, and has had 3 neck operations, 28 million dollars. I don’t care how great his career has been. Especially with the number 1 pick.

  13. Really, who cares anymore if these two old hens cackle at each other or not? This is has become “Favreish”. If he plays he plays, if he don’t he don’t. End of story.

  14. What is Manning supposed to do?

    If he just did what the everyone wanted him to do, then he would just sit back, act like broken goods and keep his mouth shut while they possibly plan the future around someone else

    This is more about getting it out that Manning WANTS to play again and that he believes he WILL play again

  15. what we are seeing is a PR arm wrestle. Irsay must want Peyton to retire because he must be at some extend afraid of the unknown of the outcome of this decision, and Peyton is not ready to retire just yet,being optimistic about returning to the field one day, so he is pushing for his release.

    Irsay don’t want to be known as the owner who cut one the greatest QB of all time, especially if Peyton does regenerate that nerve and goes out to win 1 or more Superbowls elsewhere.. it woould be much better for Irsay if Peyton just retire.

  16. habsman says:
    Feb 3, 2012 11:38 AM
    “No owner in his right mind would give a 36 year old QB who missed an entire season, is not ready to play, and has had 3 neck operations, 28 million dollars. I don’t care how great his career has been. Especially with the number 1 pick.”

    Is a no win situation for Irsay, unless Peyton retires. Because NO OWNER in his right mind would like to be known as the guy who cut the leagues only 4 time MVP and one of the GOAT players of the game either.. just Imagine the heat if Peyton does regenerate and goes elsewhre and win 1 or more SB.. and luck comes out a flop.. I dont wnat to be in Irsay’s shoes right now

  17. Why would anyone care that this is playing out during SB week?

    It’s not like this is a funeral, both sides have the NFL world’s attention, so making their case this week and trying to get an outcome for their side is totally understandable. It’s business, sometimes you play rough.

    Does anyone think there is not enough attention to go around this week? I’ll bet Coughlin and Belichick don’t.

  18. Oh it’s nice to not have all the drama anymore i.e. Haynesworth and McNabb…I will say even after the Dr’s say, Peyton’s say, Irsay’s say I’m still clueless as what status/condition Manning is truly in I mean neck, nerve, arm one thing is fixed but the rest isn’t…the fans of Washington thanks Indy for moving the drama elsewhere…

  19. Is it just me or does Irsay look like at any given press conference he might just strip to his boxers, start singing The Man of La Mancha, and go skipping off merrily out of the bldg?

  20. It gives me a perverse thrill that Indianapolis appears to be doing a much better job of hosting the Super Bowl than Dallas did last year. I had a feeling this would happen when stories about the Indy Host Committee observing the temporary seat fiasco, and taking notes, emerged last year.

    And I agree, it’s the epitome of arrogance for Irsay and Peyton to be behaving like they are. It’s the city’s week, not theirs.

  21. Oh, life is just so terrible for Colts fans. They suffer their first losing season since ’98 and they finally lose enough in the year that promises them another 12-13 years of continued contention because of Luck.

    On behalf of Browns fans everywhere, boo hoo. And if you really wanna see a screwed up owner look no further than our own.

  22. “Random Guy: What do you mean – Everyone?


    Hahaha! Thanks, bro! Best semi-football related laugh I’ve had all week!

  23. You know Irsay is a strange dude but in my Opinion Manning has been the one who began this media game & who has rekindle this once it seemed to die down.

    Mannings true colors are comming through, he is a selfish person and Indy will end up looking back at all this and feel better once Andrew Luck gets his feet wet.

    The comparison between Favre & Manning on & off the field is unfortunetly looking to becoming true.

  24. I’ve been a Colts fan for nearly 28 years.

    I don’t understand what Manning was hoping to accomplish with his media storm. If he wants to stay all he has to do is renegotiate his contract. If he wants out all he has to do is not renegotiate his contract. He wants his cake and wants to eat it too… the media storm was not the way to do it… someone gave some bad advice.

    I think I understand why Irsay can’t keep his mouth shut. I believe he is an alcoholic. Its public knowledge that his father was. It is public knowledge that Irsay has been addicted to cocaine in the past. In recent months he frequently tweets about partying and about drinking. He frequently tweets at odd hours. I am just speculating.

    I’m over them both. I am ready for Casey and Luck to take over. It was a great run and it lead to a Lombardi Trophy.

    Lets hit restart and try it all again.

    I just want to be proud of my football team, is that so wrong?

  25. I’m in surgery everyday and we do these operations everyday. The problem isn’t so much wether Peyton has healed but what he has left. The mobility of his neck in turning side to side will always be a problem because he is fused. That won’t get better and most neuro guys will tell you that if after a year the nerve is pretty much where it is going to be. He may try to play but his throwing arm is going to be slightly weaker and numb. I hope he can play.

  26. Peyton please retire BEFORE you end up texting your junk and ruining your history and image. We have all seen this happen before and it’s not pretty.

  27. I heard somewhere that there is going to be an NFL game in a couple of days. I know I didn’t read that here, because this site is clearly devoted only to Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning.

  28. I’m sure that Coughlin and Belichick are glad there is media attention focused elsewhere. You sure don’t have this Irsay-Manning crap on their franchises. Amazing how much EGO a place like Indiananoplace can hold. Irsay is trying to make up for his dad sneaking out of town (his feelings were hurt), and Archie goes down to the park to see who picked on Peyton. If you want to have a class franchise, you have to have class … and it starts at the top; i.e. Kraft, Mara, etc.

    I ask the media to shelve cat-fight until next month and pay attention to the GAME!

  29. dubblelznhell says:
    Feb 3, 2012 11:28 AM
    I thought the nerve problem was with Manning’s neck….not his arm….

    Actually, it’s between his ears.

    As for Irsay – he’s no better than his father, an inept drunk.

  30. Exactly what Super Bowl insights are we missing because Irsay and Peyton want a few column inches? Everything that needed to be said about the “matchup” was beaten to death about Wednesday of last week. let ’em grab a few headlines, after all, it’s going to be almost a decade before anyone writes anything about the Colts again.

  31. I already was hoping Eli wins this game because I can’t just root for the Golden Boy and his perfect life. Its so much fun to watch guys like Brady lose.

    But after Payton’s week of forcing himself into the spotlight in Indy, I REALLY hope Eli wins. If he doesn’t, we’ll all wonder “How much did all the crap Payton and Ursay threw up that week distract Eli?”

    Thanks a lot, Bro…….

  32. To those who have speculated that no owner would DARE cut Peyton Manning, no matter what:

    Why not?

    It is a HUGE risk keeping him there – he is one big hit away from a wheelchair, by this summer he will not have played for 18 months, his arm is questionable, etc.

    Paying him $28,000,000 under those circumstances? Are you nuts?

    Cut the guy, take the media storm for about a week (while you’re focusing on your draft plans) and then it’s behind you.

    Fortunately I don’t think irsay has the sense to figure that out.

  33. As a fan of the BALTIMORE COLTS, I look at the sad mess in indy as a kharmic payback, but that’s my problem. (Actually it’s not a problem – I’m kind of enjoying it.)

    But I don’t enjoy what the fans in indy are going through, and the responsibility for that falls directly into the lap of irsay. His personal problems aside – don’t-know-don’t-care – he is incompetent as an owner.

    Since Robert Kraft bought the Patriots in 1994:

    They have been to 5 Super Bowls with #6 coming up tomorrow.
    The stadium where they play was privately financed, whereas the stadium in indy was built with public funds because irsay threatened to leave for L.A. if the city fathers didn’t build it for him.

    The Patriots are a successful franchise – arguably the most successful in all of professional sports right now. IMO Kraft because Kraft has discovered the secret for success:

    1) Hire the right people
    2) Sign the checks
    3) (This is the hard one) – GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY

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