Marcus Cannon hopes to be an inspiration

In a Super Bowl hype week when it feels like every single story about both teams has been thoroughly dissected, one player who hasn’t received much attention is Patriots offensive lineman Marcus Cannon, who is enjoying a much better visit to Indianapolis than he had a year ago.

It was a year go that Cannon, an offensive lineman from TCU, learned that a medical screening at the NFL Scouting Combine yielded some abnormal test results, results which led to further tests that showed he had lymphoma. But the Patriots took a shot on Cannon in the draft anyway, and after he went through treatment in the spring and summer he started to get his strength back. In November he was activated for a game for the first time, and he’s been active for every game since.

Cannon told the Sun Chronicle that he hopes being on football’s biggest stage will allow him to reach other cancer patients who can be inspired by his story.

“I understand that what I went through can possibly help a lot of people,” Cannon said. “If there was one thing I want everybody to know that’s going through the same things, it’s to keep pushing on. Keep going at it. You can make it through.”

Cannon said he always had faith that things would turn out OK, but even he is surprised to see that things have been a lot better than just OK.

“I never imagined this,” he said. “I never imagined coming to the best team in the league and playing in the biggest game of my life. It’s all surreal to me.”

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  1. Cannon’s story is incredible. He is an inspiration and shows that anything is possible, from being hospital-ridden to now playing on a team which is in the Superbowl. Hats off to him and the best of luck in the superbowl.

  2. My feeling about this game is that the Patriots just have too much good karma about them this year. Expect to see, a 22 yd field goal miss.

  3. This is a good, humble guy and a darn good player. He may not see action on Sunday but has already helped the Pats get to Indy.

  4. This kid is a class act. Overcoming a lot already. The game will not be too big for him.

    Unbelievable he’s on the roster given the cancer, and the fact that he had no off season, and didn’t even practice until week 7.

  5. It’s always a joy reading about people beating the odds and doing well. Great job Marcus, nice to see what you overcame to be at where you are today. God Bless You and I wish you a long, successful career and many more years on this earth showing why no one should ever lose hope.

  6. Both he and Herzlich show you can beat that terrible disease and continue with success in life.

    Great stories on both guys.

    As a Pats fan here in MA Herzlich’s story was also well known due to his days at BC.

    Giants have a good one in him and good luck to both teams come Sunday, put on a hell of a show for us fans!

  7. I fully expect Cannon to play as part of an offensive line rotation that will sometimes feature six offensive linemen on the field at the same time.

  8. God bless you in your continued recovery, Marcus. You’re already an inspiration to other cancer survivors like me, and your story will encourage those now battling the disease or who will face it in the future. I was excited when the Patriots took a chance on you despite your diagnosis, but no one could have dreamed then you’d be playing in the Super Bowl. I’ll be watching for you Sunday night!

  9. nfl1818 says:
    Feb 3, 2012 9:35 PM
    seriously – it took this 2 days to find the OTHER cancer victim ?


    They were too busy looking at the Giants Press Conferences and Media releases from and posting quotes from them so more and more people can diss and hate the Giants.

  10. Just a few months earlier, my 7-year old son was diagnosed with Leukemia, a similar kind of blood cancer. This guy has been a huge inspiration for my boy as he continues to receive chemotherapy and recover. What a great story!

  11. Amen Deb! Good luck Big Marcus…. maybe Coach Hoodie will give you the opportunity to punch one in like the “Fridge” did for da Bears! How sweet would that be?!?!?!

  12. God bless he and Herzlich. Great inspirations and I hope they both make it into the game on Sunday.

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