Packers, Finley making no progress on new contract

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Impending free agent tight end Jermichael Finley spoke to reporters in Indianapolis on Friday, and indicated that he and the Packers have had no discussions regarding a new contract.

“Hey, it’s the NFL,” Finley said. “With business right now, I don’t even know what’s going on. … You just have to play that (waiting) game. It’s the Green Bay way.”

For Finley, the “waiting game” has a timeline. NFL teams can begin franchise tagging players on February 20, and have a 15-day window to apply the mechanism.  The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel confirms that Finley is “expected” to pursue classification as a wide receiver as opposed to a tight end.

Finley is listed as tight end on the Packers’ depth chart, but plays a high percentage of snaps in the slot and out wide. An arbitrator would decide Finley’s position as it relates to the tag.

As Mike Florio pointed out way back in November, the monetary difference between the wide receiver and tight end franchise tags is expected to be roughly $4 million.

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  1. What happen to this dude? In 2010, he was looking like Rodgers’ go-to-guy with like 350 yards in the first 4 games of that season and the best TE of the future way before Jimmy Graham and Gronk emerged and now they’re miles ahead of him. Maybe he wasn’t fully recovered from that injury. That along with him having a huge tendency to drop way too many than the norm should make GB think hard about him how much he should get. Not saying they should let him walk, but they’d have to re-sign Jennings again to a new contract at some point. You also have Randall Cobb emerging, Nelson there, and they just drafted that TE out of Arkansas DJ Williams last year so maybe they prepared for this situation early.

  2. He sure didn’t help his case this year. If he’s not willing to take less than he asking for, then he’ll probably walk.

  3. He’s one of those guys who you’d hate to lose, but they wouldn’t be as good anywhere else. Same as Mike Wallace is in.

  4. Publicly threw the defense under the bus. Ouch. Catch the ball big fella. God gave you two hands and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.

  5. There is a reason the Packers kept 4 tight ends on the active roster this year.
    I suspect they felt that one of them would be departing this year.

  6. Finley doesn’t seem to fit in GB.

    Their entire crew on offense is made up of selfless guys. Team-first guys who put no pressure on Rodgers to spread the wealth.

    In HS, college and now in the pros… Finley has never fit that mold. Rodgers and McCarthy have “managed” Finley up until this point simply because he has freakish athleticism and potential.

    Regardless, the man could have made a lot more money had he held onto a few more balls this year.

  7. One more thing:

    The Packers were ready to sign Finley, but saw him drop lots of easy passes.

    The wanted a “Discount Double-Check”.

  8. Jermichael might have alienated himself from Ted Thompson & Co. by implying that he was Green Bay’s sole offensive playmaker. (Gee, Mr. Finley, have you ever heard of Greg Jennings? Jordy Nelson?)

    No doubt prompted by his agent (“You have the best passer in the NFL zipping you the ball, with an opportunity to go the the Super Bowl every year. But you’re setting yourself up to be traded to a team without a decent quarterback, where you’ll never be heard from again.”), Finley quickly retracted his “me-first” statements and gushed about how much he wanted to remain in Green Bay, even if the front office wanted to slap the franchise tag on him to prevent him from leaving for greener–and golder–pastures.

    I don’t think Thompson bought Jermichael’s act of contrition. He’ll probably let Finley twist in the wind until Jermichael lashes out at him in the press and reveals his true feelings about his situation.

    My feeling? Ball four, J-Man. Thompson will intentionally let him walk to improve the team’s chemistry.

  9. Figure it out. 2 years ago he showed a word of promise. Last year he played 5 games before he was injured for the season and placed on IR. This past year he played 5 games effectively and wasn’t injured at all for the remaining 12, but you would have thought he was on IR.

    Why would the Packers want to pay this guy a WR’s top 5 salary by franchising him? He’s not even in the 15 TE’s in terms of effectivness, but is the top in the terms of promise. Get him a shrink, give him a year, then sign him to a long term contract if he gets his head on straight and can play like a Driver, Jennings or Nelson .

  10. We will resign Jermichael or franchise him. even though he dropped a lot of passes last year he is a match-up nightmare and draws the defenses attention whenever he’s in the game. I expect him to bounce back from last year and have a big year next year as it always takes players a full year to recover from knee injuries. If we let him walk, which I don’t think we will, I agree with the posters who said D.J. Williams is next in line to break out, he reminds me of Aaron Hernandez in New England.

  11. Replace the G with a C on the helmet!! That guy was a nightmare for are defense in the red zone, think he had 4 or 5 td’s against chicago this season. It would really fix the greg olson trade and allow roy williams to hit the road.

  12. Franchise Flynn get at least a late 2nd for him and let Finley walk. Use that money to fix the defense, Finley just drops too many passes and is lost on half the plays. He constantly is confused on audibles and looking clueless at Rodgers.

  13. I dont know what he is making now, but it is too much. A new contract for Finley should include concessions. I am a Packers fan and am absolutely unimpressed with what Finley brings to the game. Let him sign elsewhere for less money. I doubt there will be teams lined up to sign him.

  14. No doubt this man is a nightmare to cover and commands double teams. Let’s look at the packers and what they need priority wise. 1. Scott Wells is the most important free agents they need to resign. 2. Better fix that defense or the same scenerio plays out for years to come.

    While Finley is important he by no means is the number one priority.

    1. Sign Scott Wells he is the bread and butter of that offensive unit as important as Rodgers.

    2. Mr. Thompson needs to break his mold and use finley’s money to sign a defensive old/dl free agent to put pressure on the quarterback.

    3. Cut AJ Hawk if it will save 6.5 million in cap space. This man is not worth near that much DJ smith can do the same.

    4. Will Green Bay offense be hurt by not signing Finley Yes, but in the world of football defense still gets you into the super bowl especially if you are a cold weather team with home field advantage.

    5. If finley walks he walks , much rather franchise wells or better yet sign him long term.

  15. As a lifelong Packer fan, I will have no complaints if Thompson decides to let Finley walk. He’s a great match-up for us to have game to game, but he doesn’t seem worth the headaches he creates. If he were more dedicated in working on CATCHING the ball, it may be different, but you can’t pay the man based solely on potential. Let him walk and possibly develop into a great one somewhere else. Bring along someone that might not have the ceiling as Finley, but has more reliable hands.

  16. Only a Packer fan would suggest franchising a back-up qb! Not smart at all….good thing Thompson is not as dumb as his fanbase—-I remember the front sports page of the Milwaukee Journal back in 2008: “Fire them all!”-meaning Thompson and McCarthy. They have been making sound personnel decisions in Green Bay since he took over and I expect Finley to be a Chicago Bear next year.

  17. gb15class says: Feb 3, 2012 7:47 PM

    God gave you two hands and one mouth. Use them in that proportion.

    I wish I could give that more than one “thumbs up”

  18. When Finley went out last year the chemistry of the receivers for the Packers developed and well, everyone saw what they could do in that late run to the Super Bowl. All year I have felt the chemistry of the receivers was off and I think it is Finley. Like someone else said, he doesn’t fit, the other guys don’t care who gets the ball, they play together, they are unselfish. I would rather see the Packers work to keep Driver and let this guy go. Yes, he has talent but bigger than that is his ego. That can destroy a team in subtle ways. I hope the Packers let him go and give someone like DJ Williams a shot, that kid has skills that would help the team. They need to franchise Scott Wells, let Finley go and work on the defense and bolster the offensive line.

  19. i like finley and hope they can keep him but only for the right price. if he wants top dollar then tag him if the pack can come to terms with wells. if not tag wells, he’s the best player worth the most here, he does protect the franchise… and yes finley has potential, but the pack won the superbowl without him. as far as flynn i hate to lose him without compensation but you can’t tag him and risk paying him more than rodgers. beside’s the pack would have to cap room if they tagged flynn. they are about 7 million under the cap and have wells, finley and flynn to try to keep? plus the drafted players? most likely flynn and finley will be gone folks.

  20. FInley’s overrated, just like Rodgers. If Rodgers could hit a wide-open Finley, maybe they would be playing Sunday. Maybe if Flynn had played that game, they would be playing this Sunday. System QBs + overrated 2nd year TEs. LOL.

  21. I’m not sure i’d even put finley in the top 10. Certainly not even close to 3rd. Gronk, Davis, Graham, Witten, Gonzalez, Gates, Hernandez, Daniels, Pettigrew right off the top of my head. Go ahead and talk about matchups. He is no more of a matchup problem than Delanie Walker. Except Walker has much better hands and is way cheaper. Unfortunately for him he is on the same team as Davis and a run oriented offense

  22. Well he’s going to have to give a little considering he dropped half the passes that came his way. But I’m guessing he’s not willing considering he thought hr was the biggest thing since sliced bread.

  23. I would like the Pack to resign him…but at a reasonable price.
    He is extremely talented but there are not alot of players historically who have recovered from the “dropsies” (although hopefully James Jones is one).

  24. “…Finley is “expected” to pursue classification as a wide receiver as opposed to a tight end…”
    What’s up with that?
    Do you get paid more for dropping balls as a WR than you do as a TE?

  25. For all you Packer fans in denial thinking there won’t be much of a market for Finley? Think again—-he is the prototypical new breed of TE that is currently tearing up the NFL b/c of matchup nightmares…. and every teams wants one. There will be 20 teams minimum calling his agent if he hits free agency at this young an age, you can count on that.

    And I’m sure he’d love the chance to go up against that GB secondary somewhere down the road!

  26. Eons ago, as a young lad, I remember seeing a tight end for the Lions -don’t recall the name, who was Finley like. Then he got his bell rung good, missed part of a season aka Finley, and was never any good again.

    I remember they called it ‘hearing footsteps’ and the guy would drop anything thrown to him in traffic, especially knowing someone was coming up behind him. Sounds and looks familiar to me.

    Finleys eyes are now centered on who’s going to hit him and not where the ball is and coming from.

    I agree with another post, you pay the guy for what he did lately for you, and in his case, not much. He wasn’t even in the top ten in tight ends.

  27. Led TEs in drops with 11 and was 11th in catches.

    That said he has a ton of value in the red zone as you can isolate him wide 1:1 with a smaller CB, or he gets doubled leaving someone else open.

    Still the whole “franchise as a WR” is BS. The top flight WR’s like Fitzgerald, Marshall, and Megatron get the huge money because they are basically uncoverable in any situation due to their speed and size.

    While Finley can exploit situational matchups, he’s not the every down unstoppable force that commands a 10 to 20M cap hit at WR.

  28. skimbell says:
    Feb 4, 2012 10:08 AM
    “…Finley is “expected” to pursue classification as a wide receiver as opposed to a tight end…”
    What’s up with that?
    Do you get paid more for dropping balls as a WR than you do as a TE?

    For him, it means a bigger payday. If they tag him (not likely, but let’s say they do), the Top 5 WRs earn more on average than the Top 5 TEs. That’s his motivation.

    Either way, I’d let him walk if I were Green Bay. Even more so if Quarless hadn’t gotten injured so horribly.

  29. Would be the luckiest day of his life if he got franchised as a TE, and I don’t see how even he can dream about getting top 5 WR money.

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