PFT Live: Brian Billick, Maurice Jones-Drew, PFT Picks

PFT Live’s week at the Super Bowl wraps up in style Friday.

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick will join Florio to preview the big game.

Jaguars running back Maurice Jones-Drew will discuss the future of the Jaguars.

Finally, Florio and I will make out picks for Sunday in the final segment.

Watch the show live right here at noon ET.

3 responses to “PFT Live: Brian Billick, Maurice Jones-Drew, PFT Picks

  1. Giants – 40
    Pats – 17

    The Giants’ pass rush compared to NE’s is like comparing Rodgers to Curtis Painter. No way Brady can win this on his lonesome. This game ushers back in the era of blowout Super Bowls from the days of yore. Sorry Pats fans.

  2. @ jakek2:

    & the Ravens D will crush the Brady & force him to lose the game.

    & Tebow will run roughshod over the weak Pats D.

    & the Pats will struggle against the Jets’ #1 D in week 10.

    Somehow, the Pats just keep rolling. Two predictions as the Pats destroy the Giants:

    (1) Ochocino scores a TD.
    (2) Vince Wilfork gets MVP Honors.

  3. cheezewizer –

    You must live in Northern CA because you are smoking the good stuff my friend.

    Ravens have no offense.
    Denver’s offense is worse than the Ravens if that is even possible.

    Beating those two heavily flawed teams in you home park is no major feat.

    We took down the 15-1 defending world champs in their backyard and the 13-3 no.1 defense in their yard in conditions favoring them. Oh, we also beat a team whose QB is twice as good as Flacco/Tebow combined and who had the top rusher in the NFC. All this adds up to:
    Giants 40 Pats 17 (Pats scoring late TD in garbage time)

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