Report: Chiefs considering three for offensive coordinator

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We’ve already heard that the Chiefs plan to have a quarterback competition this offseason, but the name of the man who will oversee that battle remains a mystery.

A report from Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network sheds some light on who that man might be. La Canfora reports that the team is considering Brian Daboll, Jim Zorn and Al Saunders for their vacancy at offensive coordinator.

Zorn is already on Romeo Crennel’s coaching staff as the team’s quarterbacks coach. Zorn has never been an offensive coordinator, outside of a brief period with the Redskins when he was hired to be their coordinator before winding up as their head coach when Daniel Snyder decided to elevate him to the top job. Kansas City denied the Bears a chance to talk to Zorn about an opening in Chicago earlier this week.

Daboll was Miami’s offensive coordinator last season and ran Cleveland’s offense for Eric Manigni in 2009 and 2010. He was an assistant with in New England while Crennel and Chiefs G.M. Scott Pioli were still working for the Patriots. Saunders was the Raiders’ offensive coordinator last season, but he’s out of that job with Greg Knapp coming to Oakland. He ran the Chiefs offense from 2001-2005 as part of a long career that’s featured stops all over the NFL.

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17 responses to “Report: Chiefs considering three for offensive coordinator

  1. Hire Al Saunders, please.

    From 2002-2005, his Chiefs offense was one of the top 5 (maybe even top 3) in the league.

    Zorn and Daboll don’t even compare.

  2. I accidentally opened up pro basketball talk and saw a bunch of stuff about some strange sport that guys played in shorts and they weren’t even wearing helmets. Strange.

    Anyway, I saw that they were calling Portland “Rip City” for some reason, and that gave me an idea.

    Given the recent hires of the Chiefs, I have a new nickname for KC:

    Retread City.

  3. I wish the West Boston Chiefs would think a little outside of the Belichick crony circle. Joe Daboll? In 3 seasons he has presided over the 32nd, 28th, and 22nd ranked offenses in the league.

    Never once has a team he coordinated finished above 28th in the league in passing. Wow.

    Give me Saunders back. In his 5 years in KC under Vermeil, his offenses were never once worse than 5th overall in the NFL.

    Merit over patronage, please.

  4. Have the Fins even released Daboll yet? Or have they just hired his replacement and left him in limbo…?

  5. Saunders used to run a great offense. Is he still alive?

    I know the Cleveland fans didn’t like Daboll.

    But, as a Miami fan, I don’t care what the numbers say, Daboll ran the best offense Miami has seen in years. They threw it downfield. They were creative at times. They made Reggie Bush look good. Hell, they made Matt Moore look good.

    My “only” complaint was 2nd halves. As an example look at the Giants game and 2nd Patriots game. They were lights out for 30 minutes. Then they were knocked out for 30 minutes. It seemed like good teams adjusted and the fins had no answer.

    Heck, in hindsight, Colt McCoy looked better in Cleveland under Daboll too.

    I hope he gets the gig.

  6. “fmlizard” don’t worry, Brian (not Joe) Daboll will not be hired by Crennel & Pioli as he had a bad departure from the Patriots b/c he was whining and crying about McDaniels being named QB coach and not him…oh, and he sucks too, so that’s another reason.

  7. Any of these guys would be better than that crappy Muir/Haley conglomeration.

    That said, I’d probably like Zorn or Saunders better than Daboll. Getting tired of the Patriots West thing. Not sure if Zorn would truly be any better than Daboll, but sick of the cronyism in KC.

    Saunders did lead great offenses in KC, but he had two HOF locks in Roaf & Shields and then also 6-time Pro Bowler Brian Waters on his line. Weigmann had a nice career too. Give any decent OC a line like that and he can do great things. I don’t have the research to back it up, but I don’t think Saunders has repeated anywhere close to that success elsewhere.

    Saunders’ system would require a ton of overhaul to the roster, which would mean a couple of years until the offense clicks (1st year or 2 under Vermeil, the offense wasn’t too great). With the D closing out the year strong and Crennel getting old, I don’t think Hunt will want to wait to a couple of years waiting for the offense to catch up.

    My gut says Zorn or Daboll will get the job.

  8. If they hire Daboll they could bring in Brady Quinn for competition w/ Cassel.

    A competition Quinn would win if the playing field is level.

  9. Too bad Haley drove Weiss out of KC. It would be perfect for RC if he was still there.

  10. If RAC has to pick the QB, he will do as he did in Cleveland– he flipped a frigin coin!!!! Stick to defense RAC, aand get involved with your defense this time as Head Coach instead of trying to be everybody’s buddy.

  11. I am a chief’s fan, but don’t you think a little to a lot of Saunder’s success in KC was due to the fact he had shields and roaf on the line. Throw in trent green and priest holmes along with that offensive line that was one of the best ever and you have a top 5 offense. Im just sayin…

  12. After what I read of Daboll’s treatment of Colt McCoy in Cleveland, I don’t want him coming anywhere near Kansas City.

    I fear the adjustment of an Al Saunders scheme, but man were his offenses in the first half of the last decade exciting. Yes, he had great o-line talent, but the receivers were below average (aside from Gonzalez) – c’mon…Johnnie Morton & Eddie Kennison? The Chiefs’ line will be very solid if they can add one piece in free agency and one in the first 2 rounds of the draft. Jamaal Charles will be the best back in the league if healthy. Moeaki is a step below Gonzalez but plays similarly. The key will be the quarterback position, as always. The Chiefs have the room to make a run for Peyton Manning, and they should consider that with whomever they hire to run this offense.

  13. Romeo Crennel’s photo illustrating this story reminds me of the guy in Time Warner Cable’s “hung jury” commercial who stares in disbelief at a dude who won’t buy into a “guilty” verdict.

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