Tom Condon: “Peyton’s not done”


Peyton Manning’s agent, Tom Condon, said in an appearance on NFL Network Friday morning that he believes Manning will be healthy and ready to go for the 2012 season.

“Peyton’s not done,” Condon said.

Following up on Thursday’s reports that Manning had been medically cleared to return to the field — reports that Colts owner Jim Irsay denied — Condon said that Manning’s medical clearance means it would be safe for him to play, and that he wouldn’t be risking greater injury to his neck. Condon added, however, that Manning’s nerve regeneration hasn’t reached the point where he would be able to step on the field and play in an NFL game today.

But Condon was adamant that anyone who thinks Manning would be foolishly risking his future health if he returns to the field is wrong. Condon said doctors including “the best back and neck guy in the country” have examined Manning and “made a determination that he’s structurally sound.”

Irsay is expected to release Manning before his $28 million roster bonus comes due on March 8, and Condon said that despite a sense that both Irsay and Manning have been sniping back and forth, the two of them remain close. Condon acknowledged it would be possible for the two sides to re-negotiate the contract and move back the date that the Colts have to pay the bonus, but he didn’t sound interested in doing that. Manning’s side will hold the Colts to that contract, and that means the Colts will cut Manning before paying the $28 million bonus.

And that means Manning will become an unrestricted free agent at some point in the next five weeks. And Condon plans on negotiating a new contract with another team.

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  1. I hope not. He’s fun to watch. And after spending years rooting against the guy when the Colts played the Patriots, I hope he goes some place like Arizona, where I will have no problem rooting for him.

    I’d love to see him tear through the NFC.

  2. Raiders fan here but still really interested in hearing about Manning. It’s really good to know (hope its not just bs) and have piece of mind that he won’t put greater risk on his neck.

  3. Who is up for starting a drinking game for every time they mention or show Peyton during the game?

  4. Condon added, however, that Manning’s nerve regeneration hasn’t reached the point where he would be able to step on the field and play in an NFL game today
    So he still can’t play and may never be able to play. Give it a rest who wants to see Peyton out there throwing ducks and remember him like that, if he wasn’t a QB the nerve damage might not matter but he is and it does

  5. How can they renegotiate this before the start of the league year (which comes after the bonus is due) when the new CBA has a provision that says once a team’s games are finished for the year no existing contracts may be renegotiated until after the start of the next league year ?

  6. Of course the AGENT is gonna say Peyton is not done..He wants to make as much money as he can off of Peyton. I hope he comes back though!

  7. who wants to be Irsay right now?
    Irsay must want Peyton to retire, and Peyton is not ready to do so he is pushing for his release..

    Irsay don’t want to be known as the owner who cut one the greatest QB of all time, especially if Peyton does regenerate that nerve and goes out to win 1 or more Superbowls elsewhere.. it woould be much better for Irsay if Peyton just retire.

  8. If Manning is cut, the Redskins should offer him a multi-million dollar contract, plus huge incentive bonuses: He starts 12 games, that is an extra $4 million; He throws more than 26 TDs thats another $2 million, etc.

  9. No owner in his right mind is going to offer squat for a QB as old and damaged as Manning. If Peyton and his agent actually think that will happen, they’re living in an alternate reality.

    Well, wait, Dan Snyder may be stupid enough to pay Peyton big bucks, but I don’t see anyone else doing it.

  10. If he’s healthy…..go get em’ Skins. We’ll draft a guy in the 2nd-3rd round and give him 2-3 years to develope under one of the best QB’s ever. Hail!

  11. I am a huge Colts fan. If the best decision for the franchise is that Peyton doesn’t fit as we transition to a new QB, so be it. At first I was upset that both parties had boxed the Colts into a corner with the result that the Colts will not even be able to trade him, but I now realize as anyone should that this protected the Colts from paying Peyton for another no-play season, and as we are now discovering, it also protected Peyton by forcing the release and allowing him to land where he chooses instead of being hostage to a trade.

    Also when this was signed, nobody knew that the Colts would have the number one pick and be staring at a new franchise QB. This of course mucks up the works even more.

    Both parties behind the scenes are being very reasonable and business like. It is really just a bunch of pragmatic decisions. Many fans will be emotional about whatever decision is made. If they weren’t emotional about it the Colts and the NFL should be worried. If they aren’t enthusiastic than that means they don’t care about the game. The sleaze in all of this is the media which just like those on the political front, spin every comment in one direction or another just to FAN the flames, so to speak.

  12. I don’t know who manning with play for in 2012, but he looks like a turtle in that picture

  13. No way Peyton want to go play for a losing team like the redskins no matter how much they’re willing to pay him.

    Peyton is going to a team that has all the pieces together and ready to contend. Hate to say it I can see Niners as landing spot.

  14. Who is up for starting a drinking game for every time they mention or show Peyton during the game?


    no way we would be out of booze by halftime 🙂

  15. Let us not lose sight of the fact that at this point, Manning and his agent Condon have 28 million reasons to say he’ll play in 2012.

  16. P. Manning= done…. Even if he can take a hit , everybody is sidestepping the fact that he can’t grip a football because of nerve damage. You really think a team will pick him up if he can’t do that by summer??? He’s 36 and in the NFL people!!! Open your eyes! He is done!

  17. Peyton Manning looks very strange, like some type of melting alien, but he is one of the best QBs this game has ever seen and look how crappy he team was without him, what a beast, I hope we get to continue to watch Peyton play!

  18. I clicked on this story too, so I’m obviously in the same boat as the rest of you.

    But isn’t it funny that Super Bowl XLVI is shaping up to be one of the best of all-time, and we still can’t get enough Peyton Manning?

  19. Peyton Mania is in full swing!!!! To the 49er fans out there thinking your just a Manning away from being in the Super Bowl, re-think that idea. 1st, you had a relativly healty team all season. 2nd, you played the 3rd easiest schedule. 3rd, your kicker practicaly scored all your points. 4th, next season the schedule is harder, the other NFC West teams will be better, and, its hard to get to back-to-back NFC Championships. You all had a great defense and hecka of a year but, Peyton doesn’t automaticaly put you in the big game. Still gotta play games, no paper champions, only real champions.

  20. Wow, Peyton Manning agent says he will be OK, what a surprise.

    Let’s see yesterday word was that Manning could play now if he was on a team still playing, now he is back tracking from that statement, saying he will be all healed down the road.

    More evidence that the Peyton family is spoiled and don’t handle it very well when they run into a situation they can’t control through their intimidation antics.

  21. Condon is an agent. His job is to lie and spin stories. He’s even less trustworthy than the politicians in the presidential candidate race.

  22. I’m afraid all this Peyton/Irsay back and forth is getting a bit tiring. Each side is simply trying to protect their interests and it seems they’re both trying to manipulate the media to their advantage. Not much more to say at this point, it’s all just speculation….and OVER-speculation…. until D-day. I hope Peyton can play WELL again. If not he should immediately retire so that he does not sully his legacy.

  23. Another installment in the never ending saga of half truths:

    I’ll be back….he won’t.

    I won’t talk about it this week….I will.

    The decision has already been made…or not.

    I’ll be back, but I don’t have a schedule….”He’s been cleared…to resume his career”

    We’re going to work this out together, like adults…..bwaaaa haaaa haaaa!

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