Your PFT Live Super Bowl Picks

Our usual PFT Picks will be on the site Saturday, but for now you can watch Florio and I make our Super Bowl predictions on PFT Live.

I genuinely didn’t know which was Florio was leaning until we taped.

Based on our conversation, I’m not sure Florio knew which way he was leaning until halfway through the conversation.

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68 responses to “Your PFT Live Super Bowl Picks

  1. I think there are a lot of undecideds on this particular SB.

    New England has a fantastic O, but suspect D.

    NY has a good pass rush, decent secondary, good receiving threats, and Eli has been playing well.

    To me, I think the game comes down to Tom Brady. If he plays as bad as he did against Baltimore, Giants win. If Brady is on point, its Eli trying to score every drive, which wont happen.

  2. I dont want to watch a video clip.

    Just tell us who you guys “picked”. I don’t want to know why because I really don’t care to read your reasons.

  3. To me, I think the game comes down to Tom Brady. If he plays as bad as he did against Baltimore, Giants win. If Brady is on point, its Eli trying to score every drive, which wont happen.
    @eagleswoot – you have it backwards. Eli will score and Brady will have to keep up

  4. hartleechung says:
    Feb 3, 2012 3:21 PM
    Pat 38 Giants 14

    Yeah, you must be a smart football guy to think that the Giants will only score 14. Correct me if I’m wrong but the Giants scored more than 14 on San Fran in San Fran with horrible conditions against arguably the best D in the league… but the Pats will hold the Giants to 14 with their superior D on a fast track in a dome. Didn’t know Tom and Gronk were playing D too. Did you Pats guys get all wet when I said Gronk?

  5. The Giants are talking a lot of trash and Belchick is prepping the Pats for the heat of the dome and a long halftime. The Giants pass rush is a bit overrated, they always rush 5 not 4, also all the talk of Eli is a bit like Tebowmania. The Patriots are going in as a prepared and angry team. They could blow out the Giants, but I say 30-20 New England.

  6. Pats D played a hell of a game against Baltimore. I think people miss the fact that Belichick is really good at making adjustments, not only in games but throughout the season, and he’s done pretty darn well with the talent he’s had on defense.

    But then again, Baltimore’s offense, as well as they played, isn’t quite the same as the Giants’ when they’re hot. Tough pick.

  7. The Giants D is much improved. They have Cruz, Manningham, Nicks and Bradshaw as playmakers (only had 2 of them in week 9). Patriots are not improved anywhere. Yes their D looks better in the playoffs, but only against Denver and Baltimore. Otherwise their D has been bad against sub 500 teams.


  8. Wow people on PFT love the over….

    Giants 27 Pats 24

    For the Giants can they get to Brady? Baltimore didn’t get him on the groud as much but they forced balls out earlier than he wanted and kept him from even attempting throws down the field (the one he did attempt got picked off). Giants can and need to do much of the same.

    For the Pats its a matter of can the D (which is underrated by the way) force turnovers. Eli is hot but prone to turning the ball over if the Pats can get an early lead.

    Should be a great game….. I love this sport!

  9. Some here may have forgotten that you both picked the Falcons, Packers and Niners to beat the Giants. A monkey could do better throwing darts at a dartboard.

  10. I am not that fired up about this super bowl for obvious reasons, but I’m starting to get a little more interested. The Giants will win. Not because they beat my 9ers, they are simply more talented and playing great ball right now. They really are on fire right now.

    Giants 24, Pats 20

    Hopefully it ends up being an epic game, that’s all I care about.

  11. pats 37
    giants 23

    pats have been listening to the giants players running their mouths and the media one sided reporting all week . pats come out hell’s a fire !

  12. The Pats would be underdogs To both the 49ers and Packers. Probably even the Saints. Thats because this year the NFC was much better than the AFC. The Giants beat better teams to get here. They also beat the Pats on the road.

    Giants – 28
    Pats – 17

  13. @Zaggs

    your logic is entirely flawed. Any team that loses 5 games in a row is weak and has major holes.

    And since when has Bradshaw been a playmaker?

  14. I’ve got the Patriots winning 38-24. Tom Brady will be on point, throwing for over 300 yards. Wes Welker will have 10 receptions and two TD’s. Chad Ochocinco will score on a long TD. The rest of the points will be made up by Brady’s TE’s. The running game will be dropped after the first quarter because the Giants will not let up more than 30 yards.
    The game will start off with the Giants matching every score NE puts up, but by the third quarter NE will pull away.
    Eli Manning will throw three interceptions, all in the second half of the game. The Giants defense will not live up to their plan to harass Tom Brady throughout the game and that will be the difference maker.
    I do want the Giants to pound Tom Fraidy and the Patriots into the ground, but I do not see that happening. Sorry NY Fans!

  15. Giants are better player for player except for at TE and QB which is about a wash. Giants have a pass rush and NE does not. When Eli doesn’t get rushed, he will destroy a defense.

    This game isn’t close.

    Giants 40
    Pats 17

  16. This game over at start of 4rth Quarter 40-24
    Pats.Gronk will sit in the 4rth Eli will have two
    fumbles and an Int.

  17. I predict both defenses will have a hard time on Sunday, but I give a slight edge to the giants…. NJ Giants 38….NE Pats 35

  18. “patsfanforevah says: Feb 3, 2012 4:35 PM


    your logic is entirely flawed. Any team that loses 5 games in a row is weak and has major holes.

    And since when has Bradshaw been a playmaker?”

    Actually its you’re forgetfulness of the facts that has come into play. First off the Giants had a harder schedule than that patty cake fest the patriots call a season. Second they had a crap ton of injuries throughout the year that contributed to that 5 game skid. Third the Giants are on a 5 game win streak that included the defending champs and the #1 defense.

  19. How many teams did the Patriots play this season that finished about .500? Like 3? They lost 2 of those games.

  20. Pats only beat 1 team with winning record and that was the last playoff game. Pats are extremely overrated and had a very easy schedule. The Giants are battle tested. Beating Atlanta, Packers, 49’s all on the road is extremely impressive. Not to mention the Giants know they can beat the Pats doing it the last 3 times.

  21. Why don’t we just ask Tim Tebow to foretell the score, and if he’s wrong by so much as a point we banish him forever (or until he stops being all wishy washy religious).

    Thumbs up if you think that’s a good idea.
    Thumbs down if you think that’s a good idea.

  22. Most everybody is picking the Giants. Some in a rout. Game will be over by halftime. The Giants are the better team. Tom Brady will succumb to the Giants pass rush. The Patriots patch work secondary will not be able to cover the Giants receivers. Despite going 13-3, a 9-7 team will beat them, even though if they had won more game that 9-7 team wouldn’t have made the playoffs.

    Eli Manning came out in August and said he was an elite QB. He’s proved it. He is. You know what kills me? All of these people in Giant Land who want Mara and Tisch to fire Tom Coughlin. What is about what Tom Coughlin is doing that isn’t working? Really? You people are lucky to have him and you wanted to toss him out like yesterday’s trash.

  23. I won’t lie & pretend to be unbiased…I want the Giants to win. That said, I’m shocked at how many people are on the Pats. I just don’t see it. Baltimore – without winning – revealed a winning game plan that the Giants ought to be able to better execute. Manning & his receivers are far better than Flacco & his. Bradshaw/Jacobs present enough of a threat to keep the Pats D honest. Game plan will be important. If Giants come out throwing on 1st down, they could run away with this. On the flip side, the Pats O doesn’t operate via the big play. They move downfield with the intermediate passing game. Put your best corner on Welker. Put someone big on Branch & double Gronk. You don’t have to sack Brady…just disrupt his tempo & make him move. He’ll get frustrated. He’s thrown some picks the last few weeks. I’m also wondering how much of a deep ball he can throw right now. Assuming an even turnover battle, I see the Giants winning fairly easily. 34 – 17 or something like that. Turnovers, of course, can change a lot…

  24. these 2 morons picked atl against the giants giants win they picked picked the packers giants win then they picked the niners the giants win and now they take the pats sorry pats fans the giants will win this game these guys suck at picking giants games go giants gmen27 pats 17

  25. @mswravens:

    You aren’t giving the Ravens enough credit. They were arguably the best team in the AFC. It was no easy feat for the Patriots to move on. Please explain to me how the Giants defense is better than the Ravens. In any capacity.

  26. finerdetailz says:
    Feb 3, 2012 6:00 PM
    Pats only beat 1 team with winning record and that was the last playoff game. Pats are extremely overrated and had a very easy schedule. The Giants are battle tested. Beating Atlanta, Packers, 49′s all on the road is extremely impressive. Not to mention the Giants know they can beat the Pats doing it the last 3 times.
    If they had beaten the Giants when they played them, they would be here and still only beaten one team with a winning record. So what is your point?

  27. TT is not wishy washy Religious, he is Spiritual. Look it up, there is a difference. Prediction: The Sun will rise in the East and set in the West.

  28. What is it with analyst? National Football League; New England Patriots; New York Giants? Why don’t they just say “NFL”; Patriots; and Giants? I think we all KNOW what and who the %^&$ we’re watching!!!

  29. @8man – the Giants D line is superior to Ravens & will do a better job rushing Brady. We have a great D line, but Ravens fans who watched every game knows that everyone on our D line disappeared at the end of the season, Ngata most notably. Look at the numbers we gave up in the run game our last 3 regular season gams & playoffs. Atrocious. Our secondary is much better than anyone realizes, so maybe Giants won’t be as effective covering Welker & Gronk…but Gronk is hobbled & I think the added pressure from the rush on Brady will be enough to slow their offense. Conversely, I don’t see how Pats can effectively cover Cruz, Nicks & Manningham. I just don’t. Unless they can harass Manning all night I don’t see the Giants having a tough time scoring. And you’re right that Pats didn’t have an easy time moving on. They were outplayed at home. But hey, they won. I do think Ravens were best team in the AFC at times, but not in the playoffs. I was at Texans game & we were fortunate to win. Schaub would have beaten us. I did a expect whoever won that game to beat the Pats. Watch out for the Texans. They are damned good on both sides of the ball.

  30. i have no idea who will win but with how much the giants defensive line and their offense has been talked up in the media i get the feeling people are going to be disappointed.

  31. finerdetailz says:
    Feb 3, 2012 5:57 PM
    Giants 42
    Pats 17

    This game won’t even be that close.
    Paraphrasing Tom Brady, “The Patriots are going to score 17?”

  32. I’m not a fan of either team. Pats won 7 games vs 8-8 teams. Those 8-8 teams would be considered a team with a winning record had they not played and lost to the Pats. Meanwhile the Giants didn’t have many wins vs winning teams until the playoffs. This is the same Giant team that lost twice to the lowly Redskins, gave up 400 points and had a 9-7 record. If you really think the Giants have a better team then I’ve got some beachfront property in the Mojave Desert to sell you.

  33. Picking exact scores is kind of dumb, but still fun.

    Giants 27
    Patriots 21

    With a very limited Gronkowski the Pats lose their best matchup advantage. In addition, the Giants are playing better than they were when they already beat the Patriots at their place.

    That all said, I’m still crossing my fingers for stadium collapse.

  34. Belichick will find a way to win and avenge the last Superbowl loss to the Giants. He has probably spent $20Mill on surveillance and spying in the last 2 weeks. Listening devices everywhere, satellites for overhead spying, subliminal messages in all Giant’s film, music, head phones, food, underwear, socks. He has infiltrated the organization from top to bottom and the Giants need to watch what they eat Sunday morning. That is just the tip with Bill. He has left no stone, pebble, grain of sand unturned.

    Just joking of course, he’d never do this, nah.

  35. 1) Payback
    2) As Brady came off the field after the Ravens game he promised he would play MUCH better in the next game.
    3) Whenever Brady has played poorly he always performs MUCH better in the next game.
    4) He is WAY OVER DUE for a “I’m Tom Brady and you’re NOT game.”
    5) Giants beat them 3 times in a row? Not likely.
    6) Eli is good but Brady is GREAT.
    7) PAYBACK



  36. If you think that the Patriots are better than the Giants because of their schedule, you are clueless. The Giant started the season 5-1, and then within 5 weeks had to play the four teams that would finish the season with the best records. The 13-3 Patriots, in Foxboro (I forget how that game turned out), the 13-3 49ers in ‘Frisco, the 13-3 Saints at the Superdome, where the Saints average 15 more points than on the road, and the 15-1 Packers. The Patriots played two teams that ended the season with a winning record, the 9-7 Giants and the 12-4 Steelers, and they lost to both. If you want to talk about 8-8 teams you beat counting as winning teams, that would add another 5 winning teams that we played.Of course no true Giant fan will ever hate the Pats while Belichick is the coach. He came to the Giants in 1979 and restored the team to respectability with a defense led by LT that was feared by other teams even while the offense still couldn’t get out of its own way. And when the offense finally got some punch, he was with us for two Super Bowl wins. Definite Hall of Famer.

  37. Have a strong dislike for the Giants. Want the Patriots to smash them, but objectively speaking this is the kind of game the Giants live for and win at. So sorry to say.

  38. After all this talk about the great D-line of the Giants people are going to witness the great O-line of the Patriots. Also, no mention has been made of the not-so-great Giants’ O-line and who is going to stop Wilfork and Co. from blasting right up the gut. Eli is great under pressure, no doubt, but he’s going to get a lot of it Sunday and throw some picks. Everybody will be getting dirty in this slugfest, which should be a tremendous Super Bowl.

  39. “Pats D played a hell of a game against Baltimore. ”

    300+ yards and 20 points to Joe Flunko? At home in January?

    They are going to get absolutely shredded by Eli. They should consider it a moral victory if they hold NY under 40 points.

  40. “With a very limited Gronkowski the Pats lose their best matchup advantage. ”

    Amazing how many people are ignoring this. Their dink and dunk game took a huge blow. Plus, with a shredded ankle, he has no leverage to block.

    Don’t see how the Pats stay within two TDs, frankly. Weak division in the weaker conference.

  41. Going with the Pats. Nobody has mentioned this game is on a “turf” and in a stadium Brady is very familiar with. There is no better player on turf that Brady.

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